Joshua Nguyen – “In The Bathroom After Eating Hot Cheetos” @WANPOETRY

Joshua Nguyen – “In The Bathroom After Eating Hot Cheetos” @WANPOETRY

– You hear the word poop
and a laugh is automatic. You observe me: shorts down,
vulnerable, unpleasant, automatic. Trying to mediate this
whirlpool in my bowels, twisting of intestines, thick viscosity, swallower of sword and ember rattles on, and fingers stained red
and crack level widens, praying for forgiveness
for the next scorch. What wrath did I conceive? Was this fault all on my own? Is pain my only destiny? Is it a sin to indulge in my own burning? To consume a Chinese
firecracker is an idiotic choice but a choice I knew of the outcome. The church teaches of torture
behind the gates of hell and I felt it. These hands, splintered
from the pews I’ve created and burned down, dismantling this house of wood to count the number of
rings in the center, to provide a light. Could the same flame that
provides warmth tear my insides? What is the point of penance
if I pray for future troubles? How long will this suffering last? I stand from my throne,
feet planted on tile, gaze into the mirror, say, “You are the creator. “You control your heaven,
you prepare your hell, “you choose wrong, yet choose again. “Again you choose to continue to burn “in spite of the ash you give off. “But do not fret, hot head. “There’s still time to set
yourself on fire after all. “You are still alive and
that is praise enough.” And that is flaming hot. (cheers and applause)

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  1. Great poetry thankyou
    I've been writing and sharing my poems on YouTube please come take a look and let me know what you think. 🙂

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