Kitchen Hack Testing #8

Kitchen Hack Testing #8

(upbeat music) (male pug grumbles)
(female pug whines) (dog barks)
(toenails clatter) (pug whines) – Okay, now you’re nearly taller than me. Intro the v, Mrs. B. – Welcome to Food Hacks, with– (laughs) Me and him! – Yes, welcome.
– Sorry. – Don’t be sorry; be proud. Breathe in … (breathes) And let it out! Go, tell them, tell them! – Hello everyone welcome
to Food Hacks! (laughing) (hands clap) – Hey everyone, welcome
to “Kitchen Hacks 8.” – Oh yeah, “Kitchen Hacks,”
not “Food Hacks,” sorry. – It’s fine, they’re kind of the same. This is “kitchen”; there are
some “kitchen” ones today. If you’ve missed any
others on the playlist, there’s a link up here and down below, just click it and you
can have a Barr-athon. A Mrs. Barrathon; a
Mr. and Mrs. Barrathon. – Is it really eight that we’ve done? – Yeah, we’ve done eight of these. – Wow. – Mrs. Barry has adventured through the world of hacks with us. She’s ironed a panini … – [Becky] Tried to peel a mango! That was funny. – We’re not the best,
but we’re just trying. I think that’s a good summary of our life. – We’re trying!
– We’re just trying. – We’re trying to get
by life, hopeful life. – Yeah, so hopefully we can do it, and then see if it’s worthwhile. There’s been some useful ones,
like the garlic shaky one on the last video was pretty good. – You liked that one didn’t you? – Yeah. Okay Mrs. B., our first
hack: tell them about it! – So we’re going to make iced coffee. – [Barry] “Iced coffee” …
– That’s right? – [Barry] I hear you say?
– Iced coffee. – But how are we going to do iced coffee? What is this hack? – So, you bought this
ice-cube stick tray … – I did, that was actually
for a gadget video; that’s that thing where you make ice cubes and they’re stick shapes, and then you stick them in a water
bottle to make your water– – A thin top; I think
that’s a really clever idea. – It is cool. – I never even thought of that before. – I was going to do clear french fries; I’m still working on that,
so if I can pull it off, that’s why we’ve got the mould out, right? – I was just thinking
about the potato starch … – I tried making clear french fries; I did an experiment over the weekend. We lost the potato starch so
I used corn flour instead, and as you’ll see on my personal Twitter, those of you that follow me on there, they made some quite naughty-looking
chips. (Becky snickers) So back to the drawing board on that one. Anyhow … – This is quite cool; look,
I just put the lid on. So that’s really cool when
you put it in the freezer, you don’t have to worry about
it, like, wobbling everywhere. – Ah yeah, I didn’t think about that. I said, “Why is there a lid with it?” That’s very cool. (ring clacks on lid) – Like that time, do you remember,
when you made ice lollies with Phoebe when she was little? – Yeah, I think I actually
did swear, looking back. – I think you did; poor
Phoebe, she was only two. – And then Phoebe goes, “Shock!” Or something like that …
– Yeah! (laughs) – Because I said the
s-word, then she says, “Shock,” like that! This recipe was supposed to be the easiest one I’ve
ever done, ice lollies. But as you’ll see by this … What I’m going to do now is
plonk them in the freezer. Make sure that’s sat up right, like this. Ooh, it’s got a teeny bit of juice there. (knocking on wood) (juice splashes) – [Announcer] A liquid explosion … – [Barry] Ah, sugar. (microphone rumbles) – [Phoebe] Shock! No, give me! – I edited it really badly,
so a little confession there. Because I was like, “No I
didn’t swear; (Becky laughs) “I wouldn’t swear in
front of a two-year-old.” (microphone rumbles)
– [Phoebe] Shock! – Anyhow ..
