Lower Breast Cancer Risk by Eating More Onions and Garlic

Lower Breast Cancer Risk by Eating More Onions and Garlic

Have you ever tried eating raw garlic or onions? Besides leaving an amazing aroma in your kitchen,
eating garlic and onion can also be amazing to prevent breast, prostate, lungs, and stomach
cancer. Did you know that? A study done in Puerto Rico with 660 women
who had breast cancer for the first time, or that didn’t have a history of cancer, showed
that those women who ingested more than a portion of raw onions and garlic a day had
67% less chances of developing breast cancer. Funnily enough, eating cooked garlic and onions,
or in any other way, doesn’t give the same benefits. To the researchers, it happens because the
antioxidants that prevent and fight cancer are destroyed when heated. Still according to the researchers, being
exposed to diallyl disulfide and S-allylmarcaptocystein, compounds found in garlic and onions are the
ones responsible for the characteristic smell of these ingredients, is what prevents that
cells from dividing uncontrollably, causing cancer. Is this video being helpful? Then, give it a thumbs up and share it with
your friends. Besides that, quercetin, one of the antioxidants
found in onions, suppresses a mutant protein of breast cancer. Allicin, present in garlic, inhibits the uncontrolled
cell division. However, when heated to 212 F for 40 to 60
minutes, these compounds are reduced. Interesting, isn’t it? But, for Dr. Simon Vincent, the research director,
even though the results of this study are intriguing, more studies are necessary. Only this way, they can come to more precise
conclusions about how ingesting raw onions and garlic can reduce the risk of breast cancer. According to the BBC, the same study was done
on men in 2002. According to this research, done on more than
700 men and published by the National Cancer Institute of the United States, garlic and
onion can help reduce the development of prostate cancer in men. At that time, they examined the diets of 230
men who suffered from prostate cancer, and 471 other men who didn’t have the disease. According to the study, the risk of developing
prostate cancer for men who eat more garlic and onion is 50% smaller than for those who
don’t eat them. So, keep in mind that, even though their smell
and looks aren’t very great, ingesting garlic and onion is linked to a smaller risk of developing
breast or prostate cancer. It is worth it to remember that people who
eat more than 0.35 oz. of onion, garlic, scallion, and shallots (a type of onion we have seen
before), would have fewer chances of developing this disease. Did you know that? However, according to Dr. Simon, the trick
to avoiding cancer is keeping yourself physically active, reducing the consumption of alcohol,
and keeping a healthy and balanced diet.

12 thoughts on “Lower Breast Cancer Risk by Eating More Onions and Garlic

  1. I was just watching a utube about this… hahahaha they said onions and garlic are not to be eaten they cause major illness hahahaha…. how absurd! I eat a diet full of onions and garlic!

  2. Why spending so much in research? Countries that eat so much garlic and onion like India or Thailand in particular for ages already knew it. For us we eat hamburgers and spend time and money on research on garlic. We know the benefits but we don't want to learn to develop our taste for raw onions or garlic. Meanwhile cancer research foundation gets tons of hard earned money to research what? Those people just get a bag of onions and garlic at Costco and can find the results in a few months….no more cold to start…continue…no more cancer. But no…cancer can come in 10 years….have to do more research. Let's make life simpler. Just eat more raw garlic, onion, have a calm mind, exercise and stay away pharmaceutical inventions, save money, buy organic, eat less, exercise more and learn alternative medicine with qi gong, Tai chi…

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