Lava Cake 2 Ways: Red Velvet & Chocolate

Lava Cake 2 Ways: Red Velvet & Chocolate

– Hi guys, so today I’m gonna show you two fantastic lava cakes that are light and cakey on the outside and warm and ooey and gooey on the inside, my kind of dessert. (upbeat music) So first I’m gonna show you guys how I make my red velvet lava cakes and if you know me, I love
all things red velvet. I love red velvet cookies,
I love red velvet cupcakes. – Tia’s favorite dessert. – Even our wedding cake
was red velvet, uh, and I love red velvet lava cakes. So let’s do this! Why not, right? Before I get into the steps, I wanna give you guys
actually a little tip, this is Tia Mowry’s Quick
Fix and I’m all about just giving you guys tips to make your experience
in the kitchen better. I like to prep whatever vessel I’m using when I’m baking first. I’m doing this because I
don’t want my batter to sit. If I start with my batter and I don’t have anything prepped, then my batter is gonna
end up sitting for a while and then it won’t leave me
with a really nice moist cake. So don’t skip this step, prep, it’s all about the prepping here, okay? Alright, so let’s do this. Take some butter and you can use your hand and I’m just gonna spread
my butter all over. So I wanna make my
ramekins are well-greased because I don’t want
my lava cakes sticking. Once I take these bad boys out, I just want them to
slide out nice and easy. I’m going to add some sugar to this. And a lot of people will line
their ramekins with flour but I don’t wanna do that, because if you do, when you
take your lava cakes out, you’ll see the white flour
along the outsides of the cake and we don’t want that. We want this to be really nice and pretty. Just gonna add a little bit of sugar here. So I wanna make sure, again,
that the sugar is coated along the sides, at the bottom, and whatever is leftover,
I’m just gonna dump it into the next ramekin. Alright, so my ramekins
are nice and prepped, I’m just gonna push them aside and start working on my wet ingredients. Right in front of me, I
have a big mixing bowl, you want it to be a nice size ’cause you’re gonna be dumping
lots of ingredients in there. And to this, I’m gonna have some eggs, so I have two eggs here and an extra yolk. Extra yolk is gonna make this
batter really nice and rich. Add some sugar, and now
I’m just gonna mix away. So I’m looking for my eggs
and my sugar to blend nicely and to look nice and frothy! (laughing) Now onto my favorite part
about anything red velvet, it’s, I mean, the chocolate. So right here I have some white chocolate with some butter that I’ve
melted in the microwave. I’ve done this in 20 second increments and I did that because I don’t
want my chocolate to burn. You can use whatever chocolate you want, you can use dark chocolate, but what I like to do is
use the white chocolate because when I add the red
color to the chocolate, it just gives you a
really nice bright red. Whenever adding something hot to eggs, you wanna make sure that you
just kinda do it nice and slow because you don’t want
your eggs to actually cook. The way to prevent that
is to keep whisking as you’re adding, so you’re gonna be using two hands, right? So what I like to do is I like to add a dish towel up under the
bowl that I have right here because if I don’t, the bowl is just gonna
start sliding forward and I don’t want that to happen, I kinda wanna anchor it a little bit. I’m gonna use this hand
to basically slowly pour my melted white chocolate and butter, and then with my right hand,
I’m just gonna whisk away. So you see, the dish
towel is allowing the bowl that I have on the bottom to not move. Now on to the color. I’m just gonna add a
little bit of red color, there we go, look at that! This is nice and red, bright red. I have an interesting memory about when I made these dark
chocolate red velvet cupcakes and it was for this
Halloween competition show and I was so nervous because
I was going head to head with this very famous cake decorator, oh my gosh, he kept on
making jokes (laughs). Oh man, whenever I think about red velvet, I always go to that memory. It was a lot of fun, I actually shot this competition show in Vegas so it was pretty cool,
it was a lot of fun. So this looks really nice and red and now I’m just gonna add my
dry ingredients to this bowl. I’m gonna start with my flour. Get in there, awesome. To add another chocolate flavor to these red velvet lava cakes, I’m gonna add some cocoa powder. There we go. And then I’m gonna add some salt. So my dry ingredients are in
and I’m just gonna lightly fold and this is really important because you don’t your cake to be tough, you want it to be really nice and light. So I’m just gonna just
not overwork this batter. I just wanna fill this
