Low Calorie Alcoholic Beverages, Lowest Calorie Alcohol

Low Calorie Alcoholic Beverages, Lowest Calorie Alcohol

Low-calorie alcoholic beverages is Alcohol killing your diet There’s no question that drinking alcohol can get in the way of your weight loss the standard 1.5 ounce serving of 80-proof alcohol has 96 calories This is even before you add any mixers and most of us aren’t just drinking straight liquor the juices Syrups and sodas that we mix in are what really adds the calories unless you are having just one drink at dinner Chances are you’re having multiple drinks? If you’re out on the town with friends The most popular mixed drinks are well over 200 calories for a standard size so you can imagine just how fast it can all add up highest calorie alcoholic drinks Long Island iced tea I was sad that this drink made the list because it is something I drink pretty regularly and when I do it’s more than one The main ingredients of this drink are rum Gin, triple sec. Sweet and sour mix poke for it 10 ounces let you’re looking at about 550 calories if you’re on a 1200 calorie diet just two of these would be about as many calories as you need for the whole day Margarita who doesn’t love a great margarita whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo or you’re just out at your favorite Mexican Restaurant margaritas are a crowd favorite however, once you know the calories You might just rethink it next time you order the main ingredients are tequila margarita sour mix triple sec lime juice sugar an 8 ounces standard margarita will set you back about 455 calories pina colada if you are a fan of fruity drinks You might have had a pina colada or two in your day while typically you can hardly taste the alcohol There’s plenty of it in it. And it’s definitely high in calories. Some of the main ingredients are rum coconut creme pineapple juice in just a four ounces pina colada you’re looking at about 245 calories yikes Whiskey sour if you are more into dark liquor than a whiskey sour might be a favorite of yours The ingredients are bourbon lemon juice sugar syrup Angostura bitters egg white lemon for a six ounces drink it will cost you about 282 calories lowest calorie alcoholic beverages Champaign Champaign Is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks one standard flute about four ounces Has way fewer calories than a glass of wine or any mixed drink You could enjoy a glass of champagne and it would only be about 90 calories vodka and soda enjoy a drink while sticking to your diet goals the ingredients in a vodka and soda are vodka soda water lime for taste Since soda water has zero calories all your calories come from the vodka For a 12 ounces glass. It would only be about 80 calories Moscow Mule if you’re looking for something with a little more flavor try the Moscow Mule it is made with vodka ginger beer lime juice

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