Hello everyone its barry here welcome to my
virgin kitchen and another Sunday funday video today we are testing some more kitchen gadgets,
this is kitchen gadget review number ten I think so if you missed any of the others please
check out the playlist at the end of this video, it goes on for a long long time, and
also keep any suggestions for food gadgets coming we have that huge box still we are
working through more keep arriving and it is great I am finding it really fascinating
some of them I love some of them are a bit quirky but as always remember some of them
can help people with disabilities accomplish things in the kitchen easier so we need to
do a reminder of naomi from the last video yes ok um that has kind of worked, yes that
was a clip from the last kitchen gadget testing video and although I did use naomi wrong although
the instructions on the box after did not say that there was an image I saw where you
release naomi and she smashes, check out our behind the scenes channel. Right you lift
it right back, watch your fingers look then you do it and it kind of cracks the I am worried
I may smack my finger or something you are supposed to fling it like that and let it
so that�s how you do it. Yes I was planning on showing that on this video but I forgot
my nuts I also put it in the video description box which none of you read unless I put giveaway
in huge letters so I did actually say this is how you do it check out the vlog so that
is how you do it, lift it up and go anyhow on with todays gadgets.
What is better than a tea infuser, than a pug tea infuser he is not that excited about
it but I am, mrs barry likes tea no you do no I hate tea brilliant great. So folks this
is a pug in a mug silicone tea infuser look how happy that pug is to be dunking his butt
in a mug of hot water in fact infusing tea leaves so I do not like tea mrs barry does
not like tea but we love coffee if there was a way of doing this for coffee we have some
English breakfast tea leaves other brands are available of course we are going to try
and make this work, oh my gosh that is amazing I just want that anyway do you know what that
reminds me of? No? A dalek, haha it does, exterminate! Ok so he just hooks on there
like that oh my gosh that is cute I want my own boston one of these or amy or both of
them together holding hands then you can have double the tea power, right ok, pull the pug
apart oh that sounds horrible and fill his belly with loose tea, ok be gentle with him,
yeah this feels really weird, nice ok so we just fill that up, I have never used loose
tea before I am quite excited, kettle is just about to boil loving this slightly suspicious
herb right there my mum likes tea so she may be a willing volunteer for this so we just
oh my gosh fill his belly with the tea leaves I am just going to go for that and go crazy
you only need one actually on the packaging it says one teaspoon so maybe that is enough.
Pop him back together ensuring he is properly closed how do we know it is a boy it could
be a lady you know this is turning into a sexist silicone tea infuser but it does look
quite butch look at that sticking out what you have your hand on how do you know if it
is a boy, it is its tail although pug tails are not that sharp no but neither is his not
anymore we got him snipped anyway where is this video going ok this is pretty cool so
shove the pug on the mug like so alright. The instructions on both the infuser and the
tea say to add water say to add water for two to three minutes come on, we have to go
right to the top with it, what if you want to add milk the pug is taking up some volume
so when you pull it out it should help a bit, so do we just leave it now, yeah look you
can see that better than I can it is pooing , oh my gosh, um, to be honest I really want
to like tea now, this is golden breakfast so that is maybe why it has a golden tinge
to it it does look like it has soiled itself that seems to have helped it and there are
a few random tea leaves in there which from my inexperience of tea making are maybe going
to add some crunch and texture, smells like tea, it does smell like tea, no tastes like
plasticine tastes different if you put milk with it, no but with this sort of tea you
are not supposed to put milk in it, I genuinely thought you liked tea for some reason why
do we even have teabags in the house, for guests, they can bring their own bring a bottle,
that is what your mum does, that is what they started doing bring their own and how they
got the hint and bought some nice teabags oh explain what it tastes like, makes me feel
sick, great so if there are any tea brands out there that want us sponsoring it. Some
of you guys are very eagle eyed even things like hey you did something different to your
left eyelash and about 5 or weeks ago one of my fingers had an indent in it, that is
because this beasty thing arrived and when most food gadgets arrive I get really excited
and am like yeah this came in naff packaging so it was this in an envelope so I ripped
