Karachi Street Food | BEST GOL GAPPAY | VLOG 43

Karachi Street Food | BEST GOL GAPPAY | VLOG 43

Ramish: Hello, everybody! Ramadan is finally over and it’s finally time to do some Khaapa(Eat Food!) But apparently, this guy here is still not over celebrating Eid. Ramish: What’s up, man? Wake up already! Danish: I’m up, I’m up! Ramish: Wake up, we need to VLOG, *screams* we need to VLOG! Ramish: So today, we have decided to go and try out some “Gol Gappay”. Ramish: Danish, what’s the scene, bro? Why Gol Gappay? Danish: Cuz….y’all like them. Ramish: God, he’s become such a public pleaser. Ramish: Look, the real reason we’re doing Gol Gappay is cuz y’all like them. *Laughs* Ramish: First up, we’re gonna hit Maskan Chowrangi. We have a fan who’s been screaming about this place “Manpasand” and their gol gappay. So we’re going to Manpasand in 3…2….1…boom! Danish: Alright guys so we’re at Manpasand which is at Maskan, Karachi. Bushra recommended this to us and Ramish…? Ramish: Bushra, you drove us flipping nuts by asking us to try these. They look great but if they don’t taste nice, we’re going to block you! Danish: Pressure! Danish: You gotta pour this spicy water gently into the Gol Gappa. Ramish: I am taking it easy so the Gol Gappa doesn’t leak! Danish: Mix it up, mix it up! *Laughs* Ramish: Bushra. You just got saved from being blocked because these are incredible! Ramish: So the one special thing about this Gol Gappa is that this guy has filled the Gol Gappa with crushed dough shells. So the texture you get in a bite, you won’t get to experience that anywhere else. Ramish: What do you think, Danish? Danish: Lot of value. Danish: So these shells are pretty flattened. The owner said they makes these out of the shells that get left over or are broken. They get served in this special dish. Danish: Bon Apetite Ramish: So now, we’re going to Liaquatabad but bro, I think we need to give our ratings first! Danish: Yar for me the first one was just on point. The texture was great. We have to now talk about texture since there is plenty of it today. Ramish: We’ve become critics after this Ramadan Danish: It was breaking apart a lot but I guess that’s how they’re supposed to be. I’d give these a 4 out of 5. Ramish: I think I’d give it a 3.5 because it had tomatoes. Danish: Yeah, you’re tough to please, right? Ramish: Yeah, tough to please alright! Liaquatabad time! Danish: Bro why aren’t you sitting? Ramish: Dude the Gol Gappay are here but the chairs aren’t. Danish: So…*Sarcastically* Apart from the food, the location is pretty prime! Ramish: Oh so, so prime. Danish: *Continues* You’ve got a great ambiance here. Open space, fresh air. Danish: And then, you have these not so appealing Gol Gappay. Ramish: Bon Apetite! Danish: 2 out of 5. Ramish: Man, I think we should just move on to the next one. Danish: He’s not even gonna try these. Ramish: Who suggested this in the first place!? Danish: A LOT of people! Ramish: So there’s like 5 chick peas in the shell, not enough sauce. 2 marks. Danish: Bro, 50% people on our thread suggested this place. Ramish: I think it’s the first time, an audience suggestion has fallen short. Let’s move on. Danish: Okay so this next place is in Sharfabad, which is an area next to Bahadurabad in Karachi. I didn’t know about this before. This place here is called Channa Bites. Ramish: *Laughs in doubt* I think this place isn’t too far off from the last one. Ramish: Atleast they put in more chick peas! Danish: They also put ice in their spicy water. Which is a plus. Ramish: Bro, can I tell you something? You’ve got some sick glow lighting up your face. Pretty angelic! Danish: 3 out of 5! Looks like Manpasand is winning so far. Ramish: Manpasand’s bagging it! Danish: Bro you got a thick white hair strand sticking out. You’re getting old, man! Ramish: This hair strand’s brought wisdom with it. I feel wise. Danish: So what wisdom would you like to share with us? Ramish: Never shit where you eat. Danish: Very wise. Ramish: Bro, what’s the next stop? Danish: Next up is Shams Chaat but I have some good news and some bad news. Ramish: The bad news first, please. Danish: