KOREAN BBQ and STREET FOOD at Haeundae Traditional Market in Busan South Korea

KOREAN BBQ and STREET FOOD at Haeundae Traditional Market in Busan South Korea

Hey guys It’s my last full day here in Korea and the food adventure the eating it will continue right here at the Haeundae traditional market in Busan and It smells fantastic now I’m here for a couple of things first of all The eel here is supposed to be spectacular And that’s something that you shouldn’t miss while you’re in Busan and secondly while I was in the cab I was talking to the cab driver. He recommended that I must get something called a Female cow this restaurant is called Female cow and they sell Hanwoo or Korean beef and he said that while Busan if I don’t get that I’m gonna regret it the rest of my life and of course, you know me food a regret. That’s that’s like my worst fear So I cannot wait for that, but first of all, let’s go explore this market All right, so I just basically grab a cup and I think that one’s mine with the cheese, holds it and there you go. This looks way better than the one I got yesterday. I mean, it’s much bigger It’s a combo so it’s honey and cheese. Oh So excited about this check this out. I think this is the cheese. Oh Yeah, look at that cheese Oh Night and day right there so ridiculously good. Oh honey. It’s like Oh its spurting out oh my Chewy dough deliciously sweet. I’m just taking a combo bite of cheese and honey It’s burning hot, by the way This This is what I remember of loving last time, I was in Korea, look at this you see all that, honey and the cheese all mixed together. Oh look at that, look at all that honey oosing out. Oh look at that Little bit of nuts What a beautiful combination that man, this is one of the best hotteoks ever had I Love cheesy beard. Great start. Let’s continue on. Oh Right next to the hotteok place, I see a sign that says fire fish cakes. I like fire. I love fish cake. Lets see what’s up Look at this. This does look pretty spicy. I don’t know. It’s gonna be fire But it’s definitely spicy. It’s smaller than the one I got last time. So just like yesterday grab a cup for the broth oh that’s fire! mmm ah it is delicious. Wow wow Wow, that is, I don’t need this jacket anymore. I really don’t. think it’s something in here woo That is some heat Oh Man this is the spiciest fish cake I had in Korea. This is awesome. This is fantastic. This is making me feel good fish cake chewy delicious Absolutely. Love this broth Every sip you take is like a mini inferno on your tongue. I love it when soups do this to me. I Think I’m enjoying this more than the last one. Like seriously It’s a lot of heat, but it’s not untolerable. This makes you crave for more We don’t really need any soy sauce or anything. you dip the fish cake in there This broth is so amazing. on the spice level one through ten. ten being burning a hole in your stomach Give this a good seven point five or eight It’s right at that limit where is so spicy but so delicious 100% recommend you guys like spice and you are around You gotta try this So when you come to Busan you’ve gotta have some eel and there’s two different types of eel The lighter color one is called hagfish. And this is the eel right here. And usually here’s the three types of ways They prepare it is either grilled or in a stew. This restaurant is supposed to be really popular for eel You can see like a lot of signatures on the wall So I think maybe a lot of celebrities. Come here wrap wrap wrap wrap it up. Yeah eel now it’s just kinda sizzling in this tin foil they wrapped it up for me just like this little hole of tin foil of yummy things Things so everything’s getting grilled and baked right now all right this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen the eel arrived and it’s so fresh because they get their eel like right out the shore of Busan but it’s sitting in this on this hot plate and it’s still moving like it’s It’s skinned and is still moving guys If you come here for eel, I’m gonna say this to you. I’m not gonna putting you in a footage in there but it’s it’s pretty gruesome like It was being cooked and it was a movement like that that Was like oh man. I don’t think here it just sizzling right next to me But oh, wow, that was oh I kind of lost my appetite a little bit there And right now in this version I’m having is this salted version. So there’s no spices nothing really just salted what I do like about this place is that it gives you a little You got a dress for the party, oh wait actually fits a little better. the thing with eel is when I first had eel for the first time in my life in New York, I had a Korean restaurant in New York I hated it. I did not like it whatsoever I think the first time actually liked eel was with a Taiwan when I tried at a local food stall. That was delicious So, I don’t know how I’m gonna feel about this. By the way. This is this is actually a hagfish They’re cooking and I think it’s done. And