Koreańskie jedzenie – 2 Story Kitchen

Koreańskie jedzenie – 2 Story Kitchen

Hi, this is Rafał from szukajacprzygody.pl today I invite you to a Korean restaurant which is called two story kitchen, i.e. two-story kitchen 🙂 we have been there some time so … so it will be a pleasure to show us I invite you. In general, 10 minutes before leaving the house began to rain that’s why I didn’t take the motorbike, I was convinced that I would ride a trike. to restaurant However, just as I left it stopped raining, so I might as well go because the restaurant is 5 minutes away from my apartment I was supposed to go with Chrstine but she already went shopping earlier to the mall so she goes shopping and we are already meeting at the restaurant I’m already in front of the restaurant. look how she looks inside the restaurant is generally ridiculously built because As I told you, it’s called two story kitchen two level kitchen and so are organized boxes some rooms are downstairs and the part is as if at the top We are on the floor of one room you’ll see how it all looks in a moment There is mostly Korean cuisine here but also Filipino food prices are moderate This is not an expensive restaurant for a meal it is from 200 to 300 pesos. So the standard price in dumaguete Say something in Polish? Good morning 🙂 Something else ? Thank you 🙂 very 🙂 I’m hungry 🙂 We ordered What is this ? spicy beef? Spicy pig with rice Something else This is pork chop with rice and salad and there you saw chicken which looks really good, the portion is twice as large as mine enjoy your meal dinner was really cool we spent a total of 760 pesos for 4 meals because we took another take-out for my aunt so this some 50 zlotys came out probably less than PLN 50 for 4 people, this is quite a good result nothing, that’s all in the subject. I hope you enjoyed the video If you are interested in living in the Philippines, I invite you to subscribe to the channel Krzeszowice.pl see you in the next episode

2 thoughts on “Koreańskie jedzenie – 2 Story Kitchen

  1. moja zona raz kupiła kimchi i cos mi nie pasowało sałata pekinska w ostrym sosie 150 peso małe pudełko,sprawdziłem i okazało sie to kimchi to duzo wiecej innych skladników . Nastepnym razem znalazłem przepis i sama zrobiła te potrawe , osobooscie nie lubie duzo ostrych ale JAYPE uwielbia ostre potrawy. dziekuje

  2. Sądzę, że nazwa 2 Story Kitchen odnosi się do dualizmu serwowanej tam kuchni, a nie do dwóch poziomów restauracji…

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