Korean Street Food in Seoul, Korea at Namdaemun Market (남대문시장)

Korean Street Food in Seoul, Korea at Namdaemun Market (남대문시장)

Well good morning from Namdaemun Market (남대문시장). Today we have chosen to skip lunch and have
lots of snacks at this market instead so I’m pretty excited for that. Yeah, so Namdaemun Sijang (남대문시장)
Namdaemun Market is the oldest market in Seoul (서울) and it is also one of the best places
to get Korean street food (한국 길거리 음식). So we’re just going to go on a rampage and
eat as much Korean street food as we possibly can. A rampage! You heard it here first. Let’s go eat. So I got myself a potato corn dog. So this is a hot dog (핫도그) on a stick. It has been breaded I guess and then they’ve
attached these french fries as well. So it is like really over the top and I’m
going to add some ketchup. Wow, look at that. And what else can I put on. Spicy sauce. This is a very uniquely Korean hot dog (핫도그)
so put some spicy sauce on that too. Come out. Just come out spice. Oh, that is thick. Woah! Woah. Man, that looks good. Alright. Look at all of the french fries. You can see the french fries. I know. So well on there. This is my first time trying this so we’ll
see. Aw. It is hot. Oh. It is super hot. Huh. There you have it. Mmmmm. Oh, wow. This is like fast food to the max. So what do you think? It is pretty good actually. Is there a lot of batter on the outside? Yeah, you can see it there. Alright, time for Sam to share his thoughts. Yeah, so my turn to try as well. This is my first time to actually have this. I’ve had like a lot of Korean street food
(한국 길거리 음식). And I’ve like walked by this many times but
I’ve never actually had it. Yeah. So exciting times here. I’m just going to go in for a big bite. Big bite he says. Mmmm. Oh, and you’ve got some sauce stuck to your
lips. Oh my gosh. Yeah. That. You can really see the hot dog (핫도그)
in there. So you do taste the hot dog. Then you really taste the batter but you also
taste the crispiness of the french fries too. So it is really tasty. I’m really enjoying it. It is delicious. Yeah. It is kind of like having your hot dog on
a bun with a side of fries except it has all been rolled into one. It has all been put into one thing right here. So what was the price for this one? So this one was three thousand Won (원). ₩3000 KRW. So a little bit less than three US dollars. Odeng (오뎅) hana juseyo. So we’re trying Odeng (오뎅) which is a
Korean fishcake. And this is one of the most common Korean
street foods (한국 길거리 음식) you can find in just about everywhere. Often places where you get tteokbokki (떡볶이). Yeah, and it is so cheap. This is usually fifty cents. Yeah, this one was more expensive because
it is in Namdaemun (남대문). Yeah. It was one thousand Won (원). ₩1000 KRW. But let’s try that. Put a little bit of soy sauce on it. Yeah. And at first glance it looks a lot like a
pancake that has been folded and then put on a little stick. Nothing like a pancake. A fishy pancake. It tastes fishy. Actually it doesn’t have that strong of a
taste. Um, I would kind of describe it has like a
bit of a spongy exterior. Mmm. Spongy texture. Yeah. So it is really good. Um, I’m enjoying it big time. So after coming to this market so many times
while I lived here I just discovered something new. This market has two levels so we’re going
into the basement area right now to see what we can find in terms of food. Mayak gimbap (마약김밥) juseyo. Hana. (Speaking Korean) Gamsahamnida. Okay so we’re here in the basement level of
the Namdaemun Market (남대문시장). We found a little treasure of a restaurant
here. Just a tiny little hole-in-the-wall place. Yeah. And we are having mayak kimbap (마약김밥). And if you’ve never had gimbap (김밥) before
these are basically your Korean rice rolls. That is kind of like a Korean form of like
a maki or sushi. And what makes these different from the ones
that you typically get at Gimbap restaurants is these are actually baby gimbap (마약김밥). Yeah, they are miniature in size. Right. So a normal gimbap (김밥) roll would be