apparently the difference is hagfish has no bones It has no eye so you can just eat this without any like any fear of bones like getting a bone stuck in your throat or anything and this is ready to eat right now And it cooked it or a little bit of onions a little bit of chili man I can’t get that vision of this thing squid out Of my head. So this is the piece of hagfish meat Don’t know how I’m gonna feel about this. dip it a little sesame oil and salt Oh God Oh I don’t know if you guys can here this but, the meat is actually a little crunchy. It’s like eating some sort of crunchy tendon. The good thing about it is it’s there’s just really no fishy flavor to it or anything weird about it It tastes pretty clean. Like a really clean piece of fish. let me get another piece here I’m gonna put it on to a sesame leaf a little bit of onions. Okay, some garlic and dip it in some fermented bean Put this to bed Much better that way What really initially threw me off about this was the texture of the hagfish because I’ve had eel before and the meat is pretty shocked After you grill it it’s pretty soft, pretty tender is literally like chewing on some cartilage I do like the flavor once I got past the initial surprise. It’s pretty good The only thing is, it doesn’t taste meaty. it just tastes like the whole thing It’s just a cartilage, but I’m still kind of just trying to get over the psychological shock of seeing it all twisty on my hot plate But the flavor is actually pretty good. take a chili Like the fact that, you don’t have to worry about any bones and then I’m eating more of it the texture is actually really really nice and that is don’t ever look at this stuff when you are eating eel My good lord, it’s just like a horrifying you know Trainwreck that you just can’t look away But when you do it to scars you, I did not know this was how it was gonna be cooked I had no idea. I literally I had this in New York It was not like this. if I knew I don’t even think I would have ordered it but is so horrific I never wanted a meal to to finish cooking faster than right Now do not reincarnate as a eel is all I’m telling you. Okay, it’s it’s pretty much stop moving I’m so sorry eel. I’m so sorry for eating this I’m really surprised that bottom feeders could actually taste this clean. Just take a couple pieces Put it on a sesame leave Because I’m eating more of it in the horrific images is kind of like fading from my mind if I mean, yes I’ll never be gone but it does fade a little bit because it actually is quite delicious I think the spicier version is much better than just a salty version because the flavor is deeper I can definitely see the appeal of this. It’s completely different than anything I thought it would ever taste that also. I remember having the eel before it was a little fishy It was a little gamey this not at all So I think if you come to Busan, obviously you gotta try eel because it’s the must try thing here, you know Maybe just don’t look at the cooking process It’ll be a whole better experience for ya But it’s not something I’m gonna miss and I’m also gonna be okay with never eating it again in my life And the finale is you you put some rice here and they’re gonna stir fry some eel. Fried rice with kimchi That’s awesome Wow that’s awesome The sauce a little sweet a little spicy and is engulfing every grain of rice, but I love the seaweed They put it here it just give you such a fragrant flavor. Finally. They cook you some fried rice with this eel That’s actually really really good You gotta go for the fried rice finale what a grand finale that is – I definitely prefer this to the last two eel Experiences that I had this is actually really really Pleasant and I can see why and if you are in Busan. You gotta give this a try There we go, here we go shoot into the ocean Is it defective? Oh here we go. Whoa, here we go. How you can How you can three oooh Yo, I wish There’s some dragon for me to fight right now because I was just shooting the heck out of it Wow this thing It’s actually like that’s a lot I mean, how many is in this thing? Oh, yeah, oh yeah, It was a fun night at the beach and it is absolutely freezing. but I know a solution to all this You’ve got to have another taste of this soup. This is why it’s so fiery. every look at all the chili that’s in here Wow. Oh Oh, look at that. She’s adding even more heat in this. Oh Nice Spicier the better. I always say This is on the best broth I’ve had I’ve had this time in Korea. that is so awesome Have a cup. I’m warmed up. I feel good enough to go swim in the ocean right now, but I think next up Let’s go get some steak. I’m still thinking about that broth and how good it was. Why? Why can’t that be like a hot pot broth? That would just be amazing So this is the place my cab driver told me that must go to while here in Busan They serve Hongwu which of course is Korean beef and check this out They only have three items on their menu fresh beef