Kitchen Gadget Testing #39 – special 2

Kitchen Gadget Testing #39 – special 2

– Oh no. One of these, Jesus. (banging) No (laughing) Oh my god. (laughing) (victorious horns) (cute bubble sound) Hello everybody hope you’re well. Welcome to Kitchen Gadget
Testing number thirty-something. This is actually a special part two. You guys loved the
first version so much, I’ve actually got another
three and four batches of those on the way, so I
figured we’d make these kind of specials from time to time. Because you’re special to me. (awws) Three things, first of all. First up, remember that
some of these gadgets can help people with disabilities and even though it’s, some of them can genuinely,
genuinely help people. Second of all, if you’re
not already subscribed to the channel please consider doing so. And last but not least, some
of you guys that are eagle eyed if you keep your eye out during the video there has been something that has changed about the kitchen over the weekend. We had a little thing that happened. See if you can pick it up, let me know. Whoever spots it first gets a prize. Just reach out on social media. And by the way the guys
that got the eggs things, they’re on the way. One of them is going to America. That’s expensive, all right. Why can’t you live next door? (whooshing) All right, first up. These wish.coms, they come
in a very unique packaging which will show my address, and I do not want to share that. The package actually
says kitchen furniture. But this is not kitchen furniture. No, no this is a garlic presser. This looks like a crazy torture device but apparently, apparently
it’s pretty good. Tony from the US gives it five stars, “Third time I’ve ordered this item, it is the best garlic
press I’ve ever used. I’ve ordered more for family and friends.” James from Australia, five stars as well. “Awesome, got green.” So I think she’s like,
yeah I got a green one. So we’ve got white, let’s
see if it does our garlic. We’ll take your health responsibility by the superlative quality,
yes, I love the quality, it’s taken my life (laughing) What? It’s a garlic press. I was thinking it was gonna be this. Very simple, kind of like a Mediaeval contraption torture device. But I think a lot of gadgets are based on Mediaeval torture
as you’ll see in a bit. Yeah, this goes in there, garlic in there and it has to bit through these holes. It forces it out. But what I don’t like is, are we just putting it in like that? Is it gonna fit, yes it is. And then the skin will stay,
I think that will happen. But just in case, need to get the skin off a garlic clove instantly? There’s a gadget for that. This thing from a really old gadget video. (rubbing) There we go. There’s still a bit of skin. Right, so I want this to be a fair test. Right, in this goes. There’s a screw lid. So we’re just gonna crush it. (garlic crunching) It’s tough (grunts) Oh my (laughs) it just fired garlic. The dogs are like … (grunts) Oh wow, that is working amazing. It’s blooming hard though. To be fair, that right
there is some blooming good chopped garlic, that is really fi-hi-hine. Let’s try it with the skin on it. For some reason, I think
this is gonna work. (grunts) Oh my gosh, really? You know, like a really stiff jar. There’s a gadget for that. (grunts) No, (panting) it’s getting wedged. So in order for one of
these, you need one of these. (tapping) Ah there we go. I think we made a garlic coin. No. I teased it on the last
Kitchen Gadget video. There is a sausage guillotine in my house. And I’m not talking about Mrs. Barry. Boom boom. One for you adults out there. (laughing) Here it is. Boom, do you guys remember this? It arrived and I was in
shock, and it’s here. Look at this thing, Look
at the blade on that. How did that even arrive
here without me getting some police knocking at my door? So the sausage gets fed through here, and then we go, bang, bang. We’ve got a few sausages to try out. The reviews are actually really good. In fact I couldn’t find, at
this stage, no one or two stars. Mostly German people have gone for it, which is kind of
understandable when the Germans love all different sausages
and stuff like that and Bratwurst and things. Tanya from Germany has put “perfect” with a nice little photo of it there. And the other cool thing apparently, is these blades, oh
they’ve got screws on them. They’re replaceable. Actually, how sharp is that? (rubbing)
That’s quite sharp. Let’s start with some thin hot dogs. All right so here we go (laughing) Where does it cut? Oh okay. So there’s a groove here. And basically where the
wood ends at the stopper, that’s your cut point. So you can really go, oh. Look at that. That is a nice clean cut. Boom, oh it’s like gliding through. But obviously, these are
really thin hot dogs. Oh the sausage, look at that. They fall into the gap there. The groove is kinda like
your sausage holder. (laughing) But obviously these are
moist and they’re thin. So let’s go with a bigger sausage. All right son, meet daddy. (popping) Again, these should be really– can you hear that? Someone mowing their grass. Well they could be flying a drone. I dunno. I got in trouble the other day, I was flying a drone over an airport, yeah got a bit awkward. So, bigger hot dog, nice and moist. Boom, oh my gosh, this is amazing. This is so good. Look at that, I’m just gliding. I have to look at what I’m doing. Don’t wanna get too over confident. Try and get a nice angle off it. Just a little shave there. Oh I might just push it, no! Look at that. Let’s level up the sausage. (plastic rustling) This, not only could it double up as some sort of bling or weird earring it’s the chorizo ring. So this is a lot more dense, it’s butch. But it should be more of a challenge for our sausage guillotine. Oh. Go on. That’s through. I mean it’s tough, because
you’ve got all these nibbly bits, all the fat. You’ve gotta hold it. Yes. This is amazing. How much was this?