The bad news is Shams is closed today cuz it’s Friday. Ramish: *Cries in Urdu* Danish: The good news is you’d have to get out of your house again tomorrow for the shoot which is a good thing. Ramish: Bro, we gotta finish this today, this isn’t happening! Ramish: Screw Shamsu man, screw him. Danish: We can’t screw him, we’re gonna have to go tomorrow Danish: See you guys after the break! Ramish: So….it’s a new day.. Danish: We’re very hungry! Ramish: Hungry, indeed! And we’ve had to wait a lot for Shamsu. Danish: Man, you guys recommended this place a lot. We did an episode on Chaat and everyone was like why didn’t you try Shams’ Chaat and so we were like, we gotta feature him this time. Ramish: But the question is Danish, is Shams’ Gol Gappay as good as his Chaat? Ramish: Because I am very skeptical after the last two, to be honest. Danish: I guess we gotta…check them out. Ramish: Let’s check them out. Oh! So BRIGHT! Sorry, Danish! Danish: He’s such a noob! Ramish: Sorry, dude! Sorry! Ramish: So they have one with the spicy water and the other one’s sweet. And the dude here says we should have the sweet one. Ramish: One sweet one, please! Danish: Bro this one looks legit! Ramish: Bro, the way he’s loading these up, I have a feeling this one’s gonna win. Danish: Bro, this combination of red and white is pretty enticing! Ramish: He’s put 4, 5 different kinds of sauces. Danish: Looks, beautiful! Check it out! Ramish: Awesome, eat ‘em up! Eat, ‘em up! Danish: It’s a mouthful! Ramish: Man, this is what Gol Gappay are supposed to be like! Ramish: He’s made these especially for us and want us to try them out and tell him what we feel. Danish: Yeah, this one’s better. Danish: This one was a little tangy, this one’s sweet. Danish: Tanginess works a lot better with these. Ramish: Man, we can’t rate this right now because I think people might already have figured out where this episode is going. Ramish: We’d have to set it up at the end. Danish: We are done with our Gol Gappas. Ramish: Dude, put the camera in a spot where my face can be seen! It’s Bros Meet The World not BRO meets the world. Danish: Right! Ramish: *Jokes* Stop pretending to be Junejo. *Laughs* Danish: Okaaay… Danish: Junejo who? Danish: Okay this is going too far. Ramish: Danish, I f****** dare you to put this in the vlog. Ramish: So this was our Gol Gappa episode. Danish is high on Shams’ chat. And rightfully so. Ramish: I am gonna let Danish speak. Danish, screw the ratings. Who won? Danish: I think this is the first time the first thing we tried in an episode turned out to be the best. Ramish: Bushra, your recommendation has won. Manpasand’s Gol Gappay were the best. Shams’ didn’t work for me particularly because it had a date stone in it. I could have messed my tooth up. Danish: Shams was the most recommended. It wasn’t bad though! Danish: One of them was a little tangy… Ramish: Yeah the other was a little sweet. Ramish: But on that note, we’re gonna end this vlog. Ramish: But we’re doing this after a long time so let us know what we should eat next. Danish: We won’t take this long this time. Ramish: Since Ramzan would come back after a year so we’re gonna do more episodes now. Take Care. Ramish: Do NOT f****** hit me on the head!

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  2. Mirchilli and mehrans are also good they have gappa ghotala there its quite different plus their mexican and samosa chat

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    Raahim47 channel

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  5. I just started watching this video 1st time . N you ppl started with. Ramadan Khatam hogaya finally. What does it mean .. u were waiting to finish Ramadan. Which is a blessing for muslims. … u should not use such inappropriate word for specially such sensitive topics.

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  10. Must try 'Aunty kay Gol Gappay' at Sindhi Muslim (Bahadurabad) . She is selling from her home and only take away is available but I have never eaten better Gol Gappa's than that. Awesome taste and texture. 👌

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