it open and one of these prongs stabbed my finger and it hurt, you were not here then
but I cried like a baby. But this thing is designed to hold things in place so you can
slice them easier, so lets do that and not cut my fingers. Somehow I have managed to
get tea leaves on this board too but this is just a standard onion and I have removed
the sheath on it and we just push this in like so I think that will do, that is proper
holding it in place I can now like that right just off the the airport with my onion but
then we just use a knife and can slice and then does it come off no
maybe I have gone in a little too sharp on it but lets just do the main purpose which
is to slice there we go so the sides have fallen off then I am going to very carefully
pull this out and there we go, check that out we have like slices of onion, this could
be really good for an apple I guess or tomato, it is pretty good because you can make onion
rings but here is oh I am crying ok, in that goes not going as deep this time tomato I
do like the fact it is holding it together in the middle that is quite good, because
once you have got all the way through it you can grab and take what you like really, oh
that last one sort of gave way but look I can walk to the airport again I am really
trying not to cry with these tomato slices which come off like so, apart from nearly
piercing my hand that is a really good gadget and I am getting so emotional about it, so
next up is this quik top easy to use patented can cap keeps drinks fresh and fizzy alright
and on the back there are loads of different things you can do with it so I am going to
get some drinks, So I have myself a can of banter there and I was intrigued to try this
jack daniels Tennessee honey lemon thing so these look nice that is it out of the box
but it says leak proof and air tight safe to go anywhere the cap can be used as a can
opener so lets do that first oh they are saying you use the lip like that and go ok that kind
of worked, easier safer no spill drinking so you have this mesh thing that goes on there
like that and drink through that rather than potentially cutting your mouth on there so
that makes sense the cap doubles as a cup so we can pour our drink on there and go like
that out of it, apparently we can stand it oh yeah that is decent to be fair and there
are two different types of can size a and b on a can apparently you get two different
version there but I did not know that actually happened or existed so there we go oh wow
I have made that really sharp I am definitely in need of this gadget now that is hazardous,
to drink snap the spout on to the can so oh wow ok, that appears to be on there, to reseal
screw cap on spout so we just go, oh my gosh look at that, air tight can, ok not so air
tight there we go, so this thing not only is it a cap it is a coaster too this is well
and truly on there it was not looking good at first so I have just adjusted it we can
sit that on and screw like that oh my gosh look that is amazing if you want a drink not
sure if you heard the fizz there I am going to do that again whoah ok so you can see how
air tight that is because it is like but then you can just go, oh bit of gas in there, does
actually work and I may get a bit tipsy on this, nice. To remove just squeeze that is
really cool and then you can stick it onto your really lethal can of banter with the
shard of metal in there that could cut my lips and go ahhh.
This next one loads of you have been sending links to it but I do not know the name or
brand of it, it is just basically quite a lethal thing so do be careful with it, its
got a safety latch on the back so be careful with it, it is food scissors that also double
up as a chopping board ok so release the safety thing so it opens up very sharp blade there,
flat and all that stuff and onto that board there so we can rest vegetables such as a
carrot or courgette which we will try first as a carrot is a bit tougher and it should
slice it, maybe good for hair dressers. Right so rather than a knife and a chopping
board you say I am going to slice up my courgette into chunks and not slice off my fingers now
I did that quite rushed it is cut at a slight angle but that is very sharp and very cool
indeed lets try it with something a little more butch, stubborn a carrot, wow look at
this I am just slicing and yeah I got a bit dangerous with that amazing gadget be careful
with it but super sharp cut bits of vegetable. I teased this one on the last video this is
an ice cream scoop cuts through ice cream like butter it is a heating ice cream scoop
which I am really excited about transfers heat, no electricity amazing no soupy ice
cream does anyone ever leave ice cream that long so it goes soupy everyone eats it the
only thing is I cannot see the instructions on it which hopefully they are inside and
apparently the shaft is an energy reservoir I do have another gadget I will put on the
next video that is a heated knife that you go through butter with.
