100 thoughts on “Me & You Tea For Two | ASMR | Tapping, Eating, Fabric

  1. Me gusto mucho! Fuiste muy delicada en escoger todos los detalles pero sugerencia hubo mucho ruido con las manos y me costaba poder oírte ^.^

  2. When I open a jar, use a spray bottle, or hear plastic crinkle it now triggers a calmness about me. As I first noticed it I was amazed at how this has become a coping skill for when I feel anxious. Thank you Emma I had no idea.

  3. For two seconds there I thought she was putting setting spray on those tiny cupcakes 😂

    Good video, Emma! Happy Christmas!

  4. I always come back to this video. It’s just so sweet and cheerful, the sounds are gorgeous, and it makes me feel cozy. Much love ❤️

  5. I Love this entire video…but I keep coming back for the fabric sounds. I could listen to that for Hours! I guess it reminds me of the ocean❤️

  6. I keep re watching and re watching and again and again… sooooooooooooooooo relaxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. As if Emma isn't legend enough she eats a cake in one fell swoop, at least she appears to! It may have been edited but I'm going to believe she has cupcake eating as an additional super power to her ASMR skills!

  8. Emma: "how is your tea" "good good"
    Me: I didn't say anything
    Emma:"and your sandwich"
    Me:I don't like cucumbers
    Emma:"you know what I'm done goodbye *takes tea and runs away
    Me: what did I do

  9. Would you share your vegan chocolate cakes recipe? And also the cucumber sandwich ingredients? They both look super delicious! Thank you!

  10. Thank you for the leaf water and the non pickled sea pickles. And super thanks for mega delish cupcakes.

    I now know the cupcakes are vegan but ill risk it they look good.

  11. So I've been falling asleep to this and a few other ASMR channels every night, for the past 1+months – and have only just NOW experienced the every elusive "tingles" ppl talk about…now that I am listening to this video during broad daylight as I work at my computer. Hmmmm. Also, love you Emma. You're my virtual ASMR mum.

  12. I've watched this video for so many times. Somehow it's one of my favourites. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but I'm very friendly to this dietlifestyle. This video is just one of the best to feel cared for. And it waters my mouth too) Emma, it would be great to see what you like for breakfast)

  13. “Because it wouldn’t be a proper teapot if it didn’t drip. Just. A little. (taps the top of the teapot) bit”

    Teapot: 🥰

  14. Emma i love your videos, been watching for years now and sonehow feel i know you haha. Glad to see your channel doing so well 💗

  15. Ok. I’ve developed an addiction to this video. I now reached the level as it’s as if I can almost taste that delicious cucumber and avocado sandwich! The chocolate cake is amazing! I even had to do myself a tea and blend it with oat milk. Send help ahaha

  16. OK out of all asmr I’ve seen I just clicked on this one and the table touching made me relaxed 😂 and feel wierd

  17. where has this video has been this whole time when I couldn't sleep?? I'm so glad I stumbled upon it 🙂

  18. wonderful Emma, you're so talented & wise, thanks dearly for sharing all that with us (love your beautiful necklace as well) 🙂

  19. I'm actually going on a tea date in London soon so this was a great appetiser to the main event. ☕🍰 Thanks for the tingles Emma! 💞

  20. Amazingly relaxing video, however I like a good ol' builders brew, far too much milk in that brew you made me! 😂😂

  21. I’m so disappointed, I came for eating sounds as said in the title, yet I got the sound of tissue over your eating then the sandwiches disappeared. FALSE ADVERTISING

  22. wait… you forgot to put sugar in my tea.
    Also I had not realised how much I enjoy sound of making and drinking tea until this video.

  23. It would be cool if you had someone behind the camera eating and drinking the tea like it’s from our point of view

  24. Yeah, that's right…I'm a 40 year old man enjoying a tea party with my friend I've never met…and it's not weird in the least!☕☕🍞

  25. i lave it.🍨☕️🥇🏅🏆🥋❤️💞💘🇺🇸🇬🇧🍕🍭☕️🥜🍿🎂🍨🍸🥃🥂🍷🍪🍩🥢🥡🍚🥋⚾️

  26. Every day I can't stop waching so I have a scugwel its wache adoupt me trading videos then watch1 2 3 go the watch whistler red ASMR

  27. Now I m craving for Black tea, cucumber sandwiches and chocolate cake☕☕🍮🍮🍰🥧, thanks u Emma for this lovely video,loved it as always, and keep smiling,Lots of love from India

  28. Hello ☺️ I love this Video so much!!! Thank you for the nice Teatime on your table. Greetings and wish you all the best, Andreas from Germany

  29. I love your videos they make me feel so relaxed this video was so beautiful and awesome amazing l

    Love, Arielle

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