– Great. – So yes, this is some cold
coffee that I made earlier, so we want to get this going whilst we do the rest of this video. – This is a big jug
going in a little hole; I’m a bit worried. What? (laughing) – This is a family friendly channel! – What, it’s a big jug … – It’s a big, big jugs … It’s a big jug Becky. (laughing) – It’s a big spout and
I got to pour it into– – Oh my gosh stop with the
innuendoes; you’re as bad as me! Like, dad jokes. – I’m not saying innuendos! – All right we’re going in,
we’re going in, let’s do this. – [Becky] Oh gosh, I’m
not in the mood for this. – It’s really weird; I don’t
know if anyone knows this, why does silicon get these
really weird grey patches? Tempering video, that
silicon mould I used there was like really squeaky clean. And I haven’t put the video up yet, but it will be up by
the time I put this up, and I know people will be saying, “Oh it’s so dirty!”
– Oh no. – But it just gets this like,
white marks on it like that. – [Becky] Watch your head. – [Barry] Yeah, don’t
put coffee on me head. Beautiful. – [Becky] It’s lots easier
if I do it that way; why didn’t I do that? – So what we’re doing is
effectively making coffee sticks; we’re going to freeze them and have them right at the end of this video. That is a face of happiness. – Yah, oh, isn’t it. – [Barry] All Good?
– [Becky] Yep. – So that’s going in our freezer. Right, boy? He’s wondering what the heck’s going on. You were just saying maybe we
should put it outside, right? – Yeah, with it being a big, beastly … – [Barry] It’s cold outside. – Freeze or whatever it is. – The Beast from the East is some weather that’s coming over and making
England “cold for a bit.” It’s like the whole of
England’s freaking out. No, it’s like a zombie film; everyone’s going to the
supermarket. (cackles) It’s fine! Ready, catch the mug. – I’m not catching the mug. – All right. – Oh my god, no! – That’s what I do, I
catch the mug like that. (Becky shrieks) – Did you hear my voice? (laughing) – What the hell was that noise? – I just got really frightened that you were going to break … – I go like that. (Becky shrieks) I go like that. (Becky shrieks) I go like that. (Becky shrieks) (Becky grumbles in slow motion) – I’m– – Right (ring clicks), this next hack, see, that’s what you’ve got to do, that’s how we do it here, right? – Okay. (laughing) – Or actually we could do it old school, like pretending you’re on set
on your own, are you ready? – No, don’t throw it to me! – [Barry] No I’m not
going to throw it, look. – So this next hack– (gasps and laughs) (Barry titters) You need a My Virgin Kitchen mug. No other mug will do the job. – They’re not even available;
I just got a few made up. I do need to get a Virgin
Kitchen mug don’t I? – Yeah. – I’ll get our cartoon
family on it or something. Bluntish knife; this is
quite a blunt knife, see? (blade scratches) – How can you tell by doing
that, that it’s blunt? – You can feel the sharpness. – Your finger’s not–
– Bash! (laughs) No, it’s fine, see? – Do you know what, I’m not
going to like this hack. – No it is going to be
nails down the blackboard. – That sound. (groans) – This next hack, apparently,
you can sharpen a knife on the bottom of a mug. – Okay. – Instead of doing the
sound it’s going to do, you might get the reactions of Mrs. Barry, but I’m going to put some
non-copyright music over the top. (light whimsical music) (Becky squeals) Oh I tell you what, that
has worked, you can feel … Let’s slice something. (growls) – Ruined the mug or the pen, paint. – P-p-p-p. – P-p-p-p. Well the p-p-p-paint’s come off. Do you think it affects– – Honestly, that is nice and sharp now. – This might sound a
really silly question. If you get all the paint off, is that not going to affect … – Is it going to affect
the storage of the fluid, is that what you’re saying? (laughs) Are you saying if I hang, I’m not like trying to escape Alcatraz;
I’m not doing all that stuff! – I just found a very
wonky looking carrot. Did you sharpen it? – I’m going to let Mrs. Barry test this; I’m going to stand in the
back like Homer and judge it. You tell everyone what you’re thinking. – Look, even by going like
that it’s cutting it through. (knife chopping) Oh, we should’ve tried it before. – Oh no, I knew it was blunt. – That is sharp. – Because I used it the
other day in a video; I was like, “That is blunt.” – This is sharp, look at that! – That’s good, is it? – Very good. (chops) – Wow, that is awesome. All right, save that bit,
let’s see if we can find another blunt one. (blade snaps loudly) Okay, before sharpening. (sped up keyboard music) (blade chops) – Wow! – That’s amazing!