Hang on. Oh, it’s gone up, it’s now 22 pounds. And after this video it might go up again. So that’s not bad really. I wouldn’t say you have it in your house. But you know, for someone. If you like sausage. This, look at the size of that. This (sniffing) is a German pepper salami. I’ve never had it
before, it looks amazing. It’s basically a salami
with pepper on the outside. And it’s butch, it’s dense. Wha. Oh my gosh it’s not fitting in. (grunts)
(tapping) I don’t think it’s mean to do (laughing) Massive believer in the five second rule in this house as well by the way. So in this goes. Let’s try and put this in
just to hold it in place. There we go, oh that’s locked in. You can’t know if you move it but the blades not high enough
for the, oh my gosh right. I got the care, I’m gonna take this out. It’s not high enough. (grunting) God this is tough. It’s not chilled over,
it’s at room temperature so should be able to … (grunts) No, I’m gonna have to just … (grunts) (chewing) Oh, that was worth it. Oh, that’s got some kick with that pepper. In conclusion, the chorizo
and the hot dogs worked fine, but for that stuff, I
would have been better with a real sharp knife or something. I dunno. Got it now. So I’ve got no need for that. If I can legally send it somewhere I will. If you work in a deli,
I know I’ve not really sold it and you want it,
leave a comment down below. And I’ll just pick someone. In fact I did that in the sushi video with the blue bucket, you
know the pointless blue bucket if anyone wants it. A bloke left me a comment
that I really liked. I think his wife replied on social media on my Facebook page, and I thought I either can’t tell if I’ve offended them and I thought I can’t
tell if she’s offended or if this is a joke, so
I haven’t sent it yet. Do let me know okay? All right, next up, in this packet is something called rings. (bag rustling) (spits) Everyone seems to like rings, like Melissa, “cool
looking, hope they work”. Apart from Dave from the
UK, “after getting these as a Christmas gift a few years ago, I couldn’t wait for these
beer savers to arrive. Unfortunately the item arrived and they’re more like factory
rejects, very disappointing”. They’re not the most vibrant,
they do look a bit faded. Getting this for a Christmas
present, come on now. Says “beer savers” on the lid. They all say beer?
They all say beers. So effectively, that is what it is. It’s designed to sort
of snap around your beer to keep it carbonated, and
all that sort of stuff. You know if you have
a beer and you’re like (slurping) yeah I want a sip. (popping sound)
Stick this on. Let’s try it. I’m not gonna even try a beer, because we are frying
with oil in a little bit. So, cream soda, this is one
from the American aisle. I get it from time to time. In fact, I think I had some
in a gadget video before. All right so … (gulps) That’s so naughty. So I’m just having a look
at the lid shape here. Yeah, it seems like
it’s slightly narrower. But what we can effectively do is just snap it on, oh! Snap it on like so. I tell you what, that feels blooming snug. Let me try something, and then I might try something else. (whooshing) (pouring) No (laughs) it didn’t work, well I’m
so glad that happened then. And you probably aren’t,
because I was next going to try it over my head. In conclusion, I’ll get
another one out, snap it on. Works a charm. Like that to cover your
drink, Bob’s your uncle. Brilliant. Actually what I can do, is (laughing) pour this back in. (pouring) Oh no. (bangs table) If I remember at the end of this video, I’m gonna return to that bottle, and see if that’s actually
kept the carbonation. It’s 50% likely that I’ll forget though. (plastic rustling) Oh, do you know what this is? This is an Emery sponge. Yeah, it’s got a rough edge on it, it’s basically a sponge with a handle. Boston, (kissing) really good for pans,
really good for knives. That was my point on
the sausage guillotine you can kinda go like
that, make it sharper. I love the one star review from Brit who is incidentally, a Brit. “It was doing a good
job, but then it broke after 10 minutes use”. Flip side of that, a five
star from Linda in the USA, “really cleaned” and there’s
a full stop, “my pots”. I just liked that tension. (whooshing) Look at that. Sometimes you need it wet. But let’s just try it anyway. And look how bad that is. Let’s just go for a really bad area. (scrubbing) Oh! (silly bass) (breathes out) Well I didn’t break it. Hey, that’s all right isn’t it? That’s taken quite a bit off. Definitely got the main ring-y bits there. (scrubbing) I think this one’s quite hard as well because it’s grooved
