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  1. * Have a Barrathon, watch the kitchen gadget testing playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hECAxPxsdmo&list=PLfItiEY3o1mua5cnCEz2ssWLQbS6ZiSIq
    * Individual gadget testing playlist is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olFYfhtScR4&list=PLfItiEY3o1msZB4DJXPXdg2qKBsG3nGav
    * Should you wish to get one (Amazon may pay me some pocket money if you do buy through these links)
    Man apron https://amzn.to/2Lt0Fuy
    Chocolate Melting Pot https://amzn.to/2NR8W8m
    Nylon Pepper Corer https://amzn.to/2vcLpXJ
    Salter cheese grater https://amzn.to/2uU2G8w
    Obsessive chef cutting board https://amzn.to/2JXXNQx
    Veggie brush https://amzn.to/2Ok2VSJ
    Sunny Side Up Egg Mould https://amzn.to/2LQsPeX

  2. If you haven’t that re look at video when you are melting in the silicon chocolate thing try adding a little coconut oil to it and only do it in 5 to 10 second blasts

  3. It's when I see strangers speak english of cooking sujets I realize many words in french aren't translate in english 🙂 sorry for bad english I'm french you know xD

  4. The chocolate thing. Don't open it and let air in the chocolate it lets water in from steam that's what makes it burn. Just swirl it round gently upright and don't shake it all over the tub x

  5. For the chocolate dripping thing I think the last time when u put the thing in the microwave was kind of necessary and maybe during the intervals mix it maybe it was a lot of effort for just a little thing

  6. So here's a kitchen hack you might want to try next time the mercury climbs towards 30ºC. Juice a watermelon, pour the juice into ice trays and whack it in your freezer overnight. Full-nutrition fruit ice for flavoring any soft drink you can name, and just about any cocktail. Feeling like a lemonade? Goes brilliant in that. Morning orange juice? Goes nice in that, too. You might find it a great addition to various sauces, too.

  7. Also, you want a decent apron that a man can be proud of, get the denim apron from Pampered Chef. 100% rugged blue denim, fully adjustable neck string, 2 large pockets up front. It doesn't try to over-complicate things, it's just quality armor against grease splatters.

  8. You know that you have to mix chocolate in between microwaving as microwaves heat from the inside out so you have to get a spoon in there

  9. The chocolate didn’t work the first time because you overlooked it, the top appears not melted, whereas the chocolate underneath is melted!! Xx *i only know this from gcse food preparation and nutrition* xx

  10. Veggie brushes have been like a standard in every Finnish kitchen for decades… And you should scrub it under running water… 😀

  11. If you have any gadgets that you've been avoiding you should do them all in a video, for entertainment and to get them over with

  12. Ok, you know when heating chocolate in the microwave you need to STIR every 15-30 seconds. Shaking is not stirring. This may not be why it failed but it can't have helped. Also I don't know why the would have used silicone? Of course it's gonna get hot. I jus use disposable piping bags with a hole cut to do my chocolate molds. Works super easy. I actually heat my chocolate right in th bag. I squish the bag every 20 secs to mix it up and it works just fine.

  13. Hej, i made the mistake with the chocolate often, too. I just found out, that if u put a little bit of liquid (like milk) in there, too the chocolate won't burn 🙂

  14. He always says be respectful in the comments as some of these gadgets may help people with disabilities and then he laughs and jokes about the cutting board that could help people with OCD

  15. I have say the egg sunshine didn’t work for me! Without the rays of sun, rays of ☀️ it just looks like a regular egg.

  16. When i lived in Nevada i visited a place outside of Las Vegas and it was 120°f which is about 49°c. If you weren't careful you would get severe burns just by leaning against anything that was out in the sun.

  17. I want that asotv pepper corer. Id love to make some stuffed peppers. Your channel always makes me hungry. Its 10pm and while watching your videos in bed i suddenly got hungry and decided to make some black eggs. They are pretty much a hard boiled egg thats pickled in spices and balsamic vinegar. Not sure why i decided to make those out of all things i could make because they need to pickle for at least 24 hours.

  18. I want that asotv pepper corer. Id love to make some stuffed peppers. Your channel always makes me hungry. Its 10pm and while watching your videos in bed i suddenly got hungry and decided to make some black eggs. They are pretty much a hard boiled egg thats pickled in spices and balsamic vinegar. Not sure why i decided to make those out of all things i could make because they need to pickle for at least 24 hours.

  19. Maybe yoh need to turn the power down on your microwave I've had the same problem and my micro was on high i turned it down to medium-low and it took a few more 15 second blasts but the chocolate didn't burn, i hope this helps you rock!

  20. For the chocolate melter, it may help to add some vegetable oil to help thin the chocolate, just slice the oil around to avoid burnt spots. Always works for me!

  21. the sunny side egg thing you don't actually need to separate the yolk out. The gap in between the clouds and the sun is for the egg white to slip through. 🙂

  22. I could see the cutting board being more of an instructional tool (like do a medium dice…well…how big is a medium dice?) than for someone who is that picky.

  23. Hi Barry, Adele here all the way from South Africa. You were trying to melt chocolate chips, which are not actually high in chocolate and developed to not melt like you need it to in that little melting gadget. You want to use chocolate melts or regular chocolate slab,. Enjoy your vids, thanks Ax

  24. Why shake it when you can manipulate the bottom? Also, you know you can easily overheat choc in the microwave? There's a reason why chefs use Bain Marie's.

