100 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadget Testing – Offundo Butter Spreader

  1. Holy Hannah that's amazing. I don't even eat sandwiches much but I want one. I have grilled cheese more.

    A potential improvement for a future version would be to add a blocker for the outlet so you could make it smaller for other things, like oatcakes, baguettes / hotdog rolls, bagels, etc.
    Need to get the right design down for it though, one that won't get jammed up with your spreads and won't be awkward and fiddly.
    Or if they never wanted to make it dynamic width, since most stuff is either about 2-3 inches wide or 5-6, just add a half-width blocker that can go on either side for lefty or righty and you're done. Yeah that'd work.

    Some people did point out it has an issue with flow control (too much spread on top)
    It could potentially be helped with a height adjuster that slides alongside the item you are coating. If we were adding the half-width blocker, you could make it in such a way that the height adjuster could go on one side, the opposite if you are using said blocker.
    Probably getting over-engineered at this point. lol
    Probably just easier to either apply less thumb pressure or hold the hopper closer to the breaded good in question to prevent the flow coming out as much. The latter would actually also help get the spread in to the little grooves of some airier breads, which is a bonus.
    It's also a personal thing. Some people like thick spreads, some like thin. I'm the former, like a nice thick coat of jam or butter.

  2. if you already have room temperature butter you can just put enough on your knife for one slice, speaking as pastry chef who had to butter a lot of toasts, not that hard so i see this just as a waste of money

  3. I wouldn't buy this… Once you Blended up the butter you would have had the same effect with a butter knife. But watching you was hysterical!

  4. omg I need this for my coffe family business, my hands are always sensible when I touch the hot toasted bread and this will save me time XD

  5. I would love to have one of these. I work in a school cafeteria and we make around 325 toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch. I saw this elsewhere and thought, "I'm gonna get one of those!" until I saw the price was around $80 American. Too rich for my budget. Sigh.

  6. If I went to a business that served their bread with that much butter on… I wouldn't be going back 🤢

  7. i don't get how people can eat bread without toasting it first. without toasting, most bread feels like rubber.

  8. So this gadget doesn't work on butter straight from the fridge? Hmmm, not quite what I need. Thanks for the video.

  9. This made me hungry so I went shopping and bought bread and butter, came home, made lunch, ate it, felt sleepy and had a nap. Still got up in time to see him actually test the product.

  10. A butter knife would be only marginally slower when you take all the softening/ Filling in to account, And would do a much tidier job. I really dont fancy a sandwich with the sides coated in a thick layer of butter.

  11. This would be useful for a disabled person. I feel like people forget that these gadgets aren’t always designed for abled people.

  12. If you're in a school cafeteria setting, you could have 2, one with PB, other with J, and you could smack out sandwiches like no one's business.

  13. If the butter is spreadable, you don't really need a gadget to spread it. I see this would only be useful when buttering speed is essential. So if you are a worker on a sandwitch assembly line and that is about it. The whole thing could have easily been made of plastic for a fraction of the cost and same effectiveness.

  14. Pointless. Butter that's already room temp in a butter dish takes no time at all to spread plus it doesn't make a mess.

  15. £70 for something somebody with a GNVQ in fabrication made ?!!!! If it was made out of plastic it’d be in B&M for £4.99

  16. Omg how lazy is this invention simply using a knife is too hard well he just mentioned as I was writing this that it's good for a business lol I guess I stand corrected 😅

  17. If you want a truly horrendous pun for the kitchen gadgets eps:
    "This is the show that puts the 'Kitsch' in Kitchen Gadgets!"

  18. I remember that chocolate spread it was gorgeous it’s to bad that they don’t do it anymore. They only did it for about a year or two 😢😭

  19. Cool,See if they will modify that for you.A SS Plate that's adjustable .Maybe able to close it up to do Mustard Ketchup? Great video.73s

  20. Utterly useless. Like most of these kitchen gadgets it would be much more efficient to just use a knife.
    I'm almost tempted to start my own channel to show people how much easier it it to just use a knife or a spoon, instead of one hundred individual borderline hindrance tools.

  21. I´m really freaking curious. Why do people buy all those Butter-spread-Gadgets? I just cut off a bit from the block and melt it with a Creme Brûlee Torch.

  22. I'm disturbed by the amount of butter, because when I watch food I imagine eating it and now my body is rejecting the idea.

  23. Yes but it takes longer to put it in the contraption and all that but if you have a business. I wonder how long it takes to butter 16 slices the normal way.

  24. I’d like to have seen this product but gave up after the first five minutes of garbage. Pity. He loves himself too much.

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