100 thoughts on “Leftover Valentine’s Candy Food Hacks

  1. me: oh, okay they’re melting chocolate, wonder what they’re gonna do with it.
    Rhett: Puts his bare foot on the desk
    me: oh, okay this is happening…

  2. For everyone commenting about their jokes. Leave it alone, it’s for adults, so we have something to laugh at. And I bet it’s people 18+ that’s getting rear hurt about it. There are other channels that are way more provocative

  3. Come on Link… get into that massage. Rhett… "I'm still looking for my wife's information spot."… Lol.

  4. I love how he didn't even look at him before, during, or after instinctively shoving a strawberry in his face.

  5. I am appalled at the fact that no-one has commented about Link fits that thick ass masher in his mouth…..

  6. Everyone is talking about link feeding Rhett Strawberries and the Hershey Kiss punch but no one is talking about 3:50 😂😂

  7. Does anyone else watch the foot massage thing worrying rhett will accidentally drip links feet chocolate in his drink

  8. So I got on YouTube to research something for school and then I ended up watching two grown men massage each other’s feet with chocolate at 2 am. Life is wacky man

  9. *all underwear can be edible underwear if you want it bad enough *
    Really I thought this was a family show Rhett.? 😣😌🤣🤙


    Rhett, angrily: punches the giant chocolate, ripping it apart

    Everyone else: hahaha…

    ಠωಠ at 10:32

  11. I have a certification exam tomorrow and this is what I choose to watch instead of something relevant. This is going to come creeping into my mind like the liquified chocolate and I am going to be dying at my computer.

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