KOREAN STREET FOOD – Namdaemun Market Street Food Tour in SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA

KOREAN STREET FOOD – Namdaemun Market Street Food Tour in SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA

we’re in Seoul, South Korea at Namdaemun
market the biggest traditional outdoor market in Korea, you can find everything
under the sun at Namdaemun but we are not here to shop, this video is all about
eating, we’re taking you on a massive street food tour all around Namdaemun
market let’s go and find out what there is to eat here Namdaemun market is a well-known street
food destination in Seoul we are going to be eating a tonne of street food in
this video and you have to check out what’s on offer at this market, I’m
Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! we’re waiting in line for our first
snack, savoury hotteok, hotteok is a type of Korean deep fried donut just stuffed with a
filling, it is minus 4 degrees today in Seoul so this is going to be the perfect
breakfast for us I have got this hot, golden crispy hotteok
in my little hands and it is a thing of beauty
look at how crispy the dough is but it’s also still really soft so you can get
both savoury versions and sweet versions of the hotteok, this is the
savoury version and it’s been filled with vegetables and when he was handing it to
us he actually basted it with what looked to be a type of fruit sauce so in
the pot there was an apple there were dates there were peppers so I think it’s
gonna give it a really nice tang I’ve just got to give this a bite and see what’s
inside Wow so you can see the dough there is
really aerated, it’s really crispy, really soft and um very light and then inside
it’s just stuffed with all sorts of vegetables so we’ve got onion,
there’s carrot in there, chives and also some glass noodles, I’m gonna give it
another go oh this is insanely good, it is a must eat
the dough is quite oily but not stodgy at all, and then those vegetables are just
really flavoursome and that glaze that he basted over the top just gives it a nice
sweet tangy touch, this is insanely good next up we’re gonna grab an eomuk
which are these sticks you can see sticking out of the steaming hot
broth at this stall you’ll see them all over the market and they should be good
to combat this freezing weather alright I got a giant skewer of eomuk so this is a fish cake and look at the steam coming off it from this hot
hot broth and it reminds me of an intestine from the look of it but it’s
not at all it is just a big incredible looking fish
cake, let’s try some you can see it’s actually the reason it’s all bendy is
because it’s a flat fish cake which has been folded over and over and over and
then put on the skewer so that’s why it has this bendy look let’s try some mmm mmm oh it’s really soft really subtle fish flavour, really soft
fish cake not spongy not rubbery at all super easy to eat almost like a a sodden
piece of white bread, just really soft let’s try some of the broth because there was a bit of a spice going on there oh yeah the broth is spicy it has a sort of a a
miso type taste I don’t think it has any miso in it but it’s, it’s got an
earthiness to it like there’s some sort of root vegetables in there to give it
that real base and come down here I see there’s a whole lot of looks like soy
and chilli so I’m gonna grab this little paintbrush and paint some of that onto
it just to give it an extra kick so just got a thin layer of that chilli and soy
sauce oh it’s a little bit of a sweet soy
sauce so actually didn’t add much spice because there was quite a bit of spice
in this and I see in the broth over there there are some big chillies sitting
in it so this has spice but the soy sauce just added a little bit of a
sweetness this is perfect, dip it in there, steaming hot warm you up on these
cold days in Seoul I’ve just spotted our next snack over
here mandu or dumplings both steamed and deep-fried versions let’s go and grab
one the team at the stall are doing a really brisk business there are
dumplings, there’s steamed bread, there’s buns
we’ve just cozied up in the corner of the stall with our little bag of dumplings
so we got some meat mandu as well as some kimchi mandu, this is the meat
dumpling and look how huge it is, so it’s a wheat dumpling wrapper or dumpling
skin and on the inside is the meat filling, let’s give it a big old
bite and see what it tastes like the dumpling skin is quite
sticky almost a little bit gluggy and then the inside you can see that it’s
filled with a really loose pork mixture, there’s some chive, some onion I can taste a little bit of sesame seed and the pork’s
actually quite peppery in flavour that is really good, really tasty besides eating dumplings everyone is
also washing it down with little cups of this broth that has come from the
eomuk so the fish cake and everyone’s holding their hands around these
steaming hot cups to warm them so I’ve got the kimchi dumpling here
the kimchi mandu, so inside it should be filled with fermented cabbage so let’s
give this a go hmm alright so it’s not just kimchi,
inside there’s some meat as well so there’s some pork, some spring onions and
then you’ve got the kimchi which is the cabbage and there’s also the glass
noodles in there as well this is really delicious because it’s got a real spicy
kick from that kimchi that is really tasty this market is raging with people
and there are so many food options next up I want to find one of my favourite
Korean street food snacks tteokbokki let’s go and find some of that we have the tteokbokki so these are rice
cakes so these long thin cylindrical things are the rice cakes and the red
orangy sauce that they’re covered in is gochujang sauce which you will find
everywhere in Korea so it should be a little bit spicy and maybe some
sweetness and then we’ve got some fish cake in here as well he cut that into it
