KOREAN STREET FOOD at Namdaemun Market ft. Hotteok

KOREAN STREET FOOD at Namdaemun Market ft. Hotteok

Anyong chingoo! It is Monday afternoon. About 1 or 2 pm. I just did a little bit of shopping at Namedaemun. I’m going to show you guys the street food here. Now, Namdaemun can get kind of crazy. We have a lot of tourists and locals alike shopping. I’m getting quite thirsty, so I’m going to get a Korean rice drink, also known as “sikhye.” Not overly sweet. Just sweet enough. It tastes like the age 25. Here we have all sorts of hot bars. And here we have donuts. This place is called Kim Jin Ho Hotteok. And if you guys are big on hot dogs, well here you go! 🙂 I got a Hot Bar and it comes with four types of sauces. Ketchup, mustard, less spicy and super spicy. I know I can’t handle super, super spicy, so… maybe less spicy? Wow, it’s quite thick. The outer part is slightly crunchy The inside is super jiggly. The outer ring is fish cake. Inside you have seaweed. And if you look closely, the noodles inside are the same noodles used to make japchae. And it’s stuck on chopsticks. I see tourists as well as locals, like more grandmas… ordering from here. I found another shop that sell Hot Bar. And here they have sausage, octopus, shrimp, chili, razor clam, and sesame leaf. I ordered the Octopus Hot Bar and that one is 3,000 won. Less than $3 USD. I just got my Octopus Hot Bar. I love the colors on this one. So here they also have a sauce station. This one’s chili… GARLIC CHEESE!!! That sounds good. There’s mustard, but I am going to get garlic cheese. The guy at the second Hot Bar stall said, “Mine’s better.” So let’s test it out. Sauce-wise, his stall wins. But when it comes to the actual Hot Bar, it’s on the bland side. There are some carrots in there. And little bits of scallion. Previous place we went to, when you shake it, it’s really jiggly. But this one is much more firm. If you look in a lot of these little alleyways, there are restaurants lined up. Like literally, hole-in-the-wall type of restaurants. But right now, I’m just focused on street food. And it’s easy to get lost at Namdaemun because there are so many little side streets here and there. That’s the beauty of being at Namedaemun: getting lost. Some streets like this one, they sell jokbal, which is pig feet. There’s another stall that sells jokbal. And over there is yet another place that sells jokbal. I can choose three of these pastries and it’ll cost 2,000 won. Which is less than $2 US. My finger is sinking into the bread right now. So soft! Outside the bread is crispy. On top of that, they coated it with sugar, which makes it crunchy. The inside though is very chewy. Kinda rubbery. Even if you don’t like shopping, but you like people-watching, you’ll enjoy your time here. Last bite! Let’s see what else we can eat around here. It looks like… we have udon. This here is mini kimbap. The lady cut it up in half for me. Thankfully they have little hooks where I can put my shopping bags. The customers next to me got odeng and tteokbokki. Inside we have little bits of cucumber, fish cake and radish. And little sprinkles of sesame seeds. It’s slightly sweet and that sweetness comes from the radish. I got really lucky because I met one of my viewers. What’s your name? Kevin! When I vlog, I usually go like this [shows camera angle], but he’s really tall so I have to go like this [changes camera angle]. Kevin’s going to help me eat for the rest of this vlog. We’re going to try this tteokbokki. The rice cake and the fish cake. It’s sweet and even spicier. Yeah, spicy. When this gentleman was eating this, he does not make it look spicy. But it’s way spicy! Woo! I love tteokbokki! You want to try tteok galbi? Okay, sure. Wow. Look at those sizzles. Each one is 2,000 won. It’s really easy to bite into. It tastes meaty and sweet. Yeah, I like it. I want to put it in a bun though. It’s easy to get lost in Namdaemun. We’re back at the food stall that we met. I guess we just made a circle. Do you smell that? Yeah… How do you describe that smell? Strange. That smell comes from… Oh! I’ve seen that before. Silkworm? Mina: Yeah, silkworm pupae. Uh-huh… (hesitant) You want to try? Have you ever tried it? We met some of my viewers and they’re going to eat beondegi with us. All right you guys, let’s do it! You guys go first. You are my guest (lol). Okay! Let’s go! On y va! (“Let’s go” in French) Ohhhhhh! 😀 Mmm?! (laughing) Just pretend it’s chocolate. It’s not that bad. Have you had bugs before? Yeah. Mina: Maybe that’s why. Have you had bugs before Kevin? No. Mina: Okay, that’s why lol. Your turn! Should I get the brown one or the white one? Both. Cheers! Oh, it’s not that bad. It’s like a vegetable. Have you had bugs before? Yup. I’m not going to chug that. I think you should have some more though. One more time. Did you have the black one or the white one? I’ll have a white one this time. Where’s the nearest Coke machine? (laughs at funny joke) Alright… It’s like a bean, right? It is like a bean. Like a protein bean. I still taste it in my mouth. Do you still taste it, too? Kevin: Yeah, me too. We need to eat something fast. Hey! The closest thing is… Gyeranbbang. One of these guys is 1,000 won. Which is less than $1 US. And we’re going to wash out that pupae taste out of our tongue. Thank you. Cheers! Just tastes like a yogurt cake with an egg inside. Oooh! There’s that yolk. I caught it with my hand. Tastes like a sweet bread with a boiled egg inside. Oh! They have hotteok here! Should we eat hotteok here or should we walk around? As you want. I want to try everything. How about we walk down that street, see what’s there, and if there’s nothing there, we’ll come back to this hotteok stand. I didn’t give you a close look at the gyeranbbang, so here’s what it looks like. Are you getting full, Kevin? I can eat more! You know how we started this vlog off with a sikhye? We’re back at the same stall and Kevin is re-hydrating himself. After that, right away we’re going to eat hotteok. This one is Kimchi Japchae Hotteok, which means it has kimchi and glass noodles inside. Mmmm… If you’re blindfolded and someone gave you that, can you tell there’s kimchi in it? No, I can’t tell. Because usually kimchi is very spicy. And here you don’t feel the spicy. Yeah, you’re right. You can’t really taste the kimchi. I get a little hint of spiciness. What I like are the glass noodles. They’re very soft in that, so it’s easy to bite. Over here we have a lot of hungry customers who want to eat bindaetteok. That has mung bean in it. Hello! (in Korean) We’re currently walking through a food alley and trying to figure out which one we want to eat at. Anything that interests you? Yeah? Everything looks good. Here we have fish. Kevin and I wanted to eat bindaetteok and more food, but we are so full. Too full now haha. Thank you once again, Kevin for joining me on this food adventure. High five! I’ll see you guys in the next travel vlog. Anyong! (“Bye” in Korean)

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