– Well hello everybody. It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today I’m very, very excited. This is a kitchen gadget testing video. If you missed any of the others to date there’s a link to a playlist up here and down below, but you might be watching on YouTube TV, so my
playlists on the channel have not been on that, so
if you’re watching on TV, which some of you do anyway, welcome. This is really bizarre. I’m so excited for the first gadget I’m gonna show you today. It’s just, I think it’s made for me. Before we start that though, a little bit of housekeeping. One, if you’re not
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every week and the website, that’d be cool, too. And as alwaYS, please consider before you comment down below that
some of these gadgets, not all of them, might help
people with disabilities. All right, let’s get going. I’m gonna start with the best thing ever. Well, I was just about to show you the best gadget ever, but yep, it’s just always kitchen gadgets right now. What the heck is this? Butter dispenser. Okay, that’ll be on another gadget video. I have hundreds to get through. I’m seriously mulling
over doing one a week, but just like featuring the one. I don’t know. Some of you guys didn’t like that idea, but it’s just loads coming out my ears. And another one. This one’s actually really cool, it’s like a salad chopper. These ones will be on
future gadget videos, but besides these, I’ve
got some other unbelievable ones to show you. I don’t mind. I love gadgets and I think you do, too. But it’s not about them today folks. Put the knife away Barry. Who can forget on the last video how I raved about the
Dachshund salt and pepper pots. Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff. The whole fact that you can change it so you have the head at what, both ends and like, you know, someone
said human centipede in the comments. I don’t know about that but, there we go. You can just sprinkle
pepper out of a dog’s butt. Good, but not perfect. Now this is a Pug. It’s a Pug. A white Pug. That’s Amy, she’s the grumpy mum. Now this is my original Pug, Boston, one of Amy’s sons. It’s weird. I often think Amy, Boston came out of you sort of thing, but anyhow, less of that. Wouldn’t it be awesome, all right, now they’ve gone and lie down, now wouldn’t it be awesome
if I could have them in salt and pepper form? Are you ready for this? Look at that. Amazing. Amy, oh, yes and not forgetting Boston. They actually exist. You guys sent me tonnes of links to these and this isn’t just
like Dachshund territory where it comes out of the bum folks, it comes out of their head, right? And we actually do need salt and pepper for the video today. So I have Boston and I have Amy, which we’re gonna fill
with salt and pepper. I’m actually putting
salt in the bum of a Pug. Cap in. And pepper in the other butt. (laughing) It’s got a little bit messy,
but for another gadget we need to season some pork, so I’m gonna wipe this down because I don’t want it too
seasoned, but we’ll crack on. So, I will be cleaning my hands. In fact, I already have
in between if somebody’s shots are ready, but I didn’t share that. This will make sense in a minute, but this is some pork mints, which at the moment, looks
a little bit like a brain and I’m gonna season it with my Pug. Go on, yes. So, coming out of Boston’s head. He’s just looking up going what? Bit of pepper. Nice. So I’m just gonna work
that seasoning in there. So I’ve basically just
made a seasoned pork patty. Now hopefully some of you guys already know where this is going. I’m not gonna show the full steps, but as you can see right
now, I’m cooking this with a frying pan. Mmm. So, I need this wonderfully
cooked patty of pork and pepper and salt,
but just for the moment. If you miss my last cooking video, the Dr. Pepper pulled pork,
I used this gadget in there, meat claw, so if you want a
little bonus gadget review, check that video out in a bit. But as a whole, we’ll come
back to this in a jiffy. It’s gonna make complete sense. Time for a drink. Huh? Who’s that? Family. Another cheeky novelty one, this one. So, we all remember the game Pac-Man. This is the Pac-Man colour changing glass. So it’s an innocent
glass until an ice cold beverage is poured into
it and on a hot day like today with the cooking we’re doing, we’re gonna need one, baby. Icon appears when cold. So warm, cold. And that’s pretty much
all we need to know. Oh, wow, it’s not even
packaged like carefully. That was like loose so
that could have damaged in transportation but there we go. There is the Pac-man glass. You see that? Looks good right? You see that? Let me give this a wash
and get an ice cold soda. A bottle of Thatcher Haze here, a local company Thatcher’s. I just really like it. It’s kind of like a cloudy
