Massive MUMBAI Indian STREET FOOD tour | Huge Indian food HUNT | SMOKY Kebabs + Gujarati PUDLA

Massive MUMBAI Indian STREET FOOD tour | Huge Indian food HUNT | SMOKY Kebabs + Gujarati PUDLA

we’re in Mumbai, India this place is
street food paradise so we’re gonna take you on a massive street food tour today we’re hunting down Mumbai’s best street food in some local neighborhoods to
bring you some mouth-watering Indian street food, this is the fifth video in
our India series and we’re exploring some of the city’s most dynamic spots to
bring you the best of Mumbai street food make sure you watch right to the end
of this video because we’re going to be devouring some delicious food you don’t
want to miss I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re chasing a Plate, we hope you’re
hungry, let’s eat! our first snack is going to be from this stall behind me and we’re going to be eating pudla so they’ve got the hot-plates going and they’re making the pudla or the chickpea pancake as we speak let’s go and grab one this is the pudla, how good does this
thing look? So pudla is a savory pancake it’s made from chickpea flour
we’ve ordered the tomato and cheese version so it was awesome watching the
chef make it, what he did was he grabbed cupfuls of the chickpea flour batter
poured it onto the hot plate and then he just loaded the pancake up with
different ingredients so the tomato, a ton of coriander, a lot of salt, he splashed
lots of ghee so clarified butter onto it and then once it was done grated tonnes of cheese on top of it and added more coriander and then we have this spectacular looking thing
so it’s also served with a slice of white bread I suppose just to bulk out
the meal and then we’ve got some finely chopped red onion and then three types of chutneys, so I think this one might be a mango chutney let’s have a quick taste
and see mmmm mango chutney it’s really sweet this green one here is a coriander and mint one I think and then we’ve got a really red spicy chilli chutney let’s just get into
this thing, I’m gonna just rip it open whoa it’s nice and hot and look at that
there’s so much tomato in there so you can see the tomato and the coriander, that
cheese is starting to melt which is what like, I’m just gonna swipe it through
that mango chutney and get a little bit of that green chutney as well mmmmm whoa that’s just the perfect start to our massive street food tour that is very, very tasty the tomato is really juicy, the coriander flavour is quite strong the actual pancake you can’t really taste the chickpea flavour, it’s not overwhelming it’s just a really nice texture, a little bit doughy and then you’ve got that finely grated cheese on there which is just sort of melting because it’s so
finely grated it just melts in your mouth it’s super creamy doesn’t have a very strong flavor though
alright let’s just go again, got a nice piece there I’m gonna grab a bit of that
red onion and let’s swipe it through that bright red chutney there and some of that green chutney as well okay mmmm the green and the red chutney have a bit
of chilli heat, so you get a burst of chilli from that mouthful and then that mango
chutney that’s so good it just adds this nice mellow sweetness, this is such a delicious first stop all right so from this stall behind me we’ve
ordered a couple of keema samosas so keema is minced meat and in this case
it’ll be mutton or mutton in India is actually goat so it’s served with this
green chutney on the side it looks nice and crispy I’m just going to dip it in
that chutney and go for a big bite mmmmmm, the outer is really crispy and it’s quite thin and light and inside, you can see here it’s like a minced meat mixture together with spring onions and white onions
it’s so beautifully spiced there’s a little bit of the chilli in there it’s
just got so much flavour I gotta go again ohhh that is an absolute winner it’s just
perfectly balanced, you’ve got that savory salty, spicy minced mixture and then that
really crisp outer shell this next restaurant we’re going to has the biggest hot plate I have ever seen it’s just a huge hot plate but we’re gonna get a Karachi
style chicken roll here got my golden Karachi style chicken
roll here so you can see it looks all crispy on the outside and we’ve got some
red onion some cabbage and a little little tiny bit of lime so I’m gonna
squeeze that lime all over it just to give it some acidity, let’s grab a middle
piece out of there ohhhh look at the filling chunky bits of chicken in there and
beautiful red color, let’s go mmmmm, wow, mmmm that is incredible
it’s really crispy on the outside and then it’s really soft in the inside and
quite oily, the chicken cubes are really tender and it’s got a bunch of
onions in there but it also has a great spice like a chilli spice wow that is a
good flavor I’m gonna grab a bunch of these red onions and lay them on another
piece cause I want to have that fresh crunch wow, wow it’s so good I think it had some tomato in it it’s got a real sort of sweet acidic, a real tanginess to it and then the fresh onion really adds to that and the cooked
onions inside add to it again but texturally it’s amazing it’s crunchy on
the outside, oily and soft on the inside and then you have the fresh
crunch that zing from the lime going on top is a very bold flavor, it’s a lot
of strong flavors coming together perfectly – like nothing’s taking over
that is an incredible roll when the sun goes down all the kebab stalls open up and then the smell of smoky meat fills the air, let’s go and grab some kebabs we’ve got our meat feast in front of us