it’s not completely flat so it’s running over. So it didn’t break, but I
wonder if water will help. Need to change your tap
into something pointy that might be water saving? There’s a gadget for that. Because this is Tap Thing. (laughs) What’s the name of it? Tap. We’ve been here there before, in fact there is a GIF of me, if you search Barry
Lewis, I think on Twitter or GIF Engine, there’s one
of me with a water thing from a Gadget video before. I love how it says it’s water saving. How is that water saving? It’s just still the same amount
of water coming out the tap. You can’t even, ’cause you
can control it with this. (laughing) Look at that, so if you
put this stopper there, it’s gonna come out the holes. If you don’t, it’s just
gonna all come out. It’s still gonna come out the tap right? So how is that, am I
thinking about that wrong? From Antomix, one star. “Looks good, small, and it leaks”. Great. Kim, three stars from the UK, “works well, but falls off
the tap if you move it”. Brilliant. (whooshing) Oh it’s just come off. Look at that, look at
how easy that comes off. (water running) (laughing) All right, I’ll do this here. If I move this, it’s just gonna pop off. Go a bit faster. That is the max power. That’s normally quite (makes water noise) Oh, look at that, you can have a shower. (laughing) (water rushing) Oh. We’ll do it gently. I’m not sure, every time
I’ve used one of these– (banging) Jesus (laughing) We’ll just go hot tap. Little bit of Fairy Washing Up Liquid because they’re not sponsoring me. We’ll just rub that in. (scrubbing) No, doesn’t make a difference. But there you go, another gadget, and … Hm. This is a good one,
this is the Negi Cutter. It’s made for these, spring
onions, AKA scallions. Come on down and I’ll show ya. Come on. “Use it very conveniently
because of the product a for sharp, don’t use when
you plastic slipcover set on”. What? I love this comment
from Billy, five stars. “Works great and I will
have a good time using it”. Billy, you have a good time mate. You enjoy it, you love it. Sara, “can’t even cut
through our vegetables, was a waste of money”. (whooshing) They’ve just basically stitched a load of pen knives together and shoved it on a plastic stump. Oh, oh no, be good, be good, oh no. Oh no, you’re bending. Let’s go to the bit harder end, there. (cutting) Oh, not bad, but it’s
getting caught in there and it’s not going all the way through. The thing that I’m doing … (groans) Oh I dunno. Ain’t good, I mean, it’s
starting to do some of it, it’s fraying which is what you want, but you want it to go all the way through. I feel like these blades,
there you go, they are sharp. But if you do one at a
time like a standard knife, use it like that and that’s okay. Yeah you get little discs. Yeah, can you see how
bendy they are, the blades? You want them really rigid. (grunts) No, no matter what method you do, if you push down on it, if you saw it. (sighs) Dangerous, don’t like that one. (whooshing) Ciabatta be ready for this one. This is a very simple,
but nice looking thing. It kind of blew my mind
when I looked at it. I’m like … Feel like Hulk Hogan. (grunting and laughing) If you guys don’t listen to
the new format of Barshens, I told a story about Hulk Hogan. Actually Stuart and I are
doing like a podcast-y version of Barshens and I was like, I don’t really promote
that channel that much, it’s a little bit more
rude but we’re gonna start and try interviewing
people so I’d really appreciate if you check
out the Barshens channel. I’ll leave a link in here as well. But this is it, there’s
an Oil Vinegar Bottle and it’s like, why does that one have a grape in it or
something, a bunch of grapes? And this one’s quite nice,
that’s the one that I hope that I got, I saw it. It reminds me of back at school,
was this a conical flask? Was that the shape, I dunno. I don’t do shapes, I don’t do conicals. Apart from the conicals of Narnia, oh. (gun cocking sound) On a roll, or not on a roll on a ciabatta. I loaf you. You might not loaf me, but
those puns are good dough. Hey. What? Why is it so small,
it’s supposed to be … (tapping glass) So this is it. I like it, ’cause it’s gonna look cool if we can pour it right. Nice little lip on the edge there. Cork,
(popping) cork,
(popping) the ciabatta’s there
because I get to eat bread. But we’re gonna put olive oil