lemonade apple cider vibe going on, really, really good. So, this is ice cold. (drink pouring) Is it working? You’ve got a better angle that I have. Come on now. Don’t let me down now glass. Going right to the top. Is it working? Yes. Oh, my gosh, it is working, look. That’s awesome. Yes. Oh, I was looking at the wrong side, yeah. That is so, so cool. I was looking here and
there’s like nothing going on over there really that much but over here, look at them. All the ghosts and cheers. Ah, that is so good and
refreshing, just so cold. Mmm, nothing more for us to say really, but that’s going down way too well. I need to stop drinking the soda and carry on with these gadgets, but I love that. Now as you saw earlier in the video, gadgets just turn up all the time now and there’s some that I have generally, like I don’t know where they’ve come from and this next one is a prime example. One day, it just appeared in
one of our kitchen drawers, I saw my daughter using it or just playing around with it Because it’s a gun. And I was like, one, put down the gun, but two, what the heck is that and where did it come
from and nobody knows. I feel like James Bond who is not called Craig David or David Craig. If you listen to the podcast, you’ll get that joke. This is a gun that fires
ketchup and mustard. Look on the front there
are caps, boosh, boosh, red and yellow for your mustard, compartments, two
triggers, mustard, ketchup and this thing, oh,
yes, that pops it open. See, and there’s these
compartments for each one, color-coded so it’s nice and simple. I have never used this, like I said, I have no idea where it came from, so let’s fill it up with
ketchup and fire it. Actually films from
podcasts episodes last night and an interesting talking point was about Heinz Ketchup apparently is the perfect combination,
apart from this one, this is a sweet chilli
one, but then normal stuff, is like the perfect
combination of sweet, sour, spicy and umami, it’s like the
ultimate spice or something. But, oh, yeah, okay, ooh. So these just pop out. Nasal spray. Don’t do that. Ah, I see, so there like the nippley bits on the end go through there and then that dictates, okay, you just need to make sure that you got the right trigger for that, so that’s the yellow. Okay, the red goes this way. Sorry, just talking to myself. Oh, God. (ketchup squirting) See this? Nice. On a separate note, I am generally excited to try sweet chilli ketchup. Let’s get the lid on you. All right, and then we
find the red trigger, put you in there like so. You get the idea for the mustard so we’re just gonna
speed the video up now. All right, I am locked and loaded so that’s why the caps go on there because there’s basically
no seal on the other end. (singing a tune) I can’t say the word seal without singing Kiss From a Rose. All right. Lock you in and that is it. We are good to go. So we’re gonna use the little area next to my patty, my patty, patty, patty, patty. And fire some mustard, so yellow trigger. (laughing) Awesome. And you probably got a great view of that with it coming out the nozzle and then there’s the ketchup. Come on ketchup. (laughing) Nice. Both at the same time. Cool. I might need this in a minute as well. We’re building up to
something amazing potentially. My kettle is boiling in the background. And for those of you that
follow our vlog channel the Barrys, yeah, this is the Barrys. It’s basically a video diary of my life behind the scenes with the
with the rest of the family, Mrs. Barry, the kids and
the dogs and all that. I’m actually editing the video you’re watching right now. That’s weird. And if you don’t, please
subscribe to that as well. You’ll know there’s a
lot of renovation work going on at the moment and
we’re living out of boxes so I can’t find a decent mug. We’re gonna use this. So cool. Really hot kettle. We’ll just put that over there to one side so we’re doing a tea gadget. You guys know how much I love my tea. Don’t worry, I’ve done a video called the Tea Food Fair where
I try loads of teas. No one’s gonna convince me to like it and so we’re going to good old fashioned Earl Grey loose tea and it’s by Twinings and that reminds me of
Arnold Schwarzenegger, stop whining, stop twining. So, yeah, this is the best I’ve got. It was gonna be this,
but we’re gonna use this for our loose tea. That’s like song loose tea and moose tea. I’m horny, that’s an old song. I’m gonna get a big old mount of it. We do actually give this away whenever I use tea by the way. It doesn’t get wasted. My mom is very partial to a cup of tea because she has it plus
other friends and family. I think for my friends and family, that’s the perks of having
huge hubey food friend because they’re always like I just passed you and I saw that you