and they’re literally cooking this right out on the street so the grills are going,
there’s smoke everywhere, there’s heat from those charcoals and then there’s
that smoky delicious smell of cooking meat, so this is what we’ve ordered, let
me talk you through, so we’ve got the boti kebab so it’s beef, in India beef
on menus means water buffalo so it’s pretty much just water buffalo that’s
been marinated in lots of spices and then basted with ghee to finish it off
and then cooked over the charcoals, this is the chicken malai tikka so they’ve
threaded all of the chicken bits onto the skewer, they’ve marinated it all before in spices and lemon and cream and then
cooked that over charcoals we’ve got some naan to go with it, some red onions, mint
and lime to squeeze all over the meat and then this here is the mutton baida roti so it’s also known as murtabak in places like Malaysia and Singapore so
it’s like a roti outer and then inside is a mixture of egg and onions and
coriander and minced mutton and these guys were just ladling so many spoonfuls
of oil or ghee I’m not sure what it was onto that tawa or huge hot plate to
cook that baby up I want to dive into this chicken malai tikka so we’ve got some naan and also these onions and the little lemon so let’s grab a little thing of
lemon squirt some onto those huge chunks of chicken, just grab a nice big juicy
piece Wow oh wow
it’s really spicy with chilli and has a real creaminess to it, the chicken is
super tender really soft but it’s just covered in
spices need more naan, let’s grab more naan off but I want some of these red
onions with this one so we’ve got the naan, let’s grab some of that chicken and then I’m gonna load it up with some
red onions, just to give it a real crunch all right Oh ohhh yea the onions just totally lift it, they
give it more texture so that crunch from the onions and a little bit of freshness
but the chicken has so much flavor in it and I love the charred bits so you can see
where it’s been on those charcoals it’s just absolutely charred on the
edges I’m just going to actually eat a nice big juicy piece of chicken without
anything oh the marinade that it’s in, is so good it’s
covered in spice and then chilli as well so it’s got chilli, it’s got spice it’s
creamy that is so tender and so beautiful, I want to grab a piece of the mutton baida roti so it’s super gooey looking inside and this
outside looks crispy but it doesn’t feel crispy because the amount of oil was
ridiculous that was on the tawa or the hot plate, but let’s see if it’s crunchy or not not crunchy at all but damn it’s tasty
the egg flavor’s really strong so that that meat mixture the mutton inside,
it’s filled with meat, there’s actually big chunks of fresh tomato in there which
have hardly cooked down I mean it’s obviously been on the hot plate but the tomato is still really crunchy and fresh and there is a tonne of coriander
which adds a beautiful sort of bitterness to it, it is bursting with oil bursting with it but it’s actually really, really tasty time to eat this boti kebab so the boti kebab is the
water buffalo what I’m gonna do is just grab some red onion and squeeze some
lime over it to give it a bit of zing and then just eat the meat just like that mmm the meat is super tender, it’s got a
really strong flavor of cumin and also a little bit of a chilli hit, it’s also a
little bit squishy like the marinade has almost turned creamy on the outside, the meat is super tender and then the onions are really crisp and crunchy adding that
lemon was really, really good time for the mutton baida roti, so in India mutton is actually goat that roti has really soaked up all of
that oil, so it’s quite oily, the mixture inside is really creamy so the eggs are
really creamy but the meat still has a bit of bite and then the onions and coriander
are really sweet, really add a beautiful zing to all of the flavors in there this is super tasty we’re at out next stop to eat what some call Mumbai’s best ice cream let’s go and grab a couple of scoops we’re at Taj Ice-creams and they have been in business since 1887 so we’ve got two
fruit ice creams here we’ve got strawberry and then the Alphonso mango
and we’ve just been told that it’s the start of the mango season so now’s the
time to eat it I’ve got to get in and try this, it’s got
huge chunks of mango in there and all these ice creams are still hand
churned every morning that is amazing, it’s not overly sweet
you can really taste the flavor of the fruit, it’s a little bit icy and
very very creamy I’m gonna try the strawberry one which is rapidly
melting ohhhh okay that is insane, it’s so good
really really strong strawberry flavor, a little bit sweet and very creamy, these are
the perfect snack I’ve got the mango Wow, wow it is completely real,
there’s no fakeness at all to that so despite the cup making it look like a
very modern little restaurant it’s not at all, actually out the back looks
proper old-school, old hand churned ice cream that is an awesome little sweet treat another mad food day in Mumbai and now we’re back out onto these hectic streets we are loving it here in India and we have got a tonne of food videos to come so make sure you hit that subscribe button on our channel, give this video a huge thumbs up and if you want to support Chasing a Plate content, check out our Patreon page, thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next time, alvida, alvida

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