Low Calorie Cooking Basics | Burgers

Low Calorie Cooking Basics | Burgers

Hey everybody and welcome to a potentially
new series here on the channel called low calorie cooking basics. I’ve been coming across more and more ideas
and things that I want to share with you about ways I save calories in the kitchen with little
to no effort and they’re just a little bit too basic to make into an entire recipe video
like my usual style. I thought this would be a little bit of a
fun format, have a more casual chat about some basic cooking tips and how to save on
calories, all sorts of things like that. I have a few ideas in the works so I think
this is going to become a somewhat regular series. I hope you all enjoy it, make sure to let
me know down in the comments what you think after you give this a watch. But this week we’re taking a look at how to
make low calorie lean burgers, without having them be dry and terrible like they usually
are. We’re going to be making 1/4 pound patties,
we are actually going to be cooking in the cast iron, this is something you don’t have
to do, you can use a regular pan and do this on the stove or use a different method and
still cook it in the oven but I’ve done a lot of testing and tweaking. I’m a huge fan of burgers and I never was
able to get a burger that was leaner than 85 15 to actually taste good until I tried
a few of these different methods. So we’re actually going to be baking the burgers
today, I know that sounds a little bit like blasphemy for any true burger fans, but trust
me, for the calorie savings these things just come out amazing. So I’m going to put this in the oven, we’re
preheating right now to 450 degrees. Alright, so we’ve got our plate, we’ve got
our kitchen scale. So when you’re weighing out food to use you
want to zero out your kitchen scale and then take everything off. I have this already set to zero, gonna switch
this to ounces, 4 oz is a quarter pound. Now with burgers they thicken up so much when
they’re in the cooking process so you want to make sure and have them as thin as you
can possibly get them. This kind of feels like a cooking show, are
you guys into this? I’ll be honest, I wanted to show you guys
the low calorie burgers but none of the rest of this was planned out, I figured I’d just
kind of wing it. It seemed like a more casual approach would
be the most fun for everybody. This is fun though, I feel like I’m rachel
ray or something. Now you can use whatever spices you’d like
here, I would recommend though, don’t mix in anything into the meat, we’re just going
to be seasoning the outside. That’s an important step to make sure that
all of that moisture stays in the burger, when you don’t have very much fat to work
with you’ve gotta make sure and keep it as juicy as possible. This makes a big difference. I used to always mix stuff into my burgers,
since I started doing this I can use a lot leaner beef and it tastes just as good. So we’re just going to add in a little bit
of salt, little bit of pepper, and this is Weber roasted garlic and herb seasoning. I’m a huge fan of any of those weber seasonings
if you get the chance to pick some of that up. Season both sides of the patty, by now our
pan should be preheated enough, my oven takes forever so I usually get a little impatient. So we have our cast iron that is already preheated,
we’re at 450 degrees in the oven. So we’ll put this patty directly in the center,
no need to oil it because we have that cast iron. So I like my burgers medium well, it’s gonna
cook for a total of about 12 minutes in there. I’m going to grab out some of the ingredients
here, and make note. I am making this burger, it’ll come out to
about 375 calories, I’m using regular cheese, I’m using regular cheap-o hamburger buns. Not that it’s the healthiest option, but I
always like to stress that there are ways to make any sort of food fit into your diet. A few simple easy changes and tweaks allow
a lot of this stuff to be possible which makes it a lot easier to stay on track. Say your craving a burger but you only have
500 calories, you can have this one and have a side, still have calories to spare while
you’re deep into a cut. Just a couple of little changes that you probably
won’t even notice and it makes all of the difference. Got those ready, I’m going to put this away. I really like to clean as I cook, a lot less
work later. I got this here, it’s sizzling, grab a spatula. That’s about 12 minutes of cook time, about
8 minutes in you take it and you flip it and we’re also going to take our cheese. Like I said, with saving calories, we’re using
1/2 a piece of cheese, 1/2 the calories, still covers pretty much the whole burger so a nice
easy way to save 45 calories. Alright, while we’re waiting for this, leave
me a comment down below. Are you a gas griller or a charcoal griller? I want to live vicariously through all of
you in my apartment over here. Alright, so a couple more minutes have passed
and our burger is done. I am always a ketchup guy on the burgers. All we’re going to do, take that right in
there, move this out of the way… We’re going to top this with a little bit
of ketchup. That’s a little bit less than a serving but
we’ll call it one serving. And then to go with this, we have a newer
recipe of mine. These are actually sweet potato fries—chunks—I
don’t know, whatever you want to call them, but they’re delicious. So there we have it. You know, I can’t stress enough, this is just
a regular white bread bun, 140 calories, we have 1/2 a piece of cheese, regular normal
not any no-fat sort of cheese, 93 7 ground beef, 1/4 pound, comes out to 375 calories
with the ketchup. With these, you’re at 500 calories to have
a burger and fries at home, I’ve had bowls of oatmeal that were more calories than that. I think there’s a lot of these little things,
you know tweaks and changes you can make that are really important and are just going to
make your lives a lot easier. Things I’ve picked up over the 4-5 years of
dieting and now 3-4 years of maintenance, I can’t believe it’s been almost a decade
of changing my lifestyle but I hope you guys enjoyed this. Leave me a like, comment down below let me
know what you think, and subscribe if you want to see more, I put out new videos every
Monday and Friday. I’m thinking these are going to be in the
regular rotation so hopefully you liked it. I’m gonna get to eating this burger, I’ll
talk to you guys later.