made some cream horns and I really fancy tasting them. To be fair that smells phenomenal. If only it tasted how it smelled. Anyway, the gadget. Tea Foo by Green Farm. In the last video, I said I had quite a lot of these gadgets to go through. I’m gonna spread it out. These are a tea infuser that squeezes to make tea faster and
stems up without any drips. Awesome. Brew your tea faster by
squeezing the flexible silicone pod which
forces water to circulate through your tea leaves, easily scoop your
favourite tea into Tea Foo just like using a spoon because
it opens completely flat. Eliminate mess by squeezing out every last drop of tea into your cup
before standing Tea Foo up on the bench. Amazing. I know it doesn’t look like it, but to me that reminds me of like a fish skeleton from a cartoon. Anyone else getting that? It says push here and
whenever you see a button that says do not push,
you want to push it, so I want to push it anyway. Ooh, wow. Okay, yay, so they’re like tongs. Okay if we clip it together and then ooh, we squeeze, oh, yeah, we
can squeeze like that. Like having a blood
pressure test or something. And then we can stand it in fish mode. So, we unclip, oh, no, we press sorry. Boop. Like that, like that a lot. If there’s any crazy
inventive people out there that want to help me create cool gadgets, let’s do it. Anyhow, we scoop up a
shovel of our tea like so. That’s very, very easy, I like that, clip it into place. Ooh, that’s right in there, look at that. That’s brilliant, good so far. We get our really nice mug. I feel like I’m having some moonshine. It’s a bit too much actually. Might want to put some
milk in it mighten I? Scoop your favourite tea into the Tea Foo just like you’re using the
spoons, blah, blah, blah. Eliminate mess by squeezing
out ever last drop of tea into your cup before start, this is gonna look awesome I hope. Actually if it looks anything like that. I’ve actually got that mug,
but I don’t know where it is. In we go, boom. Oh, it’s like a fish tank. Look it’s breathing, it’s going whoo, so we go like this, we move it around. Ooh, there’s actually tea leaves in it. It’s escaping. Was there some on the outside maybe? But it’s brewing baby. It’s brewing. It’s going. There’s a lot of tea in there. Are you coming out? I think to be fair, there was
some on the outside of it. So we can do it like
this and just let it stir or we can squeeze it. Oh, wow, big thick band
of tea came out then. It’s really squeezing. I don’t know there’s a vortex of leaves right at the bottom now. I’m sure it didn’t have that
much on the outside of it. You guys rewind the video and let me know in the comments, I’m not sure. We’re squeezing really well here and you can really see that
it’s got an amazing flavour. I’m definitely gonna say that
we have infused that well. We’re waxing on waxing
off Mr. Miagi style. Whoo. All right, okay, so we’ll
call that a cup of tea and then apparently we can stand it up in fish mode again and look at that. That’s pretty good. That does that like I have me moonshine. I feel like I want to
filter it before I drink it if that’s all right. Ah, ha, ha, ha, yes. Filtering my tea. Yeah, look at all that on the bottom. It’s like dirty plankton. (whistling) Always be careful with
boiling water children. Folks, this is some, sorry, it’s just SnapChat
and some Instagram stories. It’s what I got to do. All right. So, the English man inside me hates me because I should be liking it. Just that it tastes like dirty water. Stop it tea. Mr. Tea, crazy. People say Barry, add milk, and I will. I’ll add milk. Love that look, love it, looks a bit like a nice latte now, which is one of my preferred drinks actually. Anyone wants to buy me
latte, I’d love that. It’s also probably cooled it down. Not it hasn’t. Milky dirty water. Others say add sugar. Sweet milky dirty water. Sweeter dirty milky water. Diabetes. Aw, apple juice, that’ll do. Still going strong as well. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog. It’s the Slotdog next,
big finale coming up. Join the hot dog revolution. Is there a hot dog revolution? Campaign for it. General election. I have voted in laboratories,
whatever, it’s gone now or maybe not, they’re trying whatever. Hot dog revolution. And absolute must have for tailgating. In the UK that means when you’re right up someone’s butt when they’re driving. I hate it when people do that. It’s like stop it. Fun at home, parties, camping, cottage. Fun for cottages, okay,
very specific, everywhere. So why don’t they just put everywhere. Slotdog doesn’t just make
your hot dog look amazing, it also helps it cook
quicker by heating right to the centre of your dog. My Pugs are like. And even taste better by
creating crispy caramelised edge squares which grab
hold of your condiments so you can enjoy them. Oh, we can use the gun