ribs Spicy beef ribs and pulgogi and it’s 6:30. And this is already sold out So only thing they have is spicy beef ribs, but I guess lucky for me They tell me that’s actually what they’re known for and the wait right now is 50 minutes Now you can tell this is a really popular place the entrance the building looks really traditional This guy’s just pulling in with a bunch of charcoal right now I’m actually super excited about this. finally my turn After about an hour and a half wait. The entrance is just full of smoke So I get to smell like hanwoo for awhile! Score! I am actually Really happy about that. Seriously. I, This is a great scent for me thank you First up a little side dishes Woah I See people grilling noodles. I want to grill noodles Fire is here. Oh the meat is here. There we go The grill you see the shape of the grill like all the grease is just gonna form on the bottom And it’s wood charcoal on the inside. my last meal. and it has to be hanwoo Oh yeah So this is good to go. look at that, that looks ridiculously tender Oh my god wow Oh here we go Look, look at the fat on this piece of beef here look at this. you see all this juice just oozing out of it right there look at it look i am Squeezing it you guys see this? Oh my good lord it like a Fatty waterfall Look up every single word in a dictionary that means beautiful and delicious You gonna find a picture that beef right next to it. That was beyond Tender and juicy. It’s got such a nice fatty element to it as well My whole mouth 20 seconds after that bite is still Dancing is still having a party. chase it with little veggie a little acid to kind of make it all brand new still mmm This salad is awesome as well. That is really sesamey. now i’m going to take a piece. this piece looks beautiful Put it on a little salad to make a little some out of it I think there’s gonna be awesome because this salad has a lot of sesame like whole sesame seeds Is incredibly fragrant and that’s gonna go it really well with the beef This is such an incredible combination these two oh my god, this is the meat and salad just has such amazing chemistry together Usually When I’m eating steak Or beef I don’t want veggies touching it. But this guys this is the perfect pairing. It’s like Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie mr. Mrs Smith Zack and Vanessa and High School Musical it just goes so perfectly together You need to come here They do what I just did because like I said before the meat is fatty It’s marinated in a slightly sweet. and absorbs all that smoke from the wooden charcoal. and the salad has so much Nice sesame oil, it’s fresh. It’s spicy it’s fragrant The meat on it’s own is good. the salad on its own is good. together It’s like nothing I’ve ever had it’s just What a great final meal here in Busan. like. Seriously. couldn’t ask for something better So check this out This is the noodle So she’s taking the meat off my grill because something else spectacular is gonna go on. some noodles in soy sauce is going on the grill. Oh, yeah Hardcore it’s awesome listen to that sizzle so basically The soy sauce is mixing in with the fat dripping from the ribs itself And I mean the noodles being cooked and all that beautiful. umami meaty elixir beautiful. It doesn’t even begin to describe this all right the noodles are ready look at this. ahh it looks awesome Noodles are good, but I feel like on its own. It’s kind of flat. it’s just really soy Saucy a little fatty mooshy let’s see what happens if I Mix it a bit with this miracle salad You know what that didn’t work out so well sometimes couple things it’s not meant to be together You know, what’s really awesome is, when you have a these little slips of paper and this is meant to grab hold of the bones with and gnaw on it I love this place. They think of everything. Yes. So here’s my bones. You know that fatty meat on this bone take a bite of salad naw on the bone a little bit I’m having so much fun tonight. Some people love video games Some people love long walks on the beach for me didn’t you awesome juicy piece of bone from now on i’ll be entertained for hours. This is so good I am getting a second rib. So good. the only thing is it’s a little pricey but its so ridiculously good ahh final bite of meat This has been one of my favorite meals in Korea love the interior It’s really traditional looking it’s definitely super popular with the locals the beef just beyond words delicious especially paired with just this Magical sesame salad here. This has been the perfect finale of my food adventure I mean I am so satisfied right now and I feel like there’s no regrets. I tried everything I wanted to try and I ended it with something spectacular and guys that’s it for this food adventure in Korea All the places I went to is provided for you in my description box below. Thank you all so much for watching That’s how we eat again. See you later

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