Kyoto Street Food Guide: Nishiki Ichiba Market 京都錦市場買い食い ★ ONLY in JAPAN #40

Kyoto Street Food Guide: Nishiki Ichiba Market 京都錦市場買い食い ★ ONLY in JAPAN #40

We’re back in Kyoto The cultural heart of Japan There is a lot of history here. but it is also the Kansai region and that means good food. Enter Nishiki Ichiba A 5 block shopping street. known as Kyoto’s kitchen and for a good reason. Long time Kansai resident Kevin Riley and I are here to sample the goods. Many shops have been operating for centuries with the first shop opened in 1310 It’s a street food paradise with a huge variety Let’s get to it Let’s see what Kevin has found. First, he has to break through the path It’s best to arrive before noon if you don’t want to fight the crowd He’s found something unique at this UNAGI shop A real Kyoto speciality Hello, you speak English? A little Can you tell me what this is? Eel liver! Unagi no kimo ok, I’ll have one Unagi no Kimo, then. Unagi no Kimo is packed with vitamins, iron and calcium. It’s a healthy affordable snack. and very Kyoto, too. There are several UNAGI shops in Nishiki Ichiba serving eel liver. On the other side of the market, I met some visitors from UK, who are viewers of ONLYinJAPAN They recommended this shop It has Tonyu donuts. Tonyu is soy milk. Very healthy, right? There is a choice of flavors 10 for 300yen Buy more, and save! I went for the 10 pack So these are Tofu donuts with Kinako on it. Looks really good. Let’s give it a try. It’s fresh, it’s hot, it came right out of the oil You can see the syrup dripping. For volume and taste, this is a real bargain This can’t be healthy. It’s too good. Back to Kevin. He followed his nose to a Macha Green Tea shop Macha is ground green tea leaves And they do it right in this shop. Kyoto’s Uji Macha is considered one the best in Japan What does Kevin have there? Macha Warabi Mochi A Kyoto flavored snack Slightly sweet. Look at that freshly ground macha powder on that mochi yum Usually I eat with different kind of powder on it, this one has got the Macha Different taste, but tastes like Warabi Mochi with a bit of Macha taste Great summer dish, cools you down. This is Hamo, a kind of Eel. Ike-Hamo is fresh Japanese conger eel. It’s popular in Kyoto Not so much elsewhere since there are so many little bones in them. Real hassle to prepare These eel are said to give the eater more power because they can live in real tough conditions. It’s been lightly boiled, and chilled. Packed to take away. but the shop let me sit in the back to sample it. 400yen is a low price to pay for a Kyoto delicacy. It really doesn’t have that much flavor, though. best to eat with one of the sauces. Wasabi. The verdict? That was good. At one of the market was something very curious looking. Looks like a bunch of alien babies. in a sweet red sauce. They are baby octopi…and I guess they look, well, delicious. There is a whole colony of octopi to choose from. and inside the head, there is a surprise. I don’t know. I just feel bad. Taco Tamago. An excellent snack for the adventurous. for 250 yen. It’s good. There is an egg inside. It’s chewy. It reminds me of the Tako in Takoyaki. What’s strange about this is that you’re eating the whole body. and gives you an image of that you’re eating a creature from the deep. I have no idea how they got the little egg in the head. but it’s good. better not ask too many questions, though. Just have fun with it. It’s an octopus on a stick. How crazy is that? Not far away from Nishiki Ichiba Market, Higashiyama’s Kiyomizu 3 chome area. It’s close to Kiyomizu-dera temple. A lovely street and area to stroll around. Many tourists dress up in a Kimono, to liven up their experience. but we’re here for the food. This shop is famous for Uji-macha tea. Delicious and icecream. It’s also the first to serve it in a pet bottle for people on the go. We ordered the Macha Soft icecream cone. Wow that looks so good. Better way to end a street food binge, than with ice cream. It’s a middle of summer. Getting hot here. It’s really good. You don’t always need a reservation at a fancy restaurant to try Kyoto’s best. When visiting, try it all! On the streets of Kyoto.