really thick and bigger and go longer and then it would be sliced up like this. Yeah. But these mayak gimbap (마약김밥) have
not been sliced. They’ve just been made into little rolls. Yeah. And so let’s try it. Looks good. So it is a little seaweed roll. It has sesame seeds. And let’s have a look at the filing. It looks like radish. Yeah, we’ve got radish and carrots. We’ve got radish and carrot. I think it is a pure vegetarian one. Vegetarian friendly. And they gave us a sauce. Right, let me try that. Let’s try the sauce. Oh yeah, that is like a almost like a wasabi
sauce. Woo! So it is spicy. I heard her say it is not spicy. Man, good thing you’re trying it. And another cool thing she gave us soup. This is a soup. Little cups. This is a soup that you often get with when
you get Odeng (오뎅). Other kind of fish cakes. It is a light soup. Yeah, so like soy base with chives. Alright, Audrey your turn. My turn. I’ll take one of these. Maybe one from the top actually. Oh, I wouldn’t mix it too much. No, haha. You’re going to be in for a surprise. It is still warm. The rice is still warm. Yeah, it just has been freshly made. That is a lot of wasabi. Yeah. Wow. Oh my gosh. It is like a wasabi mustard. Oh, you’re feeling it. Hahaha. I knew you were going to be in pain after
dunking it in that deep. That is hilarious. Hahaha. You didn’t tell me it was that bad. Jeez. That is mean. Alright, have another bite without so much
on it. So what do you think of the mayak gimbap (마약김밥)? I like it. It is a perfect little snack. Oh, I just sprayed some sesame seeds there. It is a perfect little snack. You know, then you have it packaged in these
little containers to take it to go. Eat it at a park. Take it home. And take it easy on the sauce guys. One little dunk is enough. Don’t uh go in to heavy like we did. So we just found the jackpot here. Yeah, we’ve found a place that sells all kinds
of like western and American products here. We’ve got peanut butter, we’ve got like Swiss
hot chocolate over there. Oh, Nutella. We’ve got Nutella. We’ve got special kinds of coffee. Oh, I thought that was Vegemite for some reason. We’ve got Quaker Oats in the background. So are you coveting anything? Haha. We’re leaving here soon so I don’t think we
can buy anything but I would get the massive jar of peanut butter. That would be on my wishlist. So we may have come to Namdaemun (남대문)
for the street food; however, this is also a great place if you’re looking to get a bargain
on basically anything. You can buy shoes here, clothes, winter jackets. Toys for children. School supplies. Basically anything you can imagine you’ll
find it here. Plus food. Anyeonghaseyo. One jjinppang hana juseyo. Hangye juseyo. Ne. Gamsahamnida. So somebody found another snack. What did you get? Yeah, we just found this place that specializes
in Mandu (만두) and different other kinds of steamed buns. And we’re getting something called Wang Jjinppang
(왕찐빵) and Wang refers to the giant size of this. Look at how big this is. I’m putting this in my hand. It is piping hot. Yeah. So I’m going to put it back in. Try not to burn yourself. It is bigger than my hand so that is why you
get the name wang. Jjinppang (찐빵) I believe it going to have
red bean paste inside so let’s take a bite. Oh yeah. Look at all of that. Oh man. Woah. That is so good. It has been mashed up and it is very sweet
but you really taste the bean as well. Yeah, so and it kind of looks like it has
a fluffy bread texture. It is very fluffy bread. It is piping hot and you can probably see
the steam coming off of it. So I’m going in for another bite. Mmmm. That is so good. And this was one was really reasonably priced. It was one thousand five hundred Won (원). So ₩1500 KRW. So a little bit less than one fifty US dollars
so great value. Man, I’m loving this. So something cool about Namdaemun Market (남대문시장)
here in Seoul (서울) is that you can go down these little side alleys and you have
like these kind of tiny little hole in the wall restaurants. So we’re going to show you a bit of what that