and dumped it all in the sauce and so that’s the same sort of fish cake as I
had on the skewer before with the broth let’s try some tteokbokki so got one big
steaming rice cake mmmm oh, oh that sauce has a tiny spice but it’s really sweet, oh oh that’s so good sorry it’s really hot that’s why I’m just trying to chew
it down, I’m gonna have a little bit more the actual rice cake’s a brilliant
texture, mmm it’s quite squishy almost like glutinous almost like it bounces off
your teeth hmm and then the sauce just has a
perfect spice it doesn’t blow your socks off it’s just the perfect, perfect little
bite that plain rice flavoured rice cake and then that sauce let’s grab some of
this fish cake so you can see he’s cut them up into quite nice little bits so
we’ve got fish cake also covered in the sauce just like before the texture is perfect so
soft no chewiness that goes really well with the
rice cake another perfect snack and another good little thing to hold onto
to warm your hands Namdaemun market has a couple of food
alleys which are famous for serving particular dishes we have come to
kalguksu alley which is knifecut handmade noodles to get a hot bowl of kalguksu
let’s go there are a number of stalls side by
side in kalguksu alley and everyone will be vying for your business,
grabbing your arm, jostling you, pulling you to come to their stall but just, they’re all the same, make sure you don’t put off and just sit down at one of these amazing looking stalls there’s just fresh kimchi and lettuce and pickles lined up on the counters and we’ve just sat down and
ordered our kalguksu so this is the kalguksu so it’s made up of quite a watery broth, it’s an anchovy broth and then you’ve got the hand cut or knife cut handmade noodles here they’re a wheat noodle and then there’s all sorts floating around, there’s some
chives, some fish cake, there’s dried seaweed in there, there’s some sesame
seeds and then there’s a dollop of gochujang or that red pepper chilli
sauce so what I’m gonna do is just give it a big ole mix up and get all those
flavours mingling, let’s just try that broth ohhh so it’s a anchovy broth and you
can really taste that strong fish flavour it’s got a really intense hit from that
seaweed as well, let’s just give the noodles a go, they look so slippery they have a lot of bounce, a lot of texture, they’re really good, I’m just gonna get a little bit of that fish cake and some noodles it’s really simple and really clean tasting it is a really hearty, filling bowl of noodles, those chives also add a fresh zing now we also got some side dishes so we
got some banchan so some greens which I think have a bit of chilli in there and
then also some kimchi so the fermented cabbage in the chilli sauce, we’ve got some soup so it’s got some greens in here and then also this little
bowl of naengmyeong which is a cold buckwheat
noodle dish and it’s got some sesame seeds, some strips of cucumber, there’s some radish I think in there or some pear I’m not
quite sure and then half a boiled egg oh I think there’s also some strips of fish
cake in there let’s just give this a go this is the bibim naengmyeon
which is in a like a spicy sauce the buckwheat noodles are really chewy, really thin strands and then that spicy sauce is a little bit tangy it’s not too spicy it’s quite fresh tasting especially with that hit of
cucumber, this is such a great meal we’ve ordered a bibimbap as well
which is a cold rice dish this one looks like it’s got a little bit of barley in
there as well, we’ve got an array of vegetables so I can see lettuce, chives
maybe some pear, there’s a whole lot of sesame seeds there’s these big juicy
looking sprouts or like mung bean sprouts, the gochujang sauce all over
there and then oh look at it actually I can’t see anything else so let’s do the
most important part with this and that is mixing it up so I’m just gonna grab a spoon
as well and we’ll give it a big mix up oh look at all the colours and you get that
sauce coating everything break up that rice and get it all into one, right
let’s go for a big mouthful so I want to get a whole lot of that rice, a bunch of
those vegetables, let’s go because the vegetables are all fresh they
have so much crunch and that sauce almost has an alcoholic taste it’s kind
of like spicy but tangy and it kind of tastes like a really mild whisky, I’m
gonna have another big bite I’ve got a huge bit of lettuce hanging off the
bottom there that was a big bit of lettuce, it’s really good
it’s more about the sauce and the vegetables, the rice isn’t a
strong flavour it’s just a nice texture but the more you mix it up and get that
sauce onto all those vegetables that’s a beautiful bowl of food and I
love watching them make this dish so it’s all just lined up on this
tiny little counter that we’re sitting at and they’re just throwing in
ingredients, throwing bowls in front of people
everyone’s sitting shoulder to shoulder this is a really neat experience in
Korea kalguksu alley was awesome, it was
bustling there was so much going on but most importantly the food was delicious
now we’re off to find something sweet we’ve had a good look around for
something sweet but we can’t find anything that really takes our fancy
most of the stuff here is savoury but as you can see behind us lots of stalls
start sitting up at around four o’clock so the lanes of the market are getting
much busier now with street carts so there’s plenty of good options all
through the day and particularly in the afternoon but all the ones we had were
earlier in the day and they are all absolute classic dishes you will find
here at any time that was one heck of a good day of eating, thank you so much for
watching and remember to head down below hit that subscribe button for heaps more
food videos, hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed the video and we will see
you next time, annyeong

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