Matthew Quinn Designs A Kitchen That Works For You | Building The Dream Nashville | House Beautiful

Matthew Quinn Designs A Kitchen That Works For You | Building The Dream Nashville | House Beautiful

– [Carisha] We’ve all imagined
it, if you could build your dream house, what
would that look like? A space that inspires you, calms you and ultimately helps
you live your best life. We’ve asked today’s hottest designers to make this their mission. – We wanted to create an area of serenity. – [Carisha] Each design
team will take a room from studs to the finishing touches. – And we want to create a space, that’s unique, inviting and a ton of fun. – [Carisha] Showing you how to make every corner of your space work harder, better, and more beautifully than
you ever thought it could. – Make a statement! – I’m Carisha Swanson from House Beautiful and we are Building
The Dream in Nashville. Our next designer, is kitchen and bath designer, Matthew Quinn. Matthew has designed countless
luxury kitchens, pantries, baths and even closets for his clientele, and published two books appropriately called Quintessential Kitchens. Matthew will be taking over the
kitchen and butler’s pantry. His mission is to create an organized and beautiful space that
gives time back to the family and promotes cooking together at home. He has one of the hardest tasks. His room has to be completed
first, and sets the tone for the entire open floor
space of the main level. (upbeat music) I’m heading down to Atlanta
to see what selections Matthew has made for the
kitchen and butler’s pantry. My first stop is his showroom, Design Galleria at The Atlanta
Decorative Arts Center. – I’m all about time, saving time, luxury is time.
– Right. – If I can save somebody
five minutes a day, it will save them it’s 30 hours a year. – 30 hours a year!
– Yeah, that’s like, it’s mind blowing.
– That’s crazy, yes. – Right, so then if I can do 10 minutes by adding on some really cool appliances that save time,
– Right! – then that’s even, that’s 60 hours. So we’ve got this nice large
almost 10 foot island– – Okay.
– covered in Caesarstone. There’s no other options for
the kitchen tiles, I’m like, – [Matthew and Carisha] This is it! – This island is so deep,
– Yes! – that there is some
typically some dead space, it can be storage,
– Yeah! – but I’m gonna actually
put a dog bed down here. Course we have the 48 inch
Signature Kitchen Suite Range. As you know, it’s the
only range on the market that has sous-vide cooking, full gas burners and induction, plus the steamer and then
a normal convection oven. – I mean you can literally
do everything in this. – I may be able to save five
minutes a day with layout, these, this, and this refrigerator
will start adding five, another five, and then another five, so you start getting up to like wow, I just saved an entire week of time, just because the layout of the kitchen. And then of course, we’ve got
what I call the Tall Walls. So this is our 30 inch,
Signature Kitchen Suite column refrigerator–
– Okay! – matching a 30 inch freezer, and then of course, 71 bottles of wine in case you make a mistake
and you don’t save time. – (chuckles) So this is the kitchen and then you move into the pantry space. – Then we have a pantry right next to it. So let me show you that,
So it’s a big space. – That is a big space. – Another great window.
– Yeah. – Another great big
sink, another dishwasher, you’ve got a microwave drawer, and then a second refrigerator
that’s 24 inches wide. You know I wanted to bring
texture and pattern– – Yes.
– and color into the space, and I kind of focused on this herringbone or actually chevron pattern.
– Yeah, sure. – I thought this would be
really cool on this wall, it’d be too much if it
was the whole kitchen. But on this wall, I thought it’d be great to kinda introduce this
pattern into the panels. ‘Cause you know, I try and golden thread, so there may be one element
that’s in the kitchen that’s gonna show up in the pantry– – Yes.
– and vice versa. So I always try and relate them. – Right.
– But not, but they do, they will
have different feels. – Yeah, yeah, and that’s great, okay, well so what are we gonna do for– – We gonna look at finishes? – Yeah, we gotta look at finishes. – Cool.
– Thank you. (upbeat music) – All right, Carisha, let me show ya’. – Show me what, Matthew! (Carisha laughs) – (Matthew laughs) Well! – This is like an explosion of product. – This is like literally my brain. – How does it start for you? – The floor.
– The floor? – Always the floor. I kinda look at it as, I’m
gonna select things that have the fewest options first,
– Okay. – and then move my way to bigger, more options.
– Okay, okay. – Like paint, come on.