looks like. So it looks like we’ve stumbled upon some
kind of musical slash cultural performance in the middle of the market. So we’re going to check it out before that
ends. (Korean traditional music and singing and
chanting) Anyeonghaseyo. Goguma hana juseyo. Almaeyo? Cheon Won (원). Gamsahamnida. What did you get? I got myself Goguma (고구마) which is Korean
sweet potato. Man, is it ever hot. It has been freshly steamed. It was just steaming right in front of us
so you can tell that it is hot. So I’m just going to go in for a bite. You can see. Look at that. Peel back the skin a bit. You know what? You can actually eat the skin. I’ve seen. I’ve when I lived here before I did eat the
skin. So I’m going to try a little bit. First without the skin. It almost looks like pumpkin in terms of color. Oh. and texture. Oh. It is very sweet. Very rich. It tastes really really good. Would you have this for dessert? This is like a natural fruit dessert. Basically. I mean it is not even a fruit. It is a sweet potato (고구마). So I’m going to try a bit of the skin this
time. Mmmm. My advice is honestly to eat the skin. It is really good. And how much was this? This was only cheon Won (원). One thousand Won (원). So again, less than one US dollar. Dulgae juseyo. Wow. Hanguk Saram? Hahaha. Canada Saram. Ah, Canada Saram. Ne. Hangul mal chareyo? Anio chal motayo. Gamsahamnida. Hahaha. So for our final snack of the day we are having
Hotteok (호떡). And I feel like we’ve shown this snack probably
a million times on our channel but we just like it. It is our favorite Korean food. That much street food though. Whenever we see it we’re like gotta get Hotteok
(호떡). And it is the best way to end off a Korean
street food taste test because you’re getting something really sweet. Really tasty. Yeah so, again in case you haven’t memorized
this by now. Hotteok (호떡) is like this fat fluffy pancake
and inside it is filled with brown sugar, cinammon and pine nuts and it is just amazing. Amazing. It is cooked and made hot so while you’re
biting into it you get like these gooey bites and it is usually not until you get until
about the middle of it that you start really getting a lot of the sauce. Try to see it there. It is oozing that sugar. Look at that. It is so hot. So warm. And it was only one thousand Won (원). Oh wow. Less than a dollar. Wow, that is a great price especially for
Namdaemun (남대문). Like it is typically it is one thousand Won
(원) elsewhere but Namdaemun (남대문) can be more expensive for sure. It is so hot. Ah. Piping hot huh? So what is the verdict? Good quality one? It is always great. Mmmm. Time for me to try mine. Oh. You’re right. There is no such thing as a bad Hotteok (호떡). Yeah. This is like my favorite thing we’ve eaten
at the market today. It always is. Always is. Hotteok (호떡) always wins. Number one. For the win right at the end. Leaving satisfied? Leaving very satisfied. That was, I mean actually I know I was going
to eat a lot but I actually ended up eating a whole lot more than I originally planned. Like that was a pig out for the ages. But in a good way. So if you’re coming to Namdaemun Market (남대문시장)
I think something that you should understand is that it is a little bit more touristy than
some of the other Korean more local Korean markets. And you can expect to pay a little bit more
for some of the Korean street food. A prime example of that was when we had Odeng
(오뎅). Normally I pick that up elsewhere for maybe
five hundred Won (원). ₩500 KRW. Whereas here I paid a thousand. So I paid double. But there were some treats that I had that
were exactly the same price including the Hotteok (호떡) which was a thousand here. Also a thousand in most other places. So pretty good. So anyways I hope you enjoyed this Korean
street food (한국 길거리 음식) video and be sure to stay tuned on our channel every
Monday. We have new videos coming out from South Korea. And if you’re new to our channel check out
our 50 things to do in Seoul guide. So we’ll see you soon with new Korean content.

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