– It works. – I would never have thought, would you? – No. – I’d never have thought to have like, used a knife to sharpen a mug. – Think about what you
just said. (Barry guffaws) Been hanging around with me too much. – Now, for this next hack, Mrs. Barry is going to need the iron again. For those of you that haven’t seen the picture I’ve been
putting on social media, based on one of our last hack videos. Let’s just try and get it right, ay? – (Becky coughs) That was you though, not telling me the right way to do it. – What, I didn’t tell you
to wrap the iron in foil? The whole iron. (Becky laughs) Mrs. Barry’s going to chuck
me the foil off camera. (foil rattles)
(laughing) I didn’t catch that;
it’s such a girl throw. You throw like a girl. (Becky laughs) (foil slams on floor) But it was dangerous; I’ll give you that. Go on! (Barry cries out)
(Becky laughs) (laughing) Just to annoy people we’ll have him like
that, for another video. This next video, pfft! This next– – My throwing in not good enough? – (sighs) That’s so weird,
someone just walking through and that Homer just … Hello, how’s it going?
– Like that? – Yep, in you come, mate. (laughs) It’s fine, we weren’t in
the middle of anything. I mean you’re supposed to look like you’re not going to know it’s
there and you’re casual, okay? – Okay. (laughing) – It’s going to come down, all right? Ready? (box thuds) – Ah!
– Yes! A food hack in itself is just making your own homemade popcorn with kernels. Just do it, because everyone
buys the ready-made stuff. Just buy a bag for like 99p,
and you’ll make, it’s amazing, from one kernel you get like
eight pieces of popcorn. So we’ve got some popcorn
here. (bag crackles) All right, this bag
here will give you like, it’ll fill this whole room,
once popped, with popcorn. Is that a little scratch? – Right, now before I
wrap the iron in foil, can you please tell me– – You’re not wrapping the
iron in foil, Beck! (laughs) Don’t wrap the iron in foil! (bag thuds) – This is an open bag of
popcorn kernels. (laughing) “Kernels,” is that what they’re called? Of course.
– Snap to attention, dammit! – I always use the reseal thing,
that you get with the bag, but it never works; it
always loses its stickiness so we’re going to do a hack
where you wrap foil around it and then iron it so
that it keeps it sealed. – Yeah, because these
things go everywhere. All you do, you create like a
little seal– (foil crackles) No, no, no, no, no! – What? What? – We need to talk a minute. You stay there; you stay there. And keep away from the foil and the iron. All you do is you get a
little strip of the foil, and you put it over the packet; you don’t wrap the whole
bag of popcorn in foil. – I said I was sorry! (laughing) You don’t tell me these
things, all you say– – It’s a surprise but I wouldn’t
think it was that crazy! Oh my gosh. – Because then you’re keeping
the whole thing sealed. – Jesus! – What’s wrong with doing
that? (foil crackles) And it makes like a vacuum there. – You’ve made yourself a foil handbag. No.
– Oh. Are we just going to go like that, right? – Yeah, and iron that, iron that. – But then aren’t we going
to need to iron the sides, because all the air’s coming out. – No, it’s going to– (slaps hands) (foil crackling) – Now, just so you know, this iron gets really, really hot, okay? – Thanks, but it’s a lot cooler
if you wrap it in tinfoil. (tittering) Some idiot put a hot pan
down on it, I can’t … – Can’t imagine who that would be. – Can’t, no. The suspense is killing me. This whole video’s killing me. What heat have you gone for there Mrs. B.? – Cottons. – Cotton; we’re going for cotton everyone. I assume we’re going to do
both sides; we’ll turn it over. We’ll do it a couple of times. It’s kind of like when you
used to melt crisp packets when you were a kid; did you
ever do that, as a keyring? – No. It’s a bit quicker just to
put it in a resealable bag. – Yeah it is actually. (laughs) Oh wow, that is looking really
flat, though, to be fair, compared to what it was. And actually just leave it like that. Can you iron, can you help me here? – All right, okay then … – Yes Mrs. B. we do take the foil off. – Now I thought I was just– (sighs) (Barry gasps) (Barry gasps) – Oh my gosh; it’s worked! – It’s actually worked.
