Malai Boti Recipe – Restaurant Style Orignal Chicken Malai Boti – Kun Foods

Malai Boti Recipe – Restaurant Style Orignal Chicken Malai Boti – Kun Foods

Today, we are going to make Chicken Malai Boti Malai means Cream and Boti means a piece of Chicken It is known due to its soft and ‘melt-in-mouth’ texture When you order Malai Boti in a restaurant and when you take your first bite, you imagine yourself a King Because it is a Royal Dish you eat this alone or with any sauce its taste is very delicious Bismilla Arham Raheem, Aslam Alaikum My name is Afzal Arshad Today, again we are here with a new video Thank You all for you love for previous videos I think many people took benefit from them by trying our commercial recipes Today, we will also share a commercial recipe this is afternoon we start our food stall in the evening, so I thought let’s make a video many people have requested for bbq dishes many people have requested for Malai Boti Recipe in restaurant style now I will show you how to cut chicken to make Malai Boti, we will use chicken breast for this purpose also, I will show you the whole procedure, how to marinate and cook this recipe malai boti is a royal dish many restaurants cook and serve malai boti in BBQ malai boti is served at almost every bbq spot Taste of this dish is very soft, light and less spicy and very delicious dish first of all we need, obviously boneless chicken if you can see, this is chicken breast now we will cut and clean this this is one kg chicken this whole chicken will be used in making malai boti I have washed this chicken put this on cutting board First of all clean all the fat from chicken Cut the breast from centre and make two parts This is half breast check for bones make sure, you have removed all the bones from breast this is a strip on the breast of chicken cut the strip gently Now cut the chicken breast in long strips see this cut into small pieces after making strips usually, we cut malai boti like this same as karahi cut pieces but boneless from this strip we make Bihari Boti take this strip and cut from both sides, and you will get Bihari Boti pieces In BBQ we make Bihari botis like this, now lets focous on Malai Boti Let me cut this chicken, then I will show you the spices Chicken is ready now These are approximately fifty pieces of malai boti from 1kg chicken We well this in restaurants in the form of Platters Platter consist of three skewers, 5-6 pieces on every skewer price of a platter is in between 500 or 600 in every restaurant Let’s wash this chicken with a little salt and vinegar to remove the smell of chicken put little bit of salt and a small amount of vinegar now mix it well and wash instantly if you can see, chicken is washed, drain the water completely now we will marinate this now we will add 250grams of curd wash your hands because we will use hands to mix this you can use gloves as well now second ingredient is 20grams of ground garlic the third ingredient is green chilli, add 50 grams of ground green chillies now in spices, we will add salt firstly add less than a table spoon of salt salt is as per your taste and the second spice is whote pepper add a half tablespoon of white pepper then we will add coriander and cumin powder half tablespoon of coriander powder I will also tell grams on the screen and half tablespoon of cumin powder last two ingredients are for creamy texture Milk powder and cream add one tablespoon of dry milk powder in 1kg chicken recipe we will add 100 ml of cream cream will give malai boti a very soft and creamy taste if you can see inside this pot, we have added all the spices and ingredients, now mix this wash your hands and mix it very nice fragrance of spices and very great texture will come to malai boti you have to marinate this for at least 12 hours the real taste will come after maximum marination mixing is done the speciality in the marination of malai boti is that you have to dip the chicken in a marinade of curd and cream I have told you exactly accurate amounts minimum marination time is 7 to 8 hours to enhance the taste and softness of the chicken put it in the refrigerator for marination I recommend marination time of 24 hours do not add any tenderizer like papaya, in this recipe that will ruin the taste of the recipe this was the procedure of marination if you can see closely we have put the pieces on the skewers now put our chicken on coals heat should be very low to cook malai bioti it will take 10 to 12 minutes toss the sides meanwhile many people ask for sauces of bbq alos curd sauce is very famous with bbq, mix curd with crushed cumin and salt and also tamarind sauce this video will be very long if I started telling you about the recipe of that sauce I will upload a separate video for tamarind chutney these are all very authentic recipes from very big restaurants these are simple and authentic recipes learning about food is my passion and i am telling you with my previous 5 to 6 years of experience now see this the very delicious texture is coming to malai boti don’t let it dark in high heat heat for cooking should be very low now we will brush oil cook a little and malai boti is ready don’t let it burnt after oiling after 2 or 3 minutes it will be ready looking very creamy and appetizing Malai Boti is ready now due to sharp and thin edges of chicken, it gets burnt easily take a knife and remove those black edges i will dish out now and the way of removing it from skewers is very easy, just clean skewers and pull out remove botis from skewers with the help of a tong don’t break the botis gently remove all the pieces delicious Malai boti is ready InashAllah very delicious taste surely perfect spices perfect salt cooking is also perfect if you want my recomendation at least try this recipe once I have already told you the prices very easy to make simple recipe don’t use tenderizers inshAllah I will come live to youtube I will post the time frame InshAllah we will talk you live because a lot of comments and messages get ignored unintentionally a lot of people ask me about my self You guys enjoy this recipe InshAllah we will meet with a new recipe Take care till then remember us in your prayers may Allah bless you Allah Hafiz

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  13. This dish looks awesome I could almost smell it from the tv screen.. I'm going to make it this weekend… can't wait. Thank you for the subtitles I appreciate it… God bless. You are a wonderful chef.

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