Lean meat recipe,green beans with garlic.

Lean meat recipe,green beans with garlic.

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well happy All Saints Day today so today I will cook Mediterranean diet type of
recipe I will cook pork lean meat I do like grill but using the pan and I
will use garlic parsley and the lean meats only so we will start cooking in
the count of one two coming up so now we will start cooking so our ingredients is
garlic lean meat and parsley that’s it we will grill the lean meat using pan
not charcoal or oven you will use the pan ok we will peel this first the garlic
and we will cut it in small cube very thin slices this type of recipe is very good
because it’s a diet food like that if you want to use other
alternatives like if you don’t have a fresh garlic you can use the powder
garlic and now we will start with the parsley I will use also the trunk of the
parsley I don’t throw it,some throw it but me I will use. just chop it into fine
very fine so this is our ingredients and a little
oil I will start cooking we put the fire on a medium high fire I will
use olive oil it is a little olive oil we wait first to be hot the pan okay we
will add our lean meat we need to put it all okay okay its all in there as you can see the water is coming
out by itself I just add only two spoon approximately of olive we will
try it now just turn turn you know pork lean meat or other kinds o flean meatt is a good source of protein with a lower fat content for it have a lower
calorie content so this is very good for diet people and limit have a health
benefits like it is a good source of protein and have fewer calories than
compared to non lean meats and this type of meat are good for people who are
doing like diet like that and now we will add our garlic just like this and
later on our parsley but later and we will add the pepper powder black pepper
powder okay and salt to taste okay that and we will wait it again and
turn that’s it okay since it is so smoky I will put the exsos fun
sorry for the noise very nice is the exsos fun and now we will turn it again slowly slowly it will be cook I put it in low medium fire
so this is it and now we pour a cooking wine
just little for to make it soft just a little and we will make more the fire so that
the alcohol will be evaporated look the color is becoming brown turn now we will add our parsley I’m going to be fine and its really smell good the aroma of the garlic and parsley combine together is really have very nice smell eating half cook meat is not good again we turn we need to turn a occasionally so that
it will be well cook and be careful not to be dry
because if it is so dry it will be hard just on exact point look at these
very nice texture very nice look right and really the aroma is good smell good be careful not to be dry just 0n the exact point of cooking not half cook or over cook this is it it’s already cook now we will
remove it look at it and of course we put also the garlic just like that not the oil it’s juicy not dry for to do the diet completely we accompany lean meat with judia berde it’s a green beans it’s already cooked
I just heat it with garlic on the same pan I will heat the beans and a garlic fried garlic this one a spoon of fried garlic

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  1. meron na naman akong natutunang Bagong recepi at Bagong lulutuin at Bagong panglasa magiging masaya na naman ang alaga ko.

  2. Having lean meat in your table is a good choice because it is relatively low fat contain. It is a good source of protein and have fewer calories.

    Then, with the combination of parsley and garlic – this recipe becomes more delicious and very healthy.

    As we all know, parsley is a nutritional powerhouse with vitamins A, B, C And K and the minerals iron and potassium…plus the presence of Garlic that is widely used as a flavoring in cooking and also been used as a medicine.

    Thank You for sharing my Friend.

    Happy cooking and eating.

  3. Thank you for this recipe!! I love garlic n I’m going to try this. Thank you my friend. ❤️🌷🌹👍🏼😎✌🏼

  4. Hola buenos dias sarap nman po ng niluluto mo dalhan nio nman po ako sa kubz q tamzak n po kta kw n balaha lamz n dZ.

  5. Sarap naman po ng recipe mo Ma'am thanks po sa pag share gagawin ko rin ito.Salamat din po sa pagdaan mo sa aking palasyo nagbabalik po ako.

  6. Srp nmn po nyan mam ang bango ng iyong buong kusina tamang tama po yn dto s aking hntd n ampalaya salad syo phngi nlng dn po ng isa yn partner ko dn sa salad kong gwa.

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