– It’s worked. Right, how we test it is just– – Oh yeah, look. (Barry laughs) We’ve got a bit of corn stuck. – Right, look, but try
and tip it upside down. (packet crackles) No kernels. – That’s really clever. Ooh! (laughs) So grab yourself a cookbook … – Wow. – One of these cookbooks
will work perfectly with it; no other cookbook will
work with this hack, right? – No, not at all.
– Not at all, only this one. – Available on Amazon worldwide with an absolute bonus gorgeous
man on the front cover. I don’t know who he is, but … – No … – His wife’s a lucky lady.
– She’s a very lucky lady. – Oh thanks mate. – So we’re going to put
foil on the front cover to apparently jazz up the book. I don’t know if it’s going to go silvery, or a bit shiny, a bit sparkly. – We don’t know. Okay. – One piece, two pieces. – If this does work, I’m going
to jazz up every book I own. – Oh gosh. – Although like we said,
it only works on this book, available worldwide, ding! – Parchment paper. (crackling) – Yeah, ooh!
– Oh no. We just iron … – Ironing my book! And the foil is shiny side up, right? – Yeah; I hope this works. – The person that sent this
hack in didn’t actually tell us how long we have to do
this for, so thank you. If not, we can– (gasps) Ooh, it’s all like … (paper crackles) It’s not worked. That didn’t work! (laughs) – I just burnt your book. – Let’s try it shiny side
down. (paper crackles) If you’re enjoying this exclusive footage, then subscribe to Mrs.
Barry’s Ironing Channel today. Oh! (paper crackles) – Oh, the smell!
– That does stink! But it seems potentially more positive. It stuck foil to your book– (gasps) Gee whiz! I don’t think you’re meant to do it on a cover that’s been lamina– This has been laminated;
that’s probably why. – We’re trying again with my
other book, but I don’t know; it might need to be a specific
foil, like a craft foil, which then is out of
the kitchen, isn’t it? It’s very weird to see
Mrs. Barry ironing my face. – Yeah. (laughing) – Oh my gosh, in other news, it’s snowing. – Where? – Outside, what do you mean, “Where?” In the cupboard it’s snowing! (laughing) – I don’t know why I said that! “Where?” Oh the kids will love it; they’ll be on break time at school. Oh wow, here comes the snow! – [Barry] See, actual … This is how snowy it
gets in England, folks. ♪ Do you want to build a snowman ♪ ♪ Or iron books for the internet ♪ – Wait, if it keeps snowing, we’ll get a text from the school: “Please come and pick your children up.” – [Barry] “No, we’re parents
having fun right now; “we can’t pick up our kids, sorry. “Sorry, we’re ironing book covers.” Should we try it? (paper crackling) Yeah, it’s got like a
weird juice on my cover. I think it’s burnt it. – I think I have burnt it. (foil crackles) Yeah look, it’s burnt the book! – Oh, it’s given it like, blisters, ah! – Careful it’s hot. – Woo! We might not do that one ever
again, but if you do think there’s something we
should be doing with that, let us know below. – Don’t try that one at home, though. – All right, news flash, the
snow has stopped already. Yeah, English snow! This next one is a bit weird, but useful. – Ugh! (shuddering) – So this is a fish: “Hello
Mrs. Barry, how are we doing? “Let me give you a kiss kiss.” (smooches) It smells like a fish. Mrs. Barry has just
brought in the toothpaste. – It stinks. – “Hello!”
– Ooh! – So, this is a fish, all right? – Uh huh ha! (groaning) Oh, your hands are going to stink. This isn’t going to work, surely. – The hack is, as you can see with Mrs. Barry having toothpaste … (sniffs) Oh I smell great. – Yech, right. Ready? – There’s a time and a
place to fillet your kitchen with fish smells. – You cod not be any funnier! (laughs) – Stinking, right. The hack is, you put
toothpaste on your hand and it should rid you of– Oh god! – Is that a bit too much? – I don’t know, that was just the most, I wasn’t expecting that colour. I thought it was going to be white. – Yeah I know (laughs); I did too. Go on, rub it in. And then what? – Well then I guess, I don’t know. – Wash it? – Wash it off. (hands slathering) Bleh! – Maybe you should put
the fish back in the bag before you do your hands. – Oh yeah. (laughing) – No!
