Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my
virgin kitchen I am joined by my mother today. Hello Mum, hello!
That is how my mum says hi if you ever see her in the street say hi!
If there is one person in the World I could point out who cries loads at chopping onions
it would be my mother I do, very true. There are lots of different tips to stop crying
chopping onions. Apparently using a sharp knife helps and not a blunt one or sticking
your tongue out. Oh I know one, you are supposed to put a teaspoon
in your mouth and just hold it there. That could be interesting doing them all at the
same time. Ok so online I have found some onion goggles
made by a company called RSVP ok which we will be if we do not want them and send them
back. Tear free chopping, dicing, mincing and slicing
which sounds like moves my mum used to make in nightclubs back in the day. Apart from
the mincing, oh yeah no mincing. So these are basically goggles foam seal prevents
eyes from onion vapours, anti fog lenses because you need anti fog lenses when chopping onions
right. Unisex design fits most face shapes and they do not fit over glasses.
If you have glasses take them off put your contacts in. Storage case keeps your goggles
clean. So they are in this case and look very attractive
indeed, they look as if they have a seal around them right. They looks like cheap nasty oakleys
and yes there is a foam seal. Which I would imagine seals to your eyes so
when you slice, dice, mince it helps you out. So give them a try mum, give them a try.
Looking like a million dollars, are they flush? Because I can see a gap. I can see a gap in
between the nose of my mother. Maybe one size does not fit all.
Ok so I am just opening the onions and my mum is all goggled up looking like someone
out of star trek or something. Lets see if these onion goggles work. Excited? Yes.
My mum has a good onion chopping technique. She has started already and I can smell the
onions scent in the kitchen. Look at that, watch these fingers I am going to step over
hear because I can feel my eyes going, do you think they are working mum?
I can smell it, but not getting emotional there is no Celine Dion going on. It is weird
because I can smell it going up my nose it is not effecting me at all, no side effects!
She has a knife in her hand I need to step away. That is really good, you need to get
some. We have more onions to chop up. It is working, I will tell you it is working.
It is working for you I thought it was whoever sliced the onion was the one who got the vapours
but for me I am watching titanic right now. I can see you are starting to get emotional
are you. So cut up the rest of your onions and see if it is a thumbs up or down.
I am trying to play a prank on my mum then by taking the goggles off to see if I can
de mist the anti fog lenses is that even possible?! But they are working. They are working! Mum
is loving them the onion scent is coming this way I feel like on of my eyes wants to cry
right now like this but do you have anything else to say about these onion goggles then
mum. They look like onion goggles and could be more designer ones obviously but yeah.
Make your own design with them. Diamonds would be good make it to suit you and your taste
every girl needs one. Yes in a bag with your lipstick and mirror,
oh I must get my onion goggles girls lets go party alright.
But for anyone that is effected this is your answer.
If you try out any of those quirky methods mentioned at the start and they work for you
let me know down below. I will be very interested, do you stick your tongue out for example.
We need to know your tips about when you slice an onion or just get yourself a pair of those,
let us know! Ladies and gents we may have failed the goggles
we were just finishing up and mum is getting a bit emotional. Alright? Yeah I am ok but
my eyes are beginning to sting slightly there is a gap between your nose, yeah it is wofting
up through. So yes it is going up through that gap folks,
any how try them out for yourself and I will see you again next time. I need a tissue!


  1. I keep a pair of swimming goggles in my bits and bobs drawer, specifically for chopping onions. A trick I learned from my dad that I never go without! Obviously they're made to stop water getting in, so they do a fantastic job of keeping out onion vapor 👌

  2. The saddest part about cutting an onion, is some misguided persons going to eat an onion. Worst things ever, especially the heap of raw onions that destroy any flavor from a burger.

  3. I know I've dug this video from the archives, but I just wanted to share my solution. I've found that cooling them in the fridge for a couple hours works wonders. Then be sure your knife is sharp and cuts cleanly instead of tearing. Lastly, if you keep your head back and not over the onion, your cutting experience should be tear-free.

  4. when people said they cried from chopping onions, they were lying to me. My eyeballs tear up from onion cuz they feel like they're BURNING!!!

  5. Honestly there is no "trick" needed. I have no issues with onions, apart from a bit of a kick even biting into an onion like a nice juicy granny smith apple onion juice doesn't really effect me… I mean sure I am also that kid who during elementary school would bring a jar of Jalapenos for snack, and now a days I'll eat an entire jar of habanero salsa like a soup and use Ghost Chile salsa for my dips so kind of have a high tolerance for spices near my eyes.

  6. When I worked at Hardee's in my youth, my job was to "set up the board" for lunch, which included peeling and chopping onions. I thought that if I wore my glasses, the onions wouldn't make my eyes water. I mean, "E" for effort, but I forgot there were gaps on where the glasses didn't wrap around my head like these goggles.

  7. any goggles that seal your eyes will work.., cause onion vapours combined with tears makes sulfur acid which make you cry

  8. I find keeping the onions cold helps keep the vapors down. I will often put my onions in the fridge in the morning when I know I will be cooking them in the evening, or I will even stick them in the freezer for a few minutes and it keeps me tear free.

  9. After working at Subway and chopping mountains of onions I am no longer sensitive, I could probably rub my eyes with onions with no effect.

  10. When i cut onions i out in my color lenses in and it helps as well!
    Just be sure to put them in BEFORE starting!!
    Onion fingers in your eyes are no fun..