– Right. – There’s thousands of paint. So next, countertops.
– Okay. There’s really not a ton
of choices of countertops and I already told you I fell in love with the Excava from Caesarstone.
– Yes! – So this is a honed finish,
it doesn’t reflect light. Plus, you know what’s funny,
every time I do a kitchen, a show house kitchen,
and I do a honed finish, people come in and they
immediately wanna rub their hands and touch the countertops.
– (laughs) Yes. – And your guests will do the same thing. – Yes.
If you have a polished top, it’s funny, people don’t
touch the countertop. And I want people to like, touch it. – Right, for it to be
a tactile experience. – So I wanna break up some of the wood with some paint too.
– Okay. – Darker I’m a little nervous about because we only have
two windows in the room, so maybe we should go lighter. So you see kinda this cabinet
finish, the wood finish and then that Excava that kinda
just pulled it altogether. (Carisha laughs) So I started looked at blues, so I kinda had this family of blues. I kinda like the softness of this and I thought it looked beautiful. Then I had to think about the pantry. We talked about golden threading before, it could be a color, a
finish, a pattern, a texture. – Something for the continuity. – Something jumps from
one room to the next. – Okay.
– So, I mean, clearly the two of us love this color, this navy blue.
– Clearly! (laughs) – So basically translated this to a stain, is how I kind of ended up with
this finish in the pantry. – Oh you know what, I didn’t even realize how different they were. – I mean we’ve got the foundation of the kitchen done
– This is the foundation, yes. – Now let’s figure out
the jewelry part of it. So we have this amazing hood.
– Yes. – Francois and Company hood’s gonna be centered between those two windows, and I felt like this
finish felt good to me. So the last thing we talked about, paint. Million types of paint
– Right, that you said, there’s a thousand choices, yes. – So the Castle Teams Help
Group used classic gray, Benjamin Moore Classic Gray as
the trim color in the house. I think it was perfect, Like it was almost like it was meant to be. – Oh right, look at that.
– We could have changed it, but it just looks
beautiful with everything. So they asked me what’s
the ceiling and funny, I forgot to mention the ceiling. Having a wood ceiling up there actually absorbs sound as well, so I did a chevron pattern in the ceiling, we’re gonna paint it a
high gloss light blue. – Oh a high gloss?
– Yeh. – And I just think we end up with this kind of really beautiful palette. People will obsess over like,
everything has to match. I love mixing the materials, they just have to complement each other. – Sure. (upbeat music) Now we’re heading down
the hall to Thibaut, for the window treatments and
all important, custom dog bed. Matthew, you are the kitchen guy, what are we doing in a fabric showroom? – Well we needed to kinda’ add a little bit, a couple layers to the kitchen.
– Okay, yeah! Add some fabrics, some window treatments, and we have that amazing dog bed. If we’re looking outside
through a beautiful window, Completely black,
– That’s true. We’re gonna see something through there, so we really don’t, I don’t want anything to compete.
– Okay. – So it’s really just
about adding a layer to it, really is what it comes down to. Pretty soft, it’s got those warm colors of the oak.
– Yes! The blue color of the cabinets and I think this will look
amazing with the countertop. – Okay, so now we’re
walking to Doggy Land, yes?
– Yeah, you got it. So, these are the indoor, outdoor fabrics that Thibaut has to offer and you know, it’s really just finding something that is gonna disguise dog hair, disguise stains, be able to resist, you know, scratches,
claws, that type of thing. This one is kind of tapering
with animals literally. (Carisha laughs) – More animal prints,
Maybe this is kind of, you know, kinda cool,
It’s like an animal print but more of a geometric version. – Right!
– I think that looks really great with it.
– So you feel like– – So I’m kinda feeling
like something like this, Labrador Retriever, that
kind of color hair, white, dog hair, all that will just
kind of disappear on that. – Yes, this family cannot
have black dogs then right. (laughs)
– That is very true, yes. Super durable, withstands – All of that.
– All of that. I think it’s perfect. – That’s great, and so they can just like, unzip this and wash it when they need to.
– Absolutely. – Well that’s pretty easy.