again and not wear them. You don’t want to wear your condiments. The hot dog revolution awaits. Join now. All right, so let’s get out. It’s kind of like a
sharp bladed device thing and it’s kind of crazy as well because it looks a bit like hair straighteners in the package there doesn’t it. Oh, my gosh, that’s dangerous. Whoa, I just pulled it straight out and near the, yeah, they’re sharp. That’s really badly packaged. That’s, not only that and the glass. Come on people. We can save some money but maybe not lives by packaging it as minimal as possible, maximum profits, yah. Sorry, this is dangerous. So really, it’s like a little dainty, it looks like a bit of
a barbecue doesn’t it? It’s like a handbag,
but with a vicious blade on the end. So you literally push the Slotdog down onto the two opposite sides of a hot dog until the blades pierce
it and catch hold of it and then you pull the hot
dog away from the blades. That’s a big shady, isn’t it? The slots expand as you cook, kind of like a Hassleback potato, very nice recipe on the
website, check it out, and help show you when it’s ready to eat. Enjoy your Slotdog hot dog. All right. I feel like this is an
appropriate chopping board for this one. I go to the supermarket
and look for hot dogs. I see some really thin
ones, I’m like what, they’re like fingers and then I see the Frankfurter Jumbos and then I look at them and go, well,
they’re not that jumbo, but luckily we find some Wikinger, which I’ve used on a previous video. These are enormous-ish. They’re the biggest we’re gonna get and yeah, they’ll do for this. Bratwurst style in brine. Stop brining, stop twining,
stop whining, do it. Ooh. (sucking) Boom. Uh, yeah, she’s gonna have a glass of wine and I’m gonna have a glass of brine. I’m driving. I need to be serious for this, otherwise I will hurt myself. I just tried to find those no cut gloves that I wore in a previous gadget video. I just feel I need it for this. Can’t find anything in this house. It’s bonkers. All right, let’s do it. Okay, so yeah, let’s hold it by this and straight down. Ooh, I don’t know if you heard that but it was like (squooshing). It’s the best noise I got, I’m trying. (laughing) Look at that. Am I supposed to do both sides? Oh, yes, yes, yes, you do, you do. Well, we’ve got enough dogs. Might as well try and replicate it. Let’s see if we can pull it off, because it does say, this is so sharp to pull it away. Look at that. Cross stitch hot dog. So let’s turn it over
and do the opposite side. To be fair, it does look
like it’s done its job. It’s the squeech again. We kept the cross on that side. Wow. It actually worked. You don’t need to see this. I’m just gonna do a
little cooking montage. Mmm, tasty cooking hot dogs. All right, so we, yeah,
definitely have caramelised crispy edges, I’m loving
it, and it has expanded a fair wedge. So let’s see if I can
get the condiments on it rather than wearing them. Is that what I said? Yes. Come on. Grab my condiment. Is all the ketchup gone already? No way. I’m out of ammo. No. Come on ketchup. Oh, there we go. Well it’s not really grabbing it. It does look quite pretty though. I’m at my barbecue
tailgate and I want to have pretty hot dogs. Oh, okay, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. Is it gonna go in. You can kind of encourage it to sit and no, it’s not working. Oh, it’s good, though. Maybe it’ll work better
on different hot dogs. I will say it’s not
running off it, though. For now any time. So, why did we make the
pork patty earlier on. It’s because of this, which
I’ve already opened this, not in a box. It’s the Eco Breakfast Sandwich Maker, ak, ,basically an Egg McMuffin maker. I’ve had a look at the instructions, I had to open up because I feared there was gonna have a USA socket on it and I’d need my converter, but no, it looks a little bit
like a face, doesn’t it? See that? Not really much on the outside other than obviously where it’s come from, Mexico, Bolivia, ooh. So, this is basically it. I never used it before. I’ve never really seen it. The first time I got it out of the box, as you know, with all these things, hello, let’s make an Egg McMuffin. Actually if you want a recipe for a really good one, I’ve done one
on the channel year ago, just search on the website. Power’s on, let’s turn it off. Even though it’s not plugged in. I always do that. There are different compartments, but one thing I did
look on the instructions was that I needed a pre-cooked meat patty if I want a meat one, so I could have put bacon in it, but we’re going for like a pork sandwich-y kind of vibe. Here in England, you can’t buy like the McDonald’s style breakfast patties, which are mainly made of pork I believe. So, in there it looks
like they just shoved a huge burger in it,
which would be amazing. I could have done that, but I wanted to do rustic and homemade. Just give it a little
