Kozhikode Street Food |  Kozhikode Beach food – Ice Orathi | Kozhikode Bombay Hotel

Kozhikode Street Food | Kozhikode Beach food – Ice Orathi | Kozhikode Bombay Hotel

We came to Kozhikode in the morning, and had biriyani. Now we have come here. We went to Mittai Theruvu also. Anas did a video there. Now we are in this home-stay, Harivihar. We are staying here today. After keeping our luggage, we are going to the beach. This video is about the beach.. beach and all the street food over there. In the middle of Kozhikode city.. a peaceful place like this! It is a home-stay, like our homes. The structure is only different. Surroundings are also looking very beautiful! Close to nature, we can say. They said, there is a pond here. Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, we’ll go there. Now we will just change, and move to the beach. We don’t have permission to wear shoes inside. So we need to remove it and go inside. This place is actually for ayurvedic treatments. We don’t need any treatment right now. But when we come here, we can feel the smell of ayurvedic oils. Anyway, our agenda is not ayurveda, food tasting is our main agenda. This is our room. Now I am feeling that I should have brought my family. It is a very good atmosphere. Just like the old ancestral homes. This room, and one more room next to this. There is a beautiful view of the lawn from here. Kozhikode beach. That is our next destination. Not beach exactly, the street food around that. When we were coming from that side, searching for food, I saw Sharan. He is a Food N Travel friend. He is from Kozhikode. He said, he will also join us. So we are continuing our food journey. Street food.. We had asked in community tab, what is the most liked in Kozhikode. Maximum votes we got was for street food. We are doing less videos exclusively for street food. But in all videos little bit of street food will be there. So keep watching. There is one more You Tuber here. He is Shabeer. He owns a good You Tube channel. It is a travel channel. It is called Travel Explore with Shabeer Shah. Everyone, please subscribe and watch. Don’t forget to press the bell icon. So here, these are the food items, right? Yes, street food is the most important here. And Bombay Hotel also, if you come in the evenings. We are planning a video on Bombay Hotel. Special fried snacks you get. I wanted to do a video there. Not just Shabeer, Roshan is also there. Shabeer is with family, Roshan has also come. He has found a treasure, it seems. Looking very happy. How are you? I am fine. When you come to Kozhikode beach, you have to try ice orathi. We’ll start with ice orathi, and there are many more things. We will slowly move to all that. All are having ice orathi? Sweet or spicy? Ice orathi comes in three flavors. Sweet, spicy, and mixed. We’ll try the mixed one. Then we’ll get both tastes. My mouth is only watering. People say my videos are mouth-watering. We have to mix and eat, right? It is sweet, sour and spicy.. all mixed together. This is only sweet. In this, a little spiciness is there. A little sour taste, I think pickle.. Sourness of pickle. And sweet also. Sorry, surka, not pickle. I would love to give you. But YouTube does not have any such facility. Yes, I gave to Sharan. So next time, if anyone wants to join me like this, just drop me a message. Roshan is leaving us now, it seems. In a hurry? I told someone that I’ll come at 5:30. And now it’s 6 o’ clock. At least by 6:30, I have to reach. We tasted ice orathi. There are many more items, pickled gooseberry, cucumber, hog plum, mango.. many fruits also.. cut into small pieces and displayed well in small bowls. They are of different costs. We are not having these now, because we had ice orathi. I heard quail eggs are there. Let’s try that. Here we have pani puri, chat and all.. I love pani puri. I love it a lot, but not tasting right now, because we are going to have quail eggs. Then we have to go to Bombay Hotel also. A lot to eat, so pani puri for later. Quail eggs, and mussels.. many items.. We can take it one by one. They have given a stick to pick. Sharan and Shabeer are our guides for street food. They are from here only. I don’t know much. It is the first time I am coming to Kozhikode, just for food. Actually, this place is ideal for enjoying with friends. Best for food also. Kozhikode beach Friends and family, it’s a good combination. This is fried mussels, stuffed with rice flour and masala. Mussels is cooked with the shell. Masala is inside this. This is on the roadside, that’s why the sound of bikes is coming. Sounds like they have no silencer. So we have to break the shell, and eat with the masala inside. Taste of masala is there. And the original taste of mussels also. Not very spicy, just the taste of masala. Ninety eight rupees, for four plates of mussels, and one plate quail eggs. I got the balance hundred, and one groundnut toffee. So we had some beach-side food. Now we are near Bombay Hotel. We will go there. Before we go inside, we have to try something else. It is a soybean preparation. Come, let’s have. Soybean fry. They say it’s better than beef fry. Let us see. Soybean fry costs fifty rupees for 200 gms. We will buy 200 gms and see. They are adding black pepper on top.. and mixing it well. Shabeer and family are with us. Sharan also. First we’ll give to Shabeer’s family. We’ll also try. I told you, it looks like beef pieces or meat pieces. If you like soybean, you will like this also. Yes, it tastes just like meat. Just opposite to Bombay Hotel, this shop is open from 6 to 10 in the evening. 