and balsamic vinegar in this. All right and before any of you say it, this is not decent olive oil, this is “olive oil composed
of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils”, you
try and find a legitimate olive oil now, it’s like
three times the price. I’m not Gordon Ramsey,
we’ve got budget constraints here guys all right? So I’m gonna go for more
oil in the main body. Let’s try and get it in,
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I like this. Oops. A little bit of spillage,
but look at that. That is amazing. Well let’s cork that up
now before it all spills. So it’s basically supposed
to sit at your table and look a little bit
flashy and cool like that. Oh would you like some
balsamic and some olive oil? Oh yes, Quentin, of course I would. So you uncork, you pour, which is really weird
to me because it looks like that should pour out as well, lovely jub-ly, cork that one, uncork this. And just love, look at that. Isn’t that the coolest thing in the world? Dunk, dunk, dunk, (sighs) Mm, oh my gosh. But maybe this opens up
the option to just be you know a little bit naughtier, and just go straight on, you
go, I’ll drizzle that for you. Oh there you go. (sighs happily) Straight into the bread. All right, so we gonna allow
that soak for a little bit. But yeah, you can go right on it. (sighs) Wow. Just a naughty little table prop really, but I could look at that
for hours. (laughing) It’s been a few blades today hasn’t it, and this is the last one. This is the Dog Dicer. (laughing) It’s effectively a massive version of that spring roll thing. You can kind of guess what it’s gonna do. We’ve got our hot dogs back, which the dogs probably get
a teeny, teeny bit more. Right this fits nicely in there. It’s the smallest of the hot dogs. So we’ll lift it down, and
there is the lippy thing here that I’m gonna press,
just gonna go side on so you can see it a bit more. With my thumb, straight down. This is not, oh my gosh, that feels, (gasps) the blades aren’t lined up
with the grooves very well. Hang on. Oh wow, I love how the
blade’s gone through it and it’s kind of like risen, but it’s still in the same tray. It’s like, ♪ here I am. I lost a little bit of weight. Look at this. Oh, oh, has it halved it as well? Does it halve it? Yes it does, I didn’t think
of that, it halves it. (gasps) Genius. Look, look. I’ve never really wanted
a hot dog that size, like that before, portion, but I dunno, put it in a casserole or something, or … I can’t think of anything else, but there’s probably like 100 other ideas, off the top of my head. (whooshing) Congratulations if you’ve
made it this far in the video. We should both give
ourselves a pat on the back. It means you’re kind of
happy, and into this. Two more to go, this is, this as well. This is a baby brother,
these are meatball makers. They are basically scissors,
with ball shapers on the end. And the really weird thing was, they came in either extra small, or large. And well, there is a difference, there is. But it’s quite vast. I love how Doug in his comment,
he’s put a picture as well, “perfect, just what I wanted”. It’s kinda like what I say every
Christmas when I get socks. Bridget from Germany has said (foreign language) and my third biggest
audience is from Germany, so that was just for you guys all right? (laughing) And Judy from America says,
“the large was very small”. Oh, maybe she likes massive meatballs. So this is just some beef mince. Of course I’m not gonna
go with anything crazy and you can season it, beef and pork, well we’ll wrap something in it. You’ll see that in a minute, some cheese. But we’re just gonna make
sure the gadget works and then you can make
some really good stuff. I have got some garlic, I
might as well shove that in. Go on. I wonder if you just shove
a load, and then press. (sighs) Like a blade. So now hopefully, eh, yes. Look at that thing. That’s pretty good, I mean it’s
go a bit of a ring around it and it looks a bit like the Death Star, because I know Star Wars. But that’ll do. (tool clinking) So I think that’s the best way with it. Because you can always
keep recycling the meat. Just shove a load in,
maybe get the angle right, and then just press
down, scrape away, boom. Oh-ho-ho. Look at that. They’re actually slightly
misshaped though. But like, with them being like that, you can just sort of
finish them off a bit. Here’s some cheese that
I chopped a minute ago. If you push it into one, and form a bit of a cavity, stick the cheese in, and shove