100 thoughts on “Kyoto Street Food Guide: Nishiki Ichiba Market 京都錦市場買い食い ★ ONLY in JAPAN #40

  1. I love Japanese soft ice cream! It's so good! Especially half cream flavour and half matcha! Though you can try so many different types of ice cream in summer there! Even from the vending machines. My favourite one is mint with chocolate.

  2. There are two other shopping areas interconnected with Nishiki. You may need to ask to make sure you are in the correct one. Fantastic, fresh and tasty!

  3. I know its seen as rude to walk while you eat in Japan, but in a place like this, would it be acceptable?

  4. I went to Kyoto back in October so I could go to this Market and try all this food. When I found the tamago octopus another tourist came up behind me, and said he would give me 500 yen if I ate one. I ordered 2, and I looked him directly in the eyes as I ate the first one whole. I told him i came here specifically for these. They were delicious, and his face and the 500 yen only made it taste better LOL.

  5. Hi, John. Extreme disappointment. You did an episode with Kevin on a Tacoyaki place on the Osaka Loop Line and I wanted to check it out. Now that I’m here, from Los Angeles, California, I see the place has been closed down. The Octopus head has been taken off the building and the doors are closed. Total bummer.

  6. Damn wish I never saw these videos.

    Now I know what's inside that octopus head and it won't be a surprise anymore 🙁

  7. This is why I love Japan, everything looks delicious and afforadable. If you were to convert the Yen spent to Dollars they spent no less than $20 for all of those snacks!

  8. I don’t really eat fish but good grief the food looks good and it might be a first time I’ll actually want to eat fish

  9. 0:43 you guys looks like Super Americans! LOL ( ≧▽≦) half pants, sandals and tee. oops I was in the middle of watching this

  10. John, aside from good food in Japan, you shall witness good innovation. This is the home of Nintendo. Nintendo Co. Ltd., that is.

  11. theres a shop that sells a tangerine in Mochi and a Wagu beef stand and you can try it all when you live in Kyoto! it's fun and peaceful here and is only 2 hours from Seki City by train! as an local (i'm american but been living in Kyoto for 5 years so I can say i'm a local) I recommend it!

  12. Yeah, know what you mean with the whole octopus…I was at Hirosaki castle for the sakura and the takoyaki there had an entire baby octopus in each piece! Was super tasty but I felt pretty bad eating it….

  13. Why everything seems pricey. Even the soft ice cream costs about 200 Philippine pesos when you can get one served at 7-11 here for 15 pesos!

  14. Was there last January. Me and my mom couldn't get enough of the seafood barbecue there. Were making it point to head back there this August.

  15. Nishiki market was a rip off tourist trap in my opinion. Prices were ridiculous compared to restaurant prices. Quality is not that much better. I dropped about US$50 buying various street foods and seafood and it wasn't that mind blowing at all. I found the sashimi at the supermarket was of equivalent quality but much cheaper.

  16. I can see why people voted down this video because its to darn short! I myself could have watched a hour of this amazing street food.

  17. Even though I cannot fully understand you in those videos, I cant stop binge watching these. Keep up the good work!

  18. Your spontaneity makes your videos unique, I thank you John because thanks to you I'm familiar with Japan and studying English.

  19. I wish i can try all that food with u and enjoj. One day i hope. Good luck. All best 👍😁❤️🇷🇸

  20. nice videos john daub.. i really enjoy it.. i`ve been there in kyoto i must say.. its amazing.. the food was good the view and also the people are great.. try to go in golden was fun
    more videos to come..

  21. Recently traveled to Kyoto's Nishiki Market, an amazing experience i would gladly repeat. Incredible food, flavors and ramen. Colorful and friendly. Best to prepare for humidity when you go but all worth it.

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