Korean Street Food | Ggultarae (Dragon’s Beard Candy), in Insa-Dong, Seoul Korea

Korean Street Food | Ggultarae (Dragon’s Beard Candy), in Insa-Dong, Seoul Korea

For real? Tasting samples of Beondegi? I guess so. Haha This is It! Do you know what it is? No. It’s honey. Honey? Frozen honey? Nope, Aged one. Holy Cow! Yeap It’s honey. And this powder is Corn flour. Corn. Corn. Yeah. You can’t eat this honey. It’s very hard after aging. See… Can’t eat this, right? I’m making a hole.. Yeah. And anothe one. Now listen. Yeah. Now Stretching. Stretching with my hands. How old are you? I’m 7. Do you know how to count numbers? Yeap. Now I’m gonna make 16,384 threads. How many? 163… Good, good. Well done. Awsome Now streching. I’m gonna stretch and stretch so this block could turn into silk threads. Now streching. One thread now. What’s one plus one? Two. Two plus two? It’s four. That’s how it’s done. 4 becoms 8. Now 16, 32… 64… 128 256 512 Let me show you its thickness at this point. 1,024 threads! Ta-da! Wow! OMG Cool, right? But still much to go. Now it’s 2,048 4096 8192 One last time! It’s thinner than a single strand of hair. Finally 16,384 threads! Ta-Da! Wow! Give me some applause! It’s really thin! Right? I deserve a round of applause for hard working. Now we need to put something in it. I’ll take Almonds. Almonds it is. I’m not gonna touch the money so you need to put them yourself. Now dividing in half, And one more time, then cut it. Looks like threads, right? Cut it. Really looks like threads. Yeap, just like threads. Now I’ll cut this one. And will not put any sugar in it. I’m putting only nuts. now rolling. Then it’s done. OMG Looks yummy, right? We need one here, for the boy. Here it is. Tell Mom to put it in the freezer. A frozen one tastes better you know. Thanks! Bye ByeBye Honey, please! Good bye Yeah Bye How cute! Put the money there please so I don’t have to touch the money. Chocolate, please! Have you decided? Choco Choco Here it is. Thank U We have Almonds, peanuts, chocolate, and green tea flavors. Is this your first time trying? Yes! Take Almonds. Almonds? Yeah It’s the best. Is that right? Then I’ll take Almonds. I made them myself you know. Yeah! Put the money there, please. Put a 10,000won bill and take 5,000won for change. This is honey strings. These threads are made of honey. With very healthy nuts inside, like Almonds, peanuts, sesame, and black sesame. Something like that. You can store these in room temperature for a month. It doesn’t melt so you can give them as a present. Where are you from? You keep filming. Do you guys want one? We have Almonds, peanuts, chocolate, and greentea. Which one you want? Ten pieces in one box. It’s really good. I’ll take one. OK, Which one? Can I get one with multiple flavors? Nope, This is not the Subway. You need to pick one flavor. We have Almonds, peanuts, chocolate, and greentea. Which one? Peanuts, almonds… Almonds? The almonds in them taste the best. How much? It’s 5,000won. I’ll take one. It’s really good. I highly recommend it. For real. I’m not gonna touch the money. You can put it there. Put a 10,000won bill there, Then I need to take 1,000bills for change? You can take a 5,000won bill. (Singing…) You want some? It’s really good, you know. Do you want one? It’s really tasty! (Singing..) It’s honey! It’s honey, not a taffy. Come on in! Would you like one?

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  1. in indonesia we called this street food "rambut nenek" (grandma's hair). And the based ingredient is not honey, but caramel (white sugar cooked in to form of liquid).

    i learned from the other comment and suggested videos, that actually this food is also available in many countries with different names.

    kind a make you wonder, who is the first invented it?

  2. あっ!龍のひげ飴!これ、人生で一回は食べてみたいなぁと思ってます(◕ᴗ◕✿)食感はどんな感じなんだろう?

  3. The way he did it so naturally and so fast was pretty darn amazing XD the way the man talked to the kid, like his voice was more upbeat and he was really nice XD

  4. 헐 인사동 갔을 때 볼사 노래만 나오는 꿀타래집 있었는데 여기였구나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. Everyone: “I can’t tell what he’s saying but I can tell he’s being so nice and sweet talking to the kid”
    Guy making candy: “this isn’t subway pick one flavor”

  6. Everyone : “I can’t tell what he’s saying but I can tell he’s being so nice and sweet talking to the kid”
    Guy making candy : “this isn’t subway pick one flavor”

  7. ???
    I don't know. But, in Indonesia it's a street food too. But, now it's hard to find. I didn't know this came from Indonesia or Korea, but this is very good street food.

  8. ع فكرة هاد اسمه شعر بنات او غزل البنات معروف بشوارعنا بس ما نحشيه وبنلفه

  9. I don't know why but I recalled that video of the mallu cook taking a bath in the river and then making Malabar paratha.

    Edit 1: search for 'Thorth'

    Edit 2: Psy playing in the background in was serendipitous

  10. Quite the talented worker! Great at his job and has a good personality and attitude, you don’t see many people like him nowadays.

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