– Yeah. – Matthew is on his way to Casesarstone to choose countertop slabs in Tennessee. Before we check that out, LG invited me to come
to Seoul, South Korea to visit their Signature
Kitchen Suite showroom, where all of the kitchen
appliances are coming from. I have to change my
shoes, which is customary to put on a couple of
slippers when we walk around, it’s just like being in somebody’s home. That’s the cool thing about
being here in this space, is they really make it
feel like you’re in a home to showcase both your European models and your North American models. You can see the signature dishwasher. Even though this is currently for the European market,
it looks pretty similar to what’s going into
our house in Tennessee. And then, here they have
the column refrigeration. This is a fantastic unit for being able to really cram in everything. And one of the coolest parts is that, it’s all stainless steel,
so everything’s gonna stay super fresh and super cold in here. This is Signature Kitchen Suite’s newest launch, their Wine Cave. The Wine Cave, it’s called that because it has all of the benefits of what we imagine
would be in a wine cave. No vibration, low humidity,
all of the things that are gonna preserve your wine
as long as humanly possible. It’s beautiful inside, you’ve got your showcase rack and I cannot wait to see this in our house
in Nashville, Tennessee. Hopefully, full of wine.
(upbeat music) And then, it’s back to Tennessee where Matthew and Richard Anuszkiewicz, the designer for the
master bathroom are heading to Caesarstone to see
their slabs in person. (slow music) – Oh my, this place is massive! – So much to see!
– I hope we’re able to find our slabs, Excava, Excava, where are you? Oh my God, oh, here it is.
– Wow. – I’ve never seen it in a full slab, I’ve only seen the little
samples, what a difference! Just love all the colors
in it, you got the copper, look at these copper veins!
– Beautiful! – This auburn and chestnut colors, and of course that light
blue, that’s what made me fall in love with it, is
the little sample had this light blue and it just kinda’
started the whole thing. – And what’s going in your pantry? – Oh, that White Attica, let’s
see if we can find that one. Oh, I think this is it,
yeah, I’ve seen this in a whole slab before, I
just love this material. Perfect choice for the pantry,
nothing’s gonna destroy this. It’s so durable, I love
the way the pattern and the colors ebb and
flow through it, I love it! (upbeat music) – [Carisha] With all the
details mapped out the designers stopped by the home to see how the early stages of
construction are coming. – So you start here,
start selecting finishes and it’s funny how it kinda’ just feeds its way to the rest of the house. This being in Nashville, whole
different group of designers. Oh, I’m so glad we did the
ceiling, it looks so amazing. A nice wide aisle-width for two
people to cook in the space. So this is the perfect family kitchen. So I’ve got the freezer here,
the Signature Kitchen Suite Wine Column, the Signature
Kitchen Suite Refrigerator. So this kinda’ becomes a big
tall wall and all my glasses will fit in here, right
next to the wine cooler. Wow, Architectural Grille did
such a great job on this gray. Again I repeated that chevron pattern that’s in the ceiling,
and on that tall wall. We’ve got a Signature
Kitchen Suite Microwave, a Kohler Farm House Sink,
and then here I did a stained finished but a deep blue,
and the wall color in here is a tile from AKDO and it matches the color of the cabinetry in the kitchen. This is like a New York City kitchen, just here in a work pantry. (loud techno) – [Carisha] With so many moving
parts and major structural installations like quartz
slabs, plumbing and cabinetry, Matthew’s installation starts early and has its own unique challenges. – With a kitchen, you know
before the house is even breaking ground we’ve completely space
planned it, laid it out, we know exactly what it looks like, we know where every outlet
is, where every light fixture is in the ceiling, so our moving in, because these components are permanently attached to the house, our move-in day is very different than
some of the designers in the house that are moving in furniture. (upbeat techno music) – I always believe you have to
fall in love with one thing. The Caesarstone Excava is what kinda’ started the color palette in the space. So during the space planning phase, we actually pushed this window out of the house to get more light. So what it does is, that instead
of the window being under the eaves of the roof, we
actually pushed it out. More light comes into this
space because I know I wanted a really deep counter-top here,
that way we can grow fresh herbs right here, ready to
go instead of anything dried, or out of a bottle, you’re
able to grab your herbs right here and use it
right here on your range. And, an 18 inch wine cooler,
so what we did here is we put all the glassware
right at your fingertips, right next to the wine cooler, right next to the refrigerator. So what you don’t see yet is
we have a car tinting company, coming to tint this glass so that way, it looks like the tint that’s in here and into the wine cooler,
so these two look similar. So here we got the eating bar. And I wanted to be able
to make it really easy to charge here, so this is a
very, very, thin piece of wood below a charger, so
you just put your phone right in that location and start charging. (loud upbeat music) – Carisha, come see it all done! – Oh, it’s so good!