Oh yeah you have to be honest that is looking pretty swish but you do not need instructions
it is an ice cream scoop what kind of instructions do you need to get ice cream out of a bowl
there will be they have to there is no instructions when you buy a knife and fork it says here
please read instructions carefully before you start using this product if you have any
questions please visit us, do not microwave, put in dishwasher what so maybe it is self
heating then it says heat conducts to the thermo ring, well I am going to wash it a
minute it is clean now but you do not need instructions on how to scoop ice cream out
of an ice cream tub it has to get warm surely this ring does not self heat how does that
work through your hand, really, he has to find a youtube video on how to scoop ice cream
why youtube is my life you are every advertisers dream you know that no way really here is
another one we have a whole playlist going here oh what whoah, bio degradable heat transfers
from the handle what I thought we put this in the microwave oh so it is your hands this
is amazing I do not even care if it works or not, we have like nasa in our kitchen,
we have made it folks the dream is over life is complete.
Mrs barry acquired some ken and jennys ice cream what is this vanilla chocolate cookie
swirl chocolate cookie sandwiches oreos is that cookie dough all my favourite things
in one ice cream. Lets get the lid off yes is is working, it is scooping it is sort of
working we do not have a plate for this to be fair when you have ice cream that is rock
hard is it not meant to fall off yeah lets get our other ice cream scoop oh brain freeze
it is cold lets get our normal one out and compare right ready oh that is tougher that
does actually work, oh it does that is amazing so apparently this ring on the scoop warms
up by the handle in the shaft thing. Still really impressed with that we are going
to keep it if we ever go camping that will be really cool probably get some more of those
now if you like cats or frogs this gadget could be for you so you could make yourself
a fried egg in the style of a cat and we can use this gadget to help separate it.
So a dish here, crack in some eggs, getting rid of shell of course alright in this box
is something called the sunny side out so this is basically oh wow it is very big big
plastic end on it, very similar to the goldfish egg separator we had before we can just push
in like that hover over our yolk and let it suck up like that put our cat in the pan which
I hope is a phrase none of you have to say oh yeah get my other egg yolk like so push
in there oh yes then we just pour the egg white in let it find its way a little bit,
it is not actually resting fully down but that is ok it will cook around it, trying
to help fill it up a bit, then we cook it up we just see if this works. So far it is
looking ok we knew there would be some spillage around the side we can trim those off it does
appear to be holding it in there together, at this stage remember at this stage you can
season you cat which again sounds weird and the cruelty to animal folk will be on to you
do not do that alright I have taken it off the heat now just finish cooking off the last
bit, trim off that and we will serve it up here we go then folks here is our cat, it
has had a bit of a rough night by the looks of it I think we will let it cool down before
lifting out. I think meanwhile mrs barry wants to do a frog one as she felt bad for all the
frog lovers out there, it is a good job mrs barry oh it is not too bad it looks more like
pokemon or something it is a good job mrs barry is doing a frog though it looks like
the cat from the simpsons. With this one we used spray oil to lubcricate
the frogs face as you can see it has gone quite bubbly and come away from the mould
too. Here we go.
Look at that, it is pretty darn cool and it is coming away much easier that the other
one the only problem is you do get more bubbly and that is smooth so up to you lets get it
off though ah hot, look it has a big smiley face I like that, me too I just wish I liked
fried eggs do you not like fried eggs, no I do just people think I hate every food.
Mrs barry got me some cocoa ketchup for my birthday so just laced it one there I am just
going to eat some pussy cat you having some frog yeah mine is freezing, mine is warm,
perfect. That ketchup is nice though this is a good
fried egg, so while Kermit eats her frog egg or maybe I would be Kermit and you miss piggy,
maybe it is the other way around hope you enjoyed this gadget video folks check out
the playlist for tons more do not forget if you have seen any cool gadgets send me a link
subscribe for regular fun food videos and recipes and we will see you next time, chow
for now.

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  3. I think "no soupy ice cream" refers to the fact that some people put their ice cream scoops under hot water to make scooping easier, and don't dry them before use.

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