100 thoughts on “Kitchen Knife Set ◄ Black Friday Kitchen Knives Set REVIEW Deals

  1. Thanks for doing all the leg work for us. You provide a terrific service,. especially during the holidays. Looking g for a small riding mower.

  2. Like the Chef!!!! I wanted to thank you 😊 for inspiring me to edit again. Have a long story of why I stopped for a bit but with a little help I was able to at least post the Super 🌙!!!! You or the viewers can see it on my channel at https://youtu.be/_WFMjFfAP3Y I wish you the best!! Thank you triple time and keep up the great work! 🤗 Heart ya'll!

  3. Just discover this channel a little while ago! Thanks for informing us on all these deals. I would love to pick this up for my mom this Christmas !

  4. Awesome deal! Thanks, we've been needing new knives, I'll be sure to check it out!

    Since you asked I would love to see some deals on video games? Thanks again!

  5. OK, let me see, Edward Scissorhands, AND NOW Matthew Knifefingers???
    Dominique, you are One Brave young woman!  Great Deal you guys!

  6. Matt, I love how you manage to find CUT prices on amazing products. Question do your interns have insurance? Your a bit wild at times with flying and sharp objects haha.

  7. Thanks for another great deal Matt. Not sure on your giveaway dance skills with knives. Dominque's look @3:40 tho…

  8. I would love to see you test an affordable blender that will blend all fruits and vegetables without leaving anything behind. Vitamix is extremely expensive. Do you have such an item under $100.00?

  9. Fun video! But where and when do I get this deal? Did I miss something in the video or am I just slow?
    Mama needs a new set of knives!

  10. Maestro, I like my eggs over easy with rye toast. Any way you slice it Chef Binks did an awesome job endorsing this product. Well, gotta go…need to catch up. I'm running about a week behind on your videos. Ciao!

  11. Thanks Matt, my family and I really appreciate all your deals.  I tell everyone about your channel,  I am going to purchase this set

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