  11. Why onions make you cry: According to the famous and notable culinary know-it-all Alton Brown, the onion releases sulfuric compounds when cut as a defense mechanism. These compounds go into the air and combine with your tears to make a weak solution of sulfuric acid. While not strong enough to do any real damage, the acid does cause considerable discomfort. So the glasses are a good, good idea.

  12. I NEVER gotten onion in my eyes.. My grandmother always told me to never ever cut them without a fan or exhaust fan. I simply cut them on the stove with a cutting board of course. Turn on the exhaust fan and don't put your face over them and it's all good..

  13. I never cry when I cut onions, but for those who do I've heard putting an unused match in your mouth is scientifically proven to absorb & deactivate the vapors.

  14. I work in a lab environment and I nabbed some of the throw away one use goggles to take home and use for onion cutting. Works a charm!

  15. Have I already posted a comment on this video? If so, please forgive! The best tricks I ever learned about chopping onions is to refrigerate them, have a very sharp knife, and keep your face from directly above the onions. Works like a charm

  16. My dear, there is oil in onions and that is what gets in your eyes. The onion oil makes you cry. Your mom is very cute. Have her on again

  17. I heard that since onions have a high sulfur content compared to other vegetables, some of that is aerosolized when you chop an onion and when the sulfur compounds mix with the water in your tears (which are what you lubricate your eyes with when you blink), it creates a low-concentration sulfuric acid. No idea how accurate that is, but it would explain why it burns like hell.

    I once chopped an onion that was so bad that I actually had to rinse my eyes out in the sink.

  18. If you peel the outer skin off and leave them in a bowl of water in the fridge for a few hours, it works to keep you from crying as well!

  19. I once worked at a Fast Food joint where I had to cut a lot of red onions. I thought goggles would help by not making my eyes burn. They worked for about 5 minutes until I became incredibly nauseous from the fumes. I guess the burning sensation made me take breaks and breathe clean air.

  20. What is this shirt!? I can’t figure out where it’s coming from, and so far as I can tell Barry’s secretly repping scientologyilluminati. “London calling” is fro the clash, but none of the official merch looks anything like that. But the words on it are so weirdly “all is well” IDK what to think.

  21. onions when cut spay of an acid witch cause you eys to cry when you cut them .p.s. youre mum looks to young to be a mumand she sounds like mrs barry

  22. Just breathe through your mouth all the time until you've put the onions into whatever you're cooking them in and washed your hands, you'll never have stinging eyes again…it's also handy if anyone passes wind!

  23. Aside from the goggles, a very sharp knife is the only way to curb onion tears. The sulfur dioxide in the onion combines with the water in your eyes which creates sulfuric acid, that's what causes the tears. SO2+H2O=H2SO4.

  24. Ok, I can't be the only one who's noticed that his Mum sounds and has the same mannerisms EXACTLY like Mrs. Barry….just sayin'…….

  25. Chewing on chewing gum works for me. However, I did buy onion glasses that look like glasses that Dame Edna would wear. They do work, just don’t take the glasses off. That is why she started tearing.

  26. i sing because it's breathing through your nose which draws it to your eyes so i sing loud and proud to keep me breathing through my mouth which is also why people say chew gum or to bite on something

  27. Stand up straight. Don't lean over the onion. Stops the vapours from entering your nose, eyes, mouth and then you don't cry. I've never cried over an onion since standing up straight 🙂

  28. I’ve had the tip “don’t breathe through your nose” and I thought it was nonsense until I tried it. It works like a charm.

  29. Your mum is beautiful! And seriously only looks ten years older than you!!
    Re: onions. After years of chopping onions (i must have chopped literally 1000s) I've never been able to get used to the fumes. The only difference is that when I've got my contact lenses on, my eyes handle it noticeably better. quite a lot less irritation.

  30. A sharp knife and refrigerated onions. The colder the onion the less juice and fumes it releases. put the onion int he freezer for half an hour to cool it down or just refrigerate it when you bring them home they will last longer. This has worked for me to over 20 years. If in doubt just freeze the onion. But you need a very sharp knife . Also hone your blade before every use and it will stay sharp for ever. No gadget will replace knowledge and proper care of your tools.

  31. Im telling you, chewing on a piece of gum as you breathe thru your mouth works perfectly for me every time i have to chop onions. The gum will then take on the taste of onions and youre gonna want to spit it out when your done, but it saved my life when i worked at Subway and had to cut like 20 onions in one go.

  32. the real trick is to use a thin extremely sharp knife, it doesnt crush the capilaries in the onion it cuts through them. think of using a thick or dull knife like popping bubblewrap except it releases onion mist. a thin tempered steel knife is the best. since i got a decent sharpener and a honing steel i havent had any issues chopping onions, if it starts to sting a little its time to hone or sharpen your knife. before that cutting onions with a dull knife was hell, imagine it being so bad your eyes literaly roll themselves back in your head and you get dizzy from it.

  33. This came up together with the one last day of July 2019. I can see time has gone. Fun. Onion is always emotional.:)

  34. BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastics are often used in containers that store food and beverages, such as water bottles.

  35. 2:53 No, Barry, actually it's not the onion vapours getting up your nose that makes you cry. To simplify: When you cut an onion, the vapours react with the water on the surface of your eyeball to create dilute sulphuric acid. Which is obviously extremely irritating!

  36. I have glasses so these wouldn't work for me but what I do is I got a pair of old chemistry goggles, put those on over my glasses and it works fantastic.

  37. My mom says her contacts prevent her from crying while chopping onions ^^ i just breathe through my mouth, that helps

  38. I still wouldn't put on your contacts for the goggles. Cause on the off chance it's not an tight seal or can hurt your eyes. And potentially damage

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