23 thoughts on “Low Calorie Cooking Basics | Burgers

  1. Gas grilling or charcoal grilling? Let me know your vote! Also, those sweet potatoes are amazing! Recipe will be coming soon. 🔥🔥

  2. Great video! Charcoal & mesquite griller here!! Of course living in sth Tx surrounded by mesquite wood!! Gives burgers & meat a great flavor! Josh., your burger looked great with ketchup but, it was missing “pickles!” LoL
    Keep up the Great Work!! Jon 🐈

  3. We rock the gas grill mainly for getting the food done quick. We have 2 young girls and my wife that don't wait for the food to cook when they are hungry.

    I know this will sound off to the grillers out there but I have actually started cooking my brats(mainly in the winter) in the oven. I will start them in a pan on the stove top and get a nice brown on all sides then put in the over to finish them off. They seem to really hold the juice without all the flair ups on the grill or all the spitting on the stove top. When they are done I will pull them and like any other meat in the oven I will let it rest so all the juice doesn't just drain out.

    For my burgers I have split my cheese slices in half for a while. Most of the time when grilling the cheese will end up mostly melting off the burger anyways, so no need to waste it. You need to get some pickled onions on that burger with some mustard and you would be set.

    Thanks for another great video Josh. I really enjoy them and look forward to the next. Have a great weekend.

  4. Good tip on saving burger moisture by not mixing stuff in. I like to mix my seasonings together then apply to the burger for better , more even coverage

  5. This was a really good video!
    It goes a long way toward showing that even small changes can have a huge impact!
    I like the format a lot. The angle you're using for your kitchen reminds me a bit of JunsKitchen (which you should totally check out, if you haven't, because I think you'll really appreciate his camera work/aesthetic. I think his videos will really inspire you with camera placement for cooking/etc, too!
    I'm definitely looking forward to more of these.

  6. I bloody love how you've managed to do well on YouTube. I remember when I started watching and you only had 3k. Keep it up. Would be good to see you in the gym.

  7. Personally I would swap out the cheese for vegetables. Can replace with egg also. Either way I'd add vegetables – perfect opportunity to in a burger. If you need calcium then I'd recommend low fat greek yoghurt. If you must have cheese then I recommend low fat cottage cheese. Also would swap out the regular buns for low carb versions (higher protein, higher dietary fibre as a ratio of overall carbs). Of course if this is just a once a week cheat meal then that's fine, but if you eat this a couple of times a week then I'd recommend the above. Good video series, keep em coming.

  8. Burger and Fries are probably my favorite meal! Thank you for this vid! PLEASE do the sweet potato fries recipe sometime. I make my own and I'd love to hear your ideas. Do you think that adding chopped bell pepper and/or onion with affect the dryness of the burger? They are mostly water, i think. I'm definitely going to try the skillet cooking in the oven. You're awesome!

  9. Good idea, nice new video segments! I remember my first burger, from Beyond Meat (pea protein burgers), and was amazed at how moist and thick they were compared to anything I'd ever had before I switched to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. I am normally a gas grill guy, I'll let ya know what kind of grill I get once I'm back home again. The Beyond Meat burgers also cook in just a few minutes with very little clean-up.

  10. You said the burger was 937 when you were flipping it,it seemed to have a lot of grease in the pan.?? There is a grill bottom cast iron pan that would be good to let the grease drip away from the meat…

  11. Yes please to sweet potato recipes!

    We use gas grill but you have convinced me to get a cast iron skillet and try things in it.

    Do you have any recipes for fish and which fish types do you recommend? What are your thoughts on farm raised fish vs wild caught?

  12. Gas grilling is so convenient… so that's my go to…. but you can't beat the taste of a good charcoal BBQ. Great tip on the cheese here… really simple way to wiggle around some calories. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  13. Hey I just subbed and I really love your channel! I hope you make more videos like this! I don’t really eat red meat, but I’m excited to see future ones :).

  14. I've been using Turkey for burgers lately – seems healthier? and why do I add mayo – could save a few cals there, right?

  15. The Rachel Ray comment was hilarious! We have a propane grill, but I grew up using a charcoal grill. If I had a choice, I'd rather have a burger that was cooked on charcoal rather than gas. Thanks for the video!

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