18 thoughts on “Last Chance Kitchen: All of a Spudden (Season 15, Episode 2) | Bravo

  1. Lee Anne with under-seasoned food is hard to believe. But all the viewer can do is look at the food, while Tom tastes it. It was interesting that Lee Anne asked him to taste her dish again. She must have had faith in her execution.

  2. As soon as I heard it was potatoes, I thought French Fries. Knew from the get go that Fries was a winner. Marcelo killed it with the nitrogen.

  3. Is there any way not to put the eliminated chef of the night's episode on the thumbnail of these Last Chance Kitchen videos? Spoils the whole episode, and makes it hard to tune in on TV (especially for us die hard WEST COAST fans)…

  4. I feel kinda bad for Melissa. To be the losing chef 3 times in a row for the same ingredient has to be infuriating. Potatoes will be the bane of her existence going forward.

  5. This wasn't exactly exciting. I could tell who was going to lose before the challenge began. She was up against 3 power houses, and she's not that good.

  6. Jaja, when Tom is like "and french fries…" at 10:01, Marcel's blinks are like "but they were the good kind…" You've got to love Marcel!

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