Making a Chocolate Tart WITHOUT the recipe! Chefs vs Normal Guys

Making a Chocolate Tart WITHOUT the recipe! Chefs vs Normal Guys

Hello. We are Sorted Food. This is fridge cam. My name is Jamie. I wear checked shirts. This is Barry. He wears shirts that look
like they have pockets, but actually don’t. Today we’re making a
classic chocolate tart. A classic chocolate tart
with short sweet short crust pastry and a little twist. It’s got some cherry
jam on the bottom. Absolutely. And that’s what
we’re looking for. So really fine, crispy pastry,
beautifully smooth chocolate filling, and you can
see the tight edge. And that’s what you
want to be able to cut. It should be spot on. Dig in. I can hear the crunch all the
way through, no soggy bottoms. The three guys have chosen who
is going to do this challenge, and they fit themselves
with the devices that mean you can shock them
whenever they step away from the method
we’re looking for. I mean, this is
beautiful, but so simple. I feel like I’m not going to
have to show them too much. We’ll see. Good luck. So a classic chocolate tart. So there’s two key things. Pastry. Ganache filling. But James wants us
to add a third, which is like a jam filling. One issue I see here already is
make a batch of sweet pastry. We don’t have to blind bake. Yeah, but add a
temperature that we don’t know for a length of
time that we don’t know. Well, ah, I’m not going to say
anything because he’ll shock, but I’ll leave it later on. OK. I’m going to preheat the oven. 180 degrees. So to make sweet pastry– Go on. –you rub butter into flour– That is very true. –to form a bread
crumb consistency. OK, well, get yourself a bowl. I’m just going to wash my
hands before I start cooking. What did you do that for, Jamie? Why did you do that? Baz. No. You’ve got a shock coming. Ah! All right. That’s topstitching. Got Jamie there
because they’re a team. OK, Barry, you’re doing that,
I’m going to beat an egg. In with the sugar. That’s what comes
together quite nicely. Yep. Wrapped up in cling film. Wrapped up in clean film. And it’s going to have to
go in the fridge to rest. I don’t know how long for. I mean, how long would you say? 30 minutes. You’ve had to shocker, mate. Ah! Oh. No? No. No? Funny enough? Is that right? So go again. No. Keep guessing until
we get it right? When do you ever guess? Let’s leave it in the
frig for about 15 minutes. What don’t we put
this into the fridge to rest up for about an hour. No. We have two jams. We have a bitter orange
marmalade or black cherry jam. You know what chefs do? The taste. Taste test. They taste test. Marmalade. Yep. Quite bitter. Cherry jam. Ah! You double dipped. I think the orange
has more flavor to it, and I think provide a
nice contrast to the– Bold. We can do a little bit candied
orange on top of it as well. That’s really fun. So I would say let’s go
for roughly a centimeter. We just want to
bake that in oven, which I preheated earlier. Put it in the oven. Ah. Ah. I imagine it probably
needs a few minutes just to relax and rise a bit. I brought some water up to boil. I’m now going to blanch the
orange peel within the water. Are you ready? Is it time for this to
go into the oven for– How about if we put it into
the oven for 15 minutes and then check it and
see if we think it needs to go in for any longer? It definitely needs
longer than 15 minutes. The timer has just gone off. OK. Do you want to put
that– you get that out. I’m going to get
some silicon bake ware to pour our syrup out on. So you can go ahead, mate. I’m looking. I don’t know what to do. I’m looking. The timer has gone off. It’s been in there
for 15 minutes. I think the next
step– but I have to move quickly because it’s
been in there for 15 minutes already. So I think the
next step is going to remove the
baking beans and let it cook for another 10 minutes. Ah! Hey, mate, it just
needs 5 minutes. Such a pleb. All right. Yeah. Back into the oven. Set timer for 5 minutes. Our time is done, Barry. It’s time to take our pastry
paste out of the oven. It smells good. It does smell good. Yeah. It’s great. Guys, is that pasty
case on the floor? No. No, it’s on top of a cloth. Ow. What I’m saying, perhaps
make the ganache, the person who [INAUDIBLE] this
doesn’t have chocolate. So I was going to
suggest sitting it in a bowl over hot water. No. No. What we need to do, oh no. All you have to do is
you take your cream– Yes. –put that in a pan. You heat up the cream. We’re going to lace the
cream with the honey. Yes. Butter? Where does the butter go? In at the end for class. I’m glad you’re here, and pour
the cream over the chocolate. You go right to the rim. All right. It’s probably the best
thing to do now, Barry, is to let that cool in the fridge. Ah! It is so hard to concentrate. Garnish with nibs and
then leave to set. Cocoa nibs. I’m going to leave that to set– –in a fridge. Ah. Well, that sits up, you’ve
got to pick a chef’s special knowing that the
person that comes second has to present the dish
with all the shockers on and the additional extra. Barry made the pastry. Great pastry. Did a really good job
of rolling it out. Jamie– Jim did a lot of watching
for the first half. Didn’t do that
much to begin with, but he made a great ganache. He made a really good ganache. I feel like Jamie asked
a lot of questions. Barry did a lot of action. You know what, I think
I’m going to have to go for Barry
as my chef special because he put himself
out there more. OK. Can I take that thing off? Yeah. You’re done, mate. You’re free. There we have it. It’s a classic
orange and chocolate tart made by me and Barry with
a little help from electroshock therapy sorted. Ah! Great orange. Makes me feel a little bit ill. It might not be the tart. Oh, my god. [INAUDIBLE] Let us know how you
would have gone on. That was already [INAUDIBLE]. If you want the recipe for
the classic chocolate tart, then the link is in
the box downstairs. What did the buffalo say
when he dropped his child off at school? I don’t know. What did the buffalo say
when he dropped his child off to school? Bison. Bye.

100 thoughts on “Making a Chocolate Tart WITHOUT the recipe! Chefs vs Normal Guys

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