up about 3/4 of the way. So I’m using a scooper
because I want my lava cakes to come out even. I’m gonna put this into the oven at 400 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. How you know that it’s
done is you wanna make sure that the outside is really nice and firm and the inside is jiggly. Jiggly, jiggly, jiggly, jiggly (laughing). Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. And you wanna make that you don’t overbake because you’ll lose the ooey gooey center. You’re talking to a red velvet lover and you can’t have red velvet lava cakes without cream cheese. I know that there’s some sort
of controversy out there, whipped cream or cream cheese? Well guess what? I’m a cream cheese kind of girl, okay? So while my lava cakes are
in the oven baking away, I’m gonna work on my icing. In this mixing bowl, I have
room temperature cream cheese and I like it when it’s
at room temperature because it just makes mixing easier. You don’t get any clumps,
you know what I mean? No clumps here (laughs). So I’m just gonna mix this away, there we go. I’m gonna add some powdered sugar. Whisk away. So if your icing tends to
stick while using a whisk, what I like to do is just kinda hit on the side like that and you see? All of it comes off. You don’t have to fight it, you don’t have to get into a little fight, you know what I mean? (laughing) Nobody wants to fight with icing! Now I’m gonna add vanilla extract, just a little bit, just a dash. Ugh, this is smelling and
looking amazing already. And now I’m gonna add some milk. So the consistency that I’m looking for is an icing consistency. If it’s too thick, then
you need some more liquid, if it’s too drippy, I
need more powdered sugar. So this is starting to look great, it’s starting to look like some icing, something that I can drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, drizzle (laughs), over my lava cakes. And I’m just gonna set this aside. So I’m taking lava cakes out of the oven, I let them cool down
for about three minutes so that I can handle them and I’m gonna take this knife and just loosen up the
cake along the edges here. You want the outside to be nice and firm and then you want the center
to just jiggle a little bit, there we go. ♪ Jiggling baby, we’re jiggling
baby, we’re jiggling baby ♪ And now I’m just gonna
flip this bad boy over. Place this on top and just
give it a nice little flip. Voila! Pretty, pretty, pretty! Did you see how easy that was? So I’m just gonna pour this icing and just let gravity do the rest. Isn’t this beautiful? So why pay seven to $8 at a restaurant when you can actually make
this divine lava cake at home for a fraction of the cost? Now for the moment we
all been waiting for, let’s cut into this lava cake. (laughing maniacally) Delicious! First lava cake down, I mean, this would definitely
have to be my favorite. Now on to a plain chocolate lava cake that my son would absolutely
love, and hopefully you too. Alright, so first what I’m gonna do is again grease my ramekin and I’ve just greased it with some butter and this time, instead of using sugar, I’m gonna use cocoa powder so that my lava cakes don’t stick. Now onto my wet ingredients, and again, everything is the same
with just a few tweaks. So to my mixing bowl, I’m gonna add my two eggs and my egg yolk, I’m gonna add some sugar,
give it a nice whisk to make sure the sugar
just melts, actually, that’s what it’s doing. Just combine with the eggs, and again, we’re looking
for a frothy consistency. So instead of using white chocolate, I’m using dark chocolate. So I’ve melted my chocolate
down with some butter and you really can use any
kind of chocolate you want. This looks amazing, smells great. And now onto my dry ingredients. I’m gonna add some flour,
cocoa powder, and salt. And now I’m just gonna nicely
fold all of my ingredients. Alright, this looks amazing. Now I’m just gonna add my chocolate batter into my ramekins, scoop them in. And I’m gonna bake these lava cakes at 400 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. So I pulled my chocolate
lava cakes out of the oven, I’ve let them cool down
for two to three minutes, and now we are about to dress
these bad boys up (laughs). Voila! Now I’m gonna add some whipped cream. (laughs maniacally) Yes! Yass! Add some raspberries. Now let’s see this bad boy
ooze delicious chocolate. Now this is heaven. I hope you’ve enjoyed these lava cakes. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite
and make sure you subscribe to Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix
and I’ll see you next week, bye guys! (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Lava Cake 2 Ways: Red Velvet & Chocolate

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