– So, of course, we’re in the working pantry now. – Yes! (popping noise) (slow music) – So we just came off the garage– – Yeah!
– Mud room, got all our groceries in our hand, here we come we got all this
counter-top, a refrigerator. – So, yes I can see myself,
holding my groceries, cooking something right
here or, the kids coming in, it’s snack time.
– Right! – They can run in here instead of running through the kitchen. – Absolutely,
– Yeah, yeah! – But we’re gonna run
into the kitchen. (laughs) – We are, check it out!
– Perfect! (upbeat music) – You’re lookin’ all the
way through this space, you’re seeing the gorgeous dining room, and then you walk into the
middle of the house, the center, the heart of the home.
– This is beautiful! (upbeat music) – Light and bright, the
focal point of the kitchen is beautiful, dramatic–
– I mean we saw this, in Atlanta.
– All 300 pounds, hangin’ on the wall,
– Yes I’m glad, somebody else had to do that.
(Carisha and Matthew laugh) – Then we got this Caesarstone, beautiful backsplash, slab backsplash and of course our Signature
Kitchen Suite Range. – Beautiful, and this I know does everything.
– Everything! So besides having the sous-vide
in the induction here, one of the best things I
love about these grates, is you can flip them over for wok cooking. And then of course there’s
what we call the Tall Wall. – So the Tall Wall–
– So here, – Has?
– Has a 30 inch, refrigerator and of course you notice, the herringbone detail again–
– Yes! – brought into this
with a two-tone effect. A wine preservation
column, this is actually, it looks like the wine column but it’s actually all of our glassware. – Oh, so it’s all tinted then. – And then a 30 inch freezer next to it. – So you’ve got lots of
storage in this space? – Tons, I mean should
we try out some wine? (chuckles)
– Why not! (laughs) I think it’s time for
us to cheers to dinner and the completion of your
kitchen–(glasses clink) and get some food.
– Wonderful, cheers! (upbeat music) – I’ve known Matthew Quinn
for at least five years now, and he never fails to surprise me! – When people come in here,
I want the first thing that they feel, is that they
can, they relate to the space, they immediately picture
themself cooking here. – Today our lives are so busy,
that we need to have spaces that kind of function
for multiple purposes, and so, he always creates a
space that speaks to that, and speaks to the way
people are living today. – So as far as the use
of a butlers pantry, or a working pantry, it can
be a space if you entertain and everyone is in your
kitchen, which is probably the most common situation,
when all those dishes are done after the
meal, it’s a great place to put all those dishes. Sometimes we even do it
so that when the kids come home from school
they can prepare a snack, or get their drinks or their
snacks all in that space. – This is a space that an
function for anybody because he’s been so thoughtful in that design. So I think now it’s
time to sit back, relax and actually eat, after
all, it is a family kitchen. (upbeat music) (loud music) (guitar strums)

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  1. I mean… Its okay, I guess… But I would have to rip out everything, and start over, if I bought it. Thats a given. You know, to personalize.
    So, when are they adding the next wing, and where are the housekeeping quarters? Or is the housekeeper, maid and babysitters supposed to share that little doggy bed? 😂 Because I don't really like the staff (or the kids) running around all the time, so it is nice, that there is the tiny working kitchen next to where the washer/dryer stuff and vacuum cleaners are.
    Just so the entertaining kitchen can be spotless, but there should be a place for them to sleep? The garage, maybe? This is actually very importent, when you buy a holiday home. I mean that tiny house is almost to cramped for a family of four as it is… And where is the olympic size pool and jacuzzi going to be?
    Oh, nevermind – I just realized… Thats the only building? Its not built in a gated community… So gross… No thanx! Eww…

  2. So all the pretty parts about the kitchen are hidden in the butlers pantry/kitchen area and all you see "on display" is a white on white on ceaser stone kitchen?
    Bit boring, could have chosed coloured base cabinets in the main kitchen at least – like a nice sage green or something.

  3. Um, no. This kitchen is pretentious and that's a stupid place for a dog bed. The matching pattern in the ceiling and fridge/freezer is silly. I've watched all the episodes and the only one that was any good was the one of the kid's rooms.

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