– No. We’re going to eat that; we’ll
have a nice dinner with that. I smell like a dentist. – Minty fresh! – Mmm, I’m going to go wash it off; I wonder if it will foam up. – I’ll get you a towel. (water running) So, the toothpaste is
just acting like a soap. – Should I have just used soap? (doorbell rings)
(pugs bark) – Doorbell. – Yeah don’t worry; we’re
a perfectly normal house! – We’re trying to pack things
away and you keep ordering big things to find space for. – I tell you what, that’s worked a charm. – Has it? – Yeah, have a smell of that. – Other side.
– The other side! – Oh yeah.
– That’s good. So I think you could get
like whitening toothpaste and do that and then you could suddenly become like a
mime artist for free; it might whiten your hands up, huh? – Yeah sorry, you’ve done quite well; pulling a funny face, like … (laughing) Like odd faces, yeah. – This is one of the best
coolest gadget things– – Oh, it’s all like, a bit
of it’s sharp bits, oh! – This is a frying pan
that cooks breakfast. You get your beans and
your sausage and your bacon all in different compartments, ooh! Two more hacks involving drinks: cider, and the rose, which is
going to get dangerous. We’re going to recreate a
newspaper by slicing this in half, and we both fold it in,
and then we should be able to hook off the caps. – I can still smell fish. (sniffs) – These are our bodged newspapers, so you could use a newspaper or say, paper that we’ve just folded up. Now I’m going to fold mine over … – You’re doing it. – And over again. So I’ve got like quite a strong point. – Has it got to make, like a sharp corner? – Yeah, basically. I mean it’s a lot; you can see there’s quite a bit of weight in that now. We should be able to just
pop the lid off; ready? – There’s not enough … (Barry groans) Oh my god! (gasping) Watch your fingers.
– Oh do we– – Ooh, crickey! – Oh, watch your finger. – Oh god, you could nearly nick
your finger off doing that. I’m going to bend it now; I’m
going to get some … (groans) – I’m worried you’re
going hit me in the face! (Barry huffs) (Barry gasps) (Barry groans) (Barry whines) – I’m trying so hard! This is where she just flips hers off, all right, like “Yeah, ching!” (laughing) – Easy as that! I give up. (gasps) I say I give up, I scrape
all the skin off my finger! – Mrs. Barry has injured
herself in battle. (groans) – Nurse, I’m bleeding! – Are you really? – Yeah. – Don’t do this one. (opener rattles) I’m so
tired my arm’s now … (cap rattles)
(Barry exhales) Ahh. – Oh my gosh, what have you done? It’s fizzing everywhere. That hack don’t do it,
because it’s rubbish and also Mrs. B’s like
scuffed her finger, all right? – It’s taken a proper chunk. I’m going to go put a plaster on it. – She now needs to like, get
her fingerprints rechecked. So now that I’ve eased that
lid off with the opener, I’m going to just try it again. (cap rattles) Every time. Don’t try it. I’ve got it to work! – Due to that hack, Mrs.
Barry now looks like Nelly. She’s got plasters on her. (Becky laughs) Well he had a plaster on his face, but didn’t he have some
on his fingers as well? – Yeah, he put like one across his– – Go and put on on your face, amazing. ♪ If you want to go and
take a ride with me ♪ ♪ We’re flipping caps with a
paper and a nana nee na na ♪ – What are you going
to do to the bottle of, a nice bottle of rose? You’re not going to waste it are you? I’m a bit worried about this; you’re putting a nice
bottle of rose into a tray. And now you’ve got a sharp knife. What are you doing! Oh my god, oh my goodness! – Don’t worry darling;
it’s all under control. – I can’t watch you do this. – You don’t know what I’m doing yet. – Are you going to open it with a knife? – I’m not going to open it with a knife, no I’m not going to do that! (laughing) Let’s see how sharp this knife really is! Whoa! – I was thinking that you were
going to do that! (laughing) – Like David Copperfield, who ever it is, like, some samurai. It is, however, equally dangerous. So– – What is that; why have you got that out? – It’s a chef’s blowtorch. What we’re going to do, you
heat the neck of a wine bottle and over time, we’ve got to rotate it, and it should lift the
cork out of the bottle. – I think using a knife
sounded like a safer option. (starter snaps)
(torch hisses) Oh, I, I need to stand back. It’s glass though! – You have to aim sort
of underneath the cork. It takes about a minute or so. – Oh I can’t look, honestly. Are you sure about this? Why can’t you do these
ones when I’m not here? – I don’t know. (starter clicks) I think I’ve run out of gas. – The flame’s getting smaller! (laughs) – I’m running out of gas, no! Oh no no, look: here it comes! – Oh it’s coming off! – No no no, look! (Becky gasps) Here you go. You see, it’s rising …
– Oh my gosh! – It’s actually rising, look. Here it goes; I think it’s going to go. – Is it going to go … – I don’t know. – Is it going, it is, look …
– Look, here we go! I’m really scared. – And me; I’m scared it’s go “pop.” – Ah, lo-lo-look! (ululates)
– Oh wow, oooh! (cork pops) (laughing) – Ta-da!
