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  1. Fancy getting one? Amazon may give me some pocket money if you do https://amzn.to/2GBrINv
    Individual gadget testing playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olFYfhtScR4&list=PLfItiEY3o1msZB4DJXPXdg2qKBsG3nGav
    Grouped gadget playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hECAxPxsdmo&list=PLfItiEY3o1mua5cnCEz2ssWLQbS6ZiSIq

  2. I have some similar to these! everything I've read recommends oiling the container before putting the eggs in so that they remove a bit easier. They're also supposed to be used as an egg cup and be eaten directly out of.

  3. Cool video – is there any way you could go back to the old style for kitchen gadget testing? 13mins on one gadget is a bit much – it was more fun with a few more gadgets per video! 🙂

  4. That's the hob my parents used to have! Was at least 20 years old when they finally changed this Christmas 😂

  5. So then…

    #1 – You effectively made Eggy Pac-Man ghosts. Suitable for any nerdy get together.

    #2 – Seriously? Getting rid of that oven? If it's the colour, you can remove the door panels and paint them. But 4 decent burners, a griddle, halogen hob and multiple ovens? Damn. If we didn't already have one, I'd be happy to take it.

    We moved 2 years ago and are still sorting things out. Still end up finding stuff moved around in the kitchen. Haven't sorted my office at all yet, still just a storage room.

    Anyway, have you tried a sous vide machine? Really been enjoying mine for the last year or so. Rarely cook meat any other way now.

  6. So, who else had a 15 minute timer started by this video?
    And then Alexa wondering what to do when told to stop.

  7. Those dark yolks… even pasture-raised eggs I’ve had in the U. S. are rarely that dark. Either those hens are getting a lot of carotenoids from eating weeds and insects, or someone’s slipped a lot of marigolds into the feed.

  8. I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat for dinner, then I watch your video. Egg on toast hit the spot very well.

  9. Well, hot dang! I work at a pet/aquatic store and someone brought me a sample of their tank water in one of these things! I had no idea what the heck kind of container it was supposed to be, but now mystery solved!

    Doesn't say much about the product, in that she used it as a disposable water sample transport vessel, but there you go.

  10. The amount of counter space is incredible, but it also seems like it would be a lot of wasted space for some people. I imagine that's not much of an issue for a family of four though.

  11. Given the loops at the top you could also use a bigger pan with more water and just loop the tops onto a long metal skewer that lies over the top of the pan so they can't tip over. Just a thought.

  12. I reviewed this product with my kids and I was sure they were never going to touch them. They actually LIKED them and use them frequently now. The only thing I would use them for is soft boiled. They do a decent job if you have problems making soft boiled eggs and they work great for people that might not have the dexterity to peel a soft or hard boiled egg. Your Egglettes containers look a bit different than ours. Ours have a smaller pin hole at the top but the results are similar. Nice video and I actually love that range!

  13. Right, so, instead of oiling the egg vessal, just put in a couple of drops of water then the egg. the water should steam up around the egg and keep it from sticking (just like the oil only you dont have to spread it around..

  14. Hi Barry,

    Your hob/oven looks very similar to one my parents used to have. If you don't set the time, the ovens wouldn't work.

  15. Barry I do love your fun videos but I'd like to see you do some more everyday meals, maybe something a little healthier? Stay awesome

  16. I've seen a couple of reviews for the "Egglettes" brand of these things (the NOT cheap ones lol) and the instructions say to use a spray like Pam on the inside to keep them from sticking. Nothing else seems to work well…I've seen them try olive oil too. Not sure how any company can mess up silicone but I guess anything is possible!! lol

  17. Do it with less water. The eggs are gonna steam they don't need to boil. I would say don't put more than 2cm of water in the pan. You want it so that they won't ever be able to float, but you want to steam them for like maybe 20 minutes. Because steam is less dense than air, it will take longer for them to cook I think. I might be mistaken though.

    The other way is to use plastic cling film and like the proper good stuff not the new saran wrap they have now. Ironically you want the cheaper stuff, since it tends to be the good stuff. The super tacky, sticky, seal the bowl in good and tight stuff. But you just make a little pouch with an egg in it and then boil them like raviolis.

  18. My Alexa really likes you! She went off several times during this video! First the timer rhen she tried to play me some music.

  19. I have the name brand of these and the work amazing but to me it's just common sense to oil it first

  20. I'm not sure if you're just a bit eggcentric or just somewhat of an egghead, but it seems like the bad reviews are because this is a knock-off version of the actual product that is mostly designed to look like the original, rather than being designed to work well, you shouldn't tell people to go boost the reviews of the knock-off one, even if you got it to work somewhat (which you only did because you saw those overwhelming negative reviews; I bet you wouldn't have thought of that if there had been mostly positive reviews)

  21. The only reason I hate cooking is because I don't want to have to clean the dishes idk why. It's some kind of mental block idk also I'm usualy starving befor I get food so I don't have time to wait for it to cook in the oven for 20 min

  22. Would kinda like to see one done with the proper well reviewed on as a comparison. I mean it's great if you can make that one work better than reviewed but is the other really so much better that it's worth the much much better reviews. Some ppl really would like to spend that lil more for something that works perfect.

  23. Does anyone really expect to be able to cook eggs in anything without sticking if they don't use oil? This seems like a great gadget for people like me who can't properly peel a boiled egg to save their life.

  24. i have a similar set, but they are hard plastic, the directions do say to oil first. An easy way to clean them is a container with a lid, hot water, soap and shake, it get all the pieces.

  25. Oh my gosh, your deviled eggs were actually mayo eggs. Next time try it like we do in the US, you need about ten eggs, put the cooked yokes in the bowl, smoosh good with a fork add 1/4 teaspoon of yellow mustard, 2 teaspoons of real mayo, dash salt and pepper, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, mix well so its fluffy like icing. Taste it, if its not tangy enough add another teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Sprinkle a little paprika on top after they have been piped into the yoke halves. I think you would like them better this way, they do not taste so mayonaisy. Great with ham potatoes and peas, we serve them at Easter this way.

  26. Whoa, we have that same cooker in our house. Though ours is pretty old now and one of the ovens has given up the ghost

  27. Why don't you use a scewer thru the holes in the top and hang them down. You might have no water in them and they will not tip over.

  28. Oh come on Barry. This isn't stonking. The gadget doubles the cooking time and no matter how much I try, I can't think of any way this would be useful to a disabled person either. This just seems like a bad product all over the board. :/

  29. Other gadget testers i watch have done the actual egglettes and they all had good reactions from em and from what i remember they didnt have the holes in the top. One specifically i remember them bobbing all over the place, going on its side and upside down and everything else and they were great… Id suggest using the actual brand ones. Just saying…

  30. Hoing through my “Barry-a-thon” but wanted to say, here in America, we use this in the microwave! That’s what the were made for here!!!! Love these videos!!!!

  31. i'm watching a barathon, it's 12:40 in the morning, and thanks to you, i'm starving.. might have to go cook something with eggs in it, maybe some bacon as well, maybe with some pastry…

    curses !!!! god damn you barry lewis !!!! i'll get no sleep tonight !!

  32. I think the product Barry tested is a knockoff of Egglettes. Egglettes do actually come w/ directions + some simple recipes for both cooking & using the cooked eggs. Btw, Egglettes recommends spraying w/ cooking spray prior to use.

  33. My dollar tree store egglets came with a warning in each egg to spray oil in it. Sad when a dollar tree packages better than a more pricey one.

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