99 thoughts on “Jerk Chicken, Fried Rice & Fine Dining: Chef’s Night Out in NYC with Spur Tree

  1. I want to go restaurant hopping with Sean John! So sexy and cultured and … Well, when is the next Sean John chronicle?Loving the herb garden in the back. Love touch! One question though… What's the story behind Ben Anderson? Who is he?

  2. C'mon all that "F" words was necessary when describing food? Oh yes it's the alcohol right?   A mean I like the Jamaican guy, great personality esp. in that kind of business but sir couldn't mind the curse words in front of the elderly gentleman your cook? The society we live in today, no wonder young kids cursing  the "F" word. SMH

  3. Thanks Munchies for turning me on to Spur Tree.I went there last Friday for the first time and actually met Sean John.Real dude,very cool and sophisticated .He charmed my wife and all 6 of us at our table.Do a Munchies episode in Hong Kong and let Sean John and I go restaurant hopping.I will show you guys our wonderful range of food and restaurants.Lets do it:-)

  4. The vibe was great, my favorite munchies ep. It's crazy how you can feel someones warmth from a video. He's the coolest guy yet on munchies everyone else was to much for some reason.

  5. Very Kool video.. Love Sean and his team @Spur Tree. Whenever you go there he's always there, sleeves rolled up and making sure everything is irie!

  6. you guys really suck at keeping the audio static across all your videos, particularly the voice overs. get your shit together.

  7. for having the occasional douchers on Munchies from time to time… it was nice to see all these genuine, cool demeanor-ed, just overall good people.

  8. and of course, one of these episodes can't end without the help of the presentce  irrelevantwomen in passing shots.

  9. This is the best Munchies esipode ever!!Sean John is a breathe of fresh air and Victor is old school and real.The food at spur tree looks delicious .I want to see more Sean John he is so hot and cultured!!

  10. i feel like the last meal at the end of the night was not really jamaican or showed what Spur Tree create but more to show off to his rich white friends. Would of been nice to see a Beef Patty between some Coco bread with some jerk sauce on the bread

  11. Sean John is fantastic he needs his own show. What a breathe of fresh air…Captivating

    Thank you Vice for new and cutting edge entertainment…We love you!

  12. upvote if you want the vice hipsters to get rid of that stupid fucking box that you have to x out of all the time.

  13. I'm starting to get a bit of their urge to get Victor to let go. He seems like a cool guy, and his level of self-control is just too much not to want to fuck up a little, haha

  14. Why the fuck would you name a vodka after a mass murderer and drug lord?   That's not hip, that's just major douchebaggery.

  15. This is why I want to live in New York City, for the food, culture, experiences and meeting new people and creating life-long relationships.

  16. I loved watching this episode of Munchies. As a fan of the series, I really loved seeing Sean on this episode. He's a wonderful host! Btw Spur Tree is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC.

  17. Sean John is very captivating on video and in person. I have dined at his restaurant @ Spur Tree and it's the best Jamaican food I have ever had. Sean John, you should host your own show already!! I got my friend Claudia Gordon, who is appointed by the White House to visit his spot in NYC …she just loved his personality, staff & food!

  18. Sean is an awesome chef and Spur Tree has one of my favorite vibes and dining experiences in the city! He for sure needs his own show

  19. How amazing host he is !! Sean John should definitely have his own show. Cosy guy, cooking organic (look tasty btw), open minded, border line crazy, bringing Victor out ^^* Keep going the way you do, it's perfect !

  20. It looked like everyone had a really good time except Victor. Maybe take him to some places he would like next time.

  21. The old man was not feeling it! Too fuckin pretentious. There's good food and there are idiots like the fancy scene. I''ll take scotichies in jamaica!

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  23. I’m surprised everyone loved Victor in this video. It was kinda the equivalent of having a really cheap dude come along for a night in Vegas. Not saying he’s not a charming good man, just saying if he wanted to stay home he probably should’ve.

  24. yea, u can tell they don't really no how to cook at the end…a burger…a boiled lobster…..no wonder they closed down

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