Kerala Style Easy Cooker Ghee Rice / Ney Choru- Malayalam Recipes-Recipe No 91

I have taken 1cup of Vaynadan Kaima (Jeerakashala) Rice for this recipe.The real taste of Ghee Rice enhances . If you dont have that you can use Basmathi Rice as well After washing the rice , soak it in water for half an hour and drain it. Do not wash the rice after soaking Keep a cooker (5 ltr) on the stove .Heat it and then and add 1 tsp ghee (you can use dalda/ghee+sun flower oil/more ghee according to your preference) Dont use too much of ghee,Use it in moderate quantity. It will be a very heavy meal. When the ghee is melted add 1 cardamom , 2 cloves, 1 small piece of cinammon and 1 pinch of fennel seeds Saute till the raw smell goes Add spices in a moderate qty Add half of a medium sliced onion Saute on medium flame till the onion becomes transparent For 1 cup of rice add 1 3/4 th cup of water. This ratio will differ for different rice brands. So you need to be careful of the consistency of the rice Mostly it would vary from 11/2 to 2 cup of water Add hot water In the ratio 1 cup rice : 1 3/4th cup of water according to my rice .. Use the same cup for measuring both, rice and water Add salt according to your preference. Tip:- When you make Ghee Rice/Biriyani add salt to the water and when you taste the water the salt should stand out a bit. Only then the Salt will be evenly spread in rice Now put it on high flame Adjust the salt accordingly Once the water boils add the rice If you are using Basmathi Rice for this recipe , before adding the water add the rice and saute it in the ghee for 2 mins.Then add the water.For Jeerakashala Rice no need to saute in the ghee. Add the rice and it should boil for some time before closing the cooker Just stir well and you can place the lid On high flame close the cooker എന്റെ കുക്കറിൽ വിസിൽ തുടരെ തുടരെ വരുന്നുണ്ട് ..അതാ മൂന്നു വിസിൽ എന്ന് പറഞ്ഞെ .. ഒരു വിസിൽ കഴിഞ്ഞാൽ നല്ല ഗാപ് ഉണ്ടേൽ ഒറ്റ വിസിൽ മതി ട്ടോ.. ഓരോ കുക്കറും മാറ്റം കാണും..ഞാൻ ആ പോയിന്റ് പറയാൻ മറന്നു. In my cooker the whistle comes continuously ,Hence it is 3 whistles in my cooker. But if your cooker takes time in between the whistles then 1 whistle is more than enough Dont release the pressure after turning off the heat. Let the pressure release automatically. After the whistle comes remove from the heat and keep aside for the pressure to be released Now in a frying pan fry the rest of the onion in ghee+sunflower oil (you can use ghee alone or oil alone according to you preference) Remove it from the fire as soon as it is brown shade. Now you can also fry some cashew and raisins (separately) for garnish in the same pan Open the cooker when the pressure is released and run a fork gently through the rice. This will make the rice very fluffy.Do not use a spoon,use a fork only If you want a lemon flavour in your rice add 1 lime to the water when it boils(before adding the rice) Always understand the rice brand that you are using well before you make Ghee rice in large quantities Add the fried garnish You can add the ghee according to your preference if required Remove it to a serving dish You can add coriander leaves if you prefer Tip:- If you want to make this a quick Biriyani style you can sprinkle some yellow color and pineapple essence mixture(mix it with water) on the top Please do remember that ,according to your rice brand and your cooker there could be variations. Please be careful while releasing the pressure of the cooker.. and for basmati rice 11/2 cup water will be more the enough and one whistle will do. Hope you liked this recipe.Do let me know your comments See u soon with another recipe ..Until then tata ..bye bye 😄

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