10 o’ clock, only if it doesn’t get finished. You won’t get if it is over, so come early. After this, we are going to try some food items from Bombay Hotel. Next is straight to Bombay Hotel. So we had a walk in the beach, and had street food. We tasted a soybean preparation. Now for Bombay Restaurant. This is one of the oldest hotels here. Almost 50 to 60 years old. Morning we went..where was it? Yes, Rahmath Hotel.. That is also more than 60 years old. We have to see what special varieties they have here. Come, let’s go. It is very crowded. These are the food items. Many things.. Chemmeen cake, first time I am hearing and seeing. CKN Chattipathiri Samosa, mutton cutlet, then elanchi, which is my favorite. Bread toast, unnakaya, chattipathiri again, ckn fry roll many things like this These are all Kozhikode special items. I don’t know all names. You help me. This is Ebbin bro’s favorite item. In Kozhikode, it is called elanchi. In our place, it is called madakkisan. It is folded with coconut inside, same thing, right? Yes, it is the same. This is a different kind of cutlet. It is a beef cutlet. What is this? Keep going. This is unnakaya. Unnakaya means banana and coconut mixed, right? Then this is chemmeen pathiri pathiri with prawns added to it. This is chattipathiri. It is sweet. This is chattipathiri which is spicy, masala pathiri Pazham nirachath It is banana and inside, coconut, and sugar or jaggery? It is sugar. Then a cake-like item made with egg. There are so many things. We can’t finish the whole. We will select a few from this, we will ask them for another plate. This much we are having for now. After finishing this, we will see. Elanchi, or madakkisan I got the middle part, this is the best. You know why? In this part, you get everything, all grated coconut, sugar, raisins, everything is in this part. The taste of this.. I’ll keep this and tell With the grated coconut, cardamom has been added. Then raisins also. Soft raisins. Not the hard ones, very soft raisins.. then the taste of sugar and coconut All this mixed together tastes excellent. Extremely good. Anas, poor thing! He is just watching this. He is behind the camera. Again I got the middle piece. In the middle part, you get prawn pieces. Prawn pieces with the masala. This one is soft like a pudding, the cake or pathiri as they call it. Soft like pudding. Nice taste of prawns you can make out, and masala taste also. It is a good snack. After having sweets, this spicy thing is good for a change. Grated coconut and sugar, inside. Outside, this is banana, ripe bananas, mashed well In this also they have added raisins. In this apart from the taste of coconut, the taste of banana is also noticeable. You can’t say it tastes of banana fritters. This is a different taste. The taste of boiled bananas, and the coconut with sugar. He is not giving me the middle part now. They are not getting that special feel because they always eat this. I have come all the way from Kochi and Changanassery, so I am finding it very special. This thing is a whole banana sliced a little in the middle, and filled with grated coconut. grated coconut with sugar. We had unnakkaya just now, it is not that taste.. This banana is roasted as a whole, so a different taste. They finished a whole plate without giving me. Mutta pola.. another special item of Kozhikode. Nobody tried this, so let me try. This is made of eggs, tastes of that only. The taste of eggs.. We are in the kitchen of Bombay Hotel We will see how biriyani tea is being made, then we will taste it. First let them make it. This is a special item of Bombay Hotel- biriyani tea. The specialty of this is that, the tea is in three layers. They made also in three steps. First, strong black tea in the bottom, then on top, the foam formed when milk is shaken well, then milk on top. I thought they will pour it very softly, but no.. but they are very experienced. They just poured it fast. This is not mixed well. If we keep it for sometime, it will get mixed. See, when we mix this, the milk, foam, tea, everything is blending well. See on top, it is the foam. One layer of foam is there. Biriyani tea.. what if we didn’t have biriyani? We tasted biriyani tea. Biriyani also we had, from Rahmath Hotel. You get good biriyani in Bombay Hotel also. Let’s have the tea now. After having oily food, if you take hot tea, it feels very good. It is said to be like that. It was hot and humid in the day, it did rain a little, but it was hot.. so this hot tea will do good. Tea is superb. They don’t want tea, they are having juices. Tea is good. It has a special taste. It is very strong, and lots sugar and milk added. So Kozhikode beach street food, and Bombay Hotel snacks, both we tasted. This video is ending here. Tomorrow there are a few more. Keep watching, and give your suggestions. Don’t forget to share. Always be with us.

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