a load of meat up in here … (sighs) (laughing) Cheese stuffed meatball. Hoping that these don’t burst,
the one’s with cheese in. Oh, the gooey cheese, coming out. ♪ I’m coming out, ♪ I think those are the two cheesy ones. Oh we should do a real
decent meatball recipe soon. I love doing them. (chewing) Oh, that’s good. One thing I’ve never
really done on the channel is donuts, and really explored them, and I think that somehow this guy is kinda encouraging me
down that route kinda soon. Maybe once the roast dinner
playlist is out of the way. We need to make donut batter,
which we’ll do in a moment, because this is the Donut Maker. And look, it arrived, no joke, in a bag, no protection around it like this. And I’m not the only one. Hazel with an unintentional
pun, “packaging was a bit battered, but the item was fine”. I love the flip side of
that, how Tina “good”. Two stars. You actually put the dough in here. Okay, let’s make the dough. One other thing other
than those ingredients, to make the donuts, fingers crossed, is you’ll need some oil. So I’ve put it in a pan, about halfway up, and for the moment, oil
leave it right there. To make the dough, bowl of plain flour. Sprinkle of salt, just
over one tablespoon, oh my gosh, (laughs) sorry, baking powder. Give it a little mix. Leave it. Bowl of sugar, (egg breaking) egg-sell-ent. And we just whisk it till it thickens. (beaters spinning) Boom, see how it’s got light in colour but it’s nice and thick? That’s what we want. Add in some milk, butter … (laughing) Beautiful, you can add cinnamon or nutmeg at this stage if you want. Pour in, about a third of it, and then whiz. All right, so this is the
only sort of donut batter I’ve ever really made
before, the recipes worked last time I did it, but I
don’t know if it’s gonna work with this gadget, we’re
gonna leave it to rest now. (whooshing)
It’s a very simple concept. So what you’ve got here is somewhere to put your fingers like
that, and you plunge. And as you do that, it
pushes the bottom, okay? (laughing) That doesn’t
look too good does it? I think I’ve done enough puns today but, if I’m being honest, I donut
think this is gonna work. (clicking) Go on (laughing) oh no,
it’s broken on the thing. Go on. Oh no. (laughing) Oh no. Oh, it’s got a hole in it, it’s
got a hole there’s progress. Come on. (grunts) Come on. Okay you can see the donut shape that it, ah, wants to be. Instead it’s more like a purse that Robin Hood would have. If I can save the batter,
let me just quickly add a bit more milk in there,
to just loosen it up a bi. Oh, all right so it’s
still a little tougher, but milk added, oh. (sighs) We’ve got nothing to lose. Oh. Oh for god’s sake. Ah. Oh my gosh. Oh, it’s just being a Churro now. Oh, well, I’m frying
some spaghetti donuts. So I think it’s cheap
because it’s not hitting the bottom flush perfectly enough. That’s the disappointing thing, because I just saw a video a minute ago, and the batter is actually
the right consistency then. Look at this though, huh? Well anyway, little bit of
sugar, little bit of cinnamon, (whisking) mix it together, you’ve
got cinnamon sugar. And, I don’t know, let’s
just roll this one in it. Nice. Oh, oh my gosh, that is amazing. Does it really matter what shape it is? But I’m convinced it was this. It just was not hitting it, so I will 100% get a decent one of these
and we will make it work and make some amazing donut combinations. Mm. (swallows) Oh, still carbonated. That’s actually been about
two hours since we did this. Last little kick there in the end. So there we go, another
Kitchen Gadget video in the bag for the ever growing playlist. Thank you so much for the support. My favourite one was
probably the garlic one, or the sausage dicer,
not the guillotine one. That was a little bit,
scarily fun, but I dunno. Massive thank you to all
of you who watch my videos. Whether you’ve just joined,
whether you’re a patron, whether you have been
here from the beginning, I massively love that I
can do this and entertain. Make you guys laugh, learn, and cook. That’s it, thank you, goodbye. ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what you style ♪ ♪ The kitchen’s for me ♪ ♪ Sa-Bon’s moustache guarantee ♪ ♪ Maybe or three ♪ (hip hop beat) (kitchen tools banging) That was melted butter. (laughs) I think I’ve just sprayed it on the back of my jeans. This is supposed to be a quick tutorial. Oh my gosh.

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