– Yay! (clapping) – And Mrs. Barry’s rose is still intact. I’m relieved one, because it worked; two, because the drink didn’t go anywhere, Mrs. Barry’s happy, she’s got a rose; and three, this literally
just ran out of gas. – You are so lucky. – And I’ve used it in a lot of videos. – Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that worked, and the bottle didn’t smash. (gasps) (laughing) Do we wrap it in foil now? – And iron it. – When does the hack start? (laughing) Hey that was a good one. – Well done. (slowed down groaning) (cork pops) So how come he manages to do a hack with fire and a blowtorch
and not get injured, and I do one with paper and I get these all over my fingers? – All right, we just got
this out of the freezer, but if you have enjoyed this hacks video there’s so many more we
could’ve crammed into this but we’ll stagger them over the playlist. Don’t forget to check out the rest of it and subscribe for other
videos, right Mrs. B.? – Yes; I’m excited to try this one though. – Yeah. – See if these coffee sticks worked. – Bear in mind this has
only been in the freezer the whole time we’ve done this
video, which is two hours? – About an hour. – Really an hour? – A bit slushy still. But we could still put them in, and it would be iced coffee. – Scoop it in. – Great, for a lovely
cold, snowy day like today! – Yeah, in fact I probably will put these back in the freezer and put some more in the blog behind the scenes
of what we think there. – I think you need to
add more than one though. – More than one? – Yeah, because it’s quite milky. – Oh, you don’t normally
add this much milk … – It’s quite milky! (laughing) – To coffee! – Someone needs to do
like a montage of these. – No, no, no you don’t;
it’s fine, it’s fine. – I would love it; I’ll
send you something. – It’s fine; you don’t normally have a mug with this much … Coffee milkshake. (spoon rattling) – Coff-shake. Just trying to do puns;
what have I done to you? You haven’t … Why are you drinking it like soup? – Mmm. – Nice or not? – It’s just like milk. No, it needs another; you
can’t taste the coffee. – Does it need another; there you go. Ah, a pellet, ooh!
– Ooh. – A little side thing, why do
you go and buy bottled water in a restaurant, really expensive stuff, and then they go “Do you want ice in it?” And that’s just ice that
they’ve made using their tap. – You said that to me earlier today and it took me ages to figure
out what you were saying. – I’m giving you life hacks guys. I’m going to go put this
back in the freezer. – I’ll keep stirring. Look at the colour there; it’s
not a normal coffee colour. – It’s like soft creme. – I think you tried about five. It’s nice though. – That is nice. – It is good; I like it. – It’s like one of those
expensive milky coffee drinks you buy in the chilled
section in the supermarket. – Hmm, oh yeah. – Yeah I reckon another cube
in there and that’d be nice. – Me too. – That’s quite a nice hack to finish on. – Yeah. – After all the drama, the tension. – And it has been quite a dramatic one, sharpening knives, getting
your blowtorch out. Getting injured. – And then we did a video, yay! – Yay! – All right guys, thanks for watching. Mrs. B., as always, it’s
been a pleasure. (slaps hand) – Ow, my cuts! (laughing) – Goodbye guys. – Be careful; bye! (laughing) – That’s a bonus of us
making the film now. (laughing) We’re such idiots.

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