wash and the instructions are right here. I need to put it in the
wall socket in a minute. When you put it in, you pair it up and it’ll give you a green light when it’s good to go, but basically
what we’re gonna do, there’s the first bottom compartment and it says place the bottom half of bread such as an English muffin. I think a fan girl once called me an English
muffin in her comment. All right, I need to halve it. Halved muffin. So you place one half in the bottom and then this is where it said, caught me out here, it said top the bread with ingredients such as pre-cooked, it
says it in bold, meats, hence our patty being made, meats, vegetables and cheese. So we’ll go with our patty, which is just about there. There it is hiding down there, some really nice Applewood
smoked cheese, mmm. Maybe some ketchup from the ketchup gun. And you crack an egg into that, all right? We’re gonna crack an egg on it, then we sit the lid on, close it down and we should have a muffin thing. Just getting everything together. I need an extension lead, okay. We’ve got our patty and our bun, patty, patty, bun, bun. Put the egg in there. You can stay there and I
think we’re good to good. Power’s going on. Red light. I feel like I’m cupping it but that is definitely a red light and just like I’m
playing chess, these guys can keep an eye on the proceedings. It must be getting close now folks because there’s actually like, you know when it’s a really not day and the roads, they sort of do with that misty heat coming off of it. It’s doing that. Oh, I actually think, that
is actually lit, isn’t it? It’s just not very green, it’s just sort or orange. Oh, there we go, okay,
so we are preheated. We lift back the lid. Apparently there’s an
alternate, wow, that’s hot, it does alternate between going on and off but we sort about us timing it. There’s our platey thing,
place half of the bread, put your base in there and then topped with pre-cooked meat. Here’s our pre-cooked meat. Where’s my cheese. Where’s my cheese gone? I’m gonna sit my cheese
in there on top like that. Okay, nice, nice. Right. That plate goes down. What’s going on? Okay, we can move it with
this, we can move it. Okay, steady people. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Now we pour in our egg
right in there, okay, okay. Let’s pierce it a little
bit, get some yolk around. Topped with the other half of the bread. So stick that in there. Then we put the whole lid down, right. Close the cover and cook sandwich for four to five minutes. Note do not push the lid all the way down when loaded with ingredients or when you’re using a jumbo egg as
this will cause spillage. I’ve got to put my sauce in. I’ll settle with that. When finished cooking,
rotate the cooking plate handle clockwise until it stops. Right, I’ve basically
got to wait four minutes. We only got four minutes
to save the world. Ooh, I can see the cheese
is melting in there. You see that boy, this
is my life right now. Ah, okay, so what’s gonna happen, we’re gonna slide that plate and then the actual egg and cheese
layer should bond together. It’s very hard to tell
what’s going on in there. All right that is time. I’m just gonna get the Pug out of the way. So we slide this around. Boom. Okay and apparently for safety we turn off and just let it cool forever. Ooh, oh, my God. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh, my God. Look at that. Oh, wow. Yeah. It actually worked. Granted the English muffin size is too small for the egg, so it’s sort of raised up and given it like an eggy rim. I’ve put that to one side to cool down and I like that gadget a lot, but I’m gonna give it away, so what you do if you’re on Facebook and you don’t like my
Virgin Kitchen page already, please give a like and I’ll scroll down all the likes and then
I’ll pick one randomly and announce the winner
in about two weeks’ time. Someone remind me to do
that or else I’ll forget. All right, think it’s just
about cooled down down. Still nice and melted. Oh, my gosh. That was beautiful. We’ve got our seasoned Pug patty in there, we’ve got the toasted
base, that has worked a charm, the cheese has melted through the smoke that’s in there. The egg is cooked. It’s brilliant. There we are then folks. A rather epic gadget
testing video in the bag. I hope you enjoyed it. If you’ve missed any of those others say do grab the popcorn
and have a Barrython and watch them all and
let me know what you think and your favourite gadgets. If you see any other cool ones, do let me know down below or message me on social media of choice. Subscribe for regular
recipes and food fun, but this video is all about these baby. I love them. So, that’s it folks. Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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