  25. I used to work at Olive Garden and they had cheese graters sort of like that, but better quality. They use a romano cheese- low oil, hard cheeses grate much easier and don't get caught in the graters like that. There is sidework at Olive Garden JUST to cut cheese for the graters. I was entertained by you being very excited about that cheese grater lol.

  26. looks like a ocd person made that chopping board why do people want to be so precised about cutting vegetables

  27. Hey! about the cheese grater, you used the wrong kind of cheese jejejjeej try using parmesano regano, it doesn't have that much grease so its less sticky 😀

  28. I don't get the chocolade melting thinghy, i just put some in a saucepan and stir, it's melted in a minute. Offcourse then i add some crushed peanuts and mix it, then scoop out portions with a spoon and let it cool down on some baking paper, yummy!

  29. I have a cheese grater likes that. The handle is attached to the grater itself and it works like a charm. And that thing is 10+ years old and still works like a charm

  30. hey i have a mold just like that spoon one but a bit of an indent to make it look a bit more like a spoon its great i love it

  31. Now I just see Barry shrugging cheese over his family and friends… I want to be invited to dinner so we can have a cheese war! 😂

  32. Barry, with the chocolate. 15 seconds, stir. 15 seconds, stir again, and so on until it is smooth and melted. That will make sure it doesn't burn.

  33. What’s the point of the chocolate melter? You can melt chocolate by microwaving it in literally any microwave safe vessel 😂 I do it in a bowl all the time

  34. I found that chocolate pot in my baking cupboard a few years back, never knew what it was… it was opened and all, don’t have a lid… it’s from like 2009 when I used to bake with my mother, finally know what it is! Thanksss (probs wont use it much haha or less time heh)

    P.s good salter joke..
    My fish is so dry.. imma salter up a bit . (Salt her up) or oh your popcorn is too sweet? Ock salter up

  35. I actually don’t mind that cheese grater.

    Those hard nail brushes you’re talking about are honestly called Nail Brushes lol. A lot of mechanics etc also use them at the end of the day

  36. Remember, chocolate melts in a child’s pocket, as Mary Berry says, so you don’t need a lot of heat. I would suggest just putting it in for 30 seconds, and taking it out and shaking it every 10 seconds.

  37. With the lakeland chocolate melter thing I think i used it to make a bain marie in the microwave and it worked better but it was a while ago.

  38. Cheese grates like the one you have are best for grating over a dish. I currently have two. One from pampered chef the other from Walmart not sure of brand. The more expensive ones usually work better and come with two insets for fine or medium grating. Good for parmesan and cheddar. Not so good with mozzarella (too soft). If using cheese in a recipe best to stick with the board or box grates.

  39. Lmao here in Arizona (US), it's usually up around 110 degrees (43 degrees Celsius) and can even get up to 120 (48 degrees Celcius) so yeah, I'm usually in a jumper in 37 Celcius 😂😂

  40. 37°C for all us Americans (we really need to switch…) Is almost 99°F. I live in South Florida and 100°F days is pretty normal lol

  41. If you want to do chocolate molds, you should get the chocolate melting discs. Wal-Mart sells them and I think target does. Most grocery stores have them too, atleast in my area.

  42. For the cheese grayer I recommend the pampered chef one, and using a harder cheese–I use Parmesan–and it works perfectly.

  43. we had a soda stream in the 80s don't worry you're not missing out on much they were pants my parents would have been much better off and richer buying bottles of pop from the shop lol it was that rubbush we only used it once

  44. I just wanted to tell you through the screen that if you flipped your egg mold around that it probably would work. I believe that you had the opposite side side down.

  45. Barry it's a cute little thing of sunshine in a cloud but you had it upside down in the pan that's why the egg went out you put the top on the bottom instead of on the top try it again it'll cook better

  46. You are supposed to crack an egg directly into silicone sun and since it’s higher than rest, egg white will flow out and give you same results without using two bowls and an egg separator.

  47. With doing chocolate in the microwave once its mostly melted, you use the residual heat to finish melting it.

  48. That was cooking chocolate aswell, ordinary chocolate would melt quicker. Needs stirring after each burst, can still look chunky but really it's melted once you stir it.

  49. “It’ll get up to 37”
    Me: 37 degrees that’s so cold!!!
    3mins later* maybe the English don’t use Fahrenheit. Looks up* he meant Celsius 37C is 98F … that’s awful hot.

  50. Ermmmmm. Barry, you did know that you use the cloud shape fried egg thinky the wrong way right? You basically put the top part on the pan.

  51. I am new and I wanted to also thank you. I have RA and some of you items I believe can be very useful to people who have difficulties using some items. So thanks

  52. the reason why the egg yolk thing is higher raised than the egg white is that you just need to crack your egg directly in the "sun" compartment and the whites ill automatically fill the cloud.. you dont need the fish

  53. Surprised that you don't know how to properly melt chocolate in a microwave.
    Doesn't matter what container you use, you have to stir to chocolate. You're using a microwave which doesn't cook evenly to begin with, and there's a reason melted chocolate is held in a moving auger style or bladed container… To keep it evenly heated.

  54. I scrolled through some of the comments…. no one’s going to comment on the location of the “meat” label on the man-apron? Just me? Okay.

  55. I love how at 6:12 the chocolate was melted already and he put it back in the microwave and complained about it being burnt! 😂😂

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