Meat Crepes S1:E3 Chef Baba Cooking Show

Meat Crepes S1:E3 Chef Baba Cooking Show

Baba, what are we going to make today? Crepes with meat.
Meat crepes! I gotta tell you. Meat crepes are my absolute favorite of favorites. But I always say that about all of her recipes.
I will tell you that people will fight for meat crepes. Especially the way Baba does it. So, Baba,
what do we have to do first? Cut onion into little squares. Okay, Baba already started cutting the onion
for me because she didn’t think I could do it. She thinks I’m an imbecile, right Paige?
-Yeah. Right!
-So… like that? Well, Baba, that’s what I was saying to
do. You’re just doing it from this side instead of that side. That’s right because I’m right handed. You
are left. Baba, I’m not left. I’m right-handed. Okay.
-I look a little… She just said I look a littl
retarded doing this. Baba, have you ever cut your finger doing
the onions? No. In 65 years of cooking, you’ve never cut
yourself doing the onions? No. I cut when I cut meat. But not onion.
-Okay. Now what do I do? Like that? Like that, yeah. Nice. Okay, this is how you do it. I can’t look
up because I’m afraid to cut myself. Well, I don’t want you to look on me because
I don’t want you to cut your finger. Okay, so like that?
-Yes. And if I start crying It’s not because I’m
emotional or anything. It’s because of the onions. Paige, it’s strong. No wonder you’re
sitting there. Baba doesn’t cry when she cuts the onion. I’m not Baba, okay? That’s enough, son. Okay, I’ve discovered my own little way
of doing it. Probably not the correct way of doing it.
-Super! Is that good enough?
-Yeah. Now you put one Tablespoon oil in the pot. One Tablespoon. Oh, my eyes are hurting. One Tablespoon or teaspoon? Tablespoon.
-Do I put it in there as I cry my way to… See how… did you see how easy? I did a pretty good job. I can’t see anything right now. And put on the stove to sauté. It’s on high and it needs to be light brown? Light brown. Can you smell nicely? It smells really good. And it’s on high.
It’s on 10. You can put a little down.
-So now it’s between 6 and 7. And when it starts to be light yellow,
put meat in. Light yellow, that’s when we put the meat.
I got this at Whole Foods. I’m a big fan of Whole Foods and Central market. I’ll go to both of those stores depending
on what I feel. Like for instance on Sundays, Central Market
has really good fish. It’s light brown. Put meat in. So what do I do now? Okay, well I can do that, Baba. I’m supposed
to be making this. You’re supposed to be teaching me, right
Yes. Isn’t that the program we agreed on?
-Yes. Yes. Yes. Then we gonna put a little bit on 3 to meat
dissolve with the onion. Yes. And meat is gonna leave a little bit juice inside.
-Okay. Okay. Just leave it like that and then when…
-Do I still do this? Yeah. I show you. See how it is?
-Yeah. Did you see?
-Okay, let me do it now. Just push it like that? Yeah. Steer it and just leave it.
-What do you mean leave it? Steer it and just leave-
-Stir it. Yeah.
-Stir it. Okay. And leave it to be cooked.
-Just let it sit there? Yes. [MEOW] What is it with Mitzy? Every time we’re
filming this she shows up. And then Damir, when you do that, you just
go around and sometimes- Get the onions down?
-Yes. It’s start to be cooked. Okay. Do I need to do this?
-Now you can put on 6. So it goes back on 6, so we went from 10
to 6 to 3 as it got more cooked, or brown, I guess you could say. See how it does juice? See it’s juice. Okay?
-Okay. Do I need to turn it? Like that? Just leave it and then you see cooked and
then after short… So we’re making the meat first and then
after that we’re gonna make the crepes. And then we’re going to put the meat inside
the crepes. You’ll see. Yeah.
-You will see. I need to break it up, right?
-No, that’s okay. When you do a lot, it’s gonna fall apart. Oh, it falls apart?
-Yes. Especially on a good meat like this. Oil. This oil. Is this the one? Baba loves
this, uh- I’d advertise it if I could. I would like
to advertise this. This oil is more than perfect. When you fry
it’s not grease. So Philippo Barrio extra light-tasting
olive oil… My mother loves recommends it!
-Yes. A 5-star chef.
-Yes. See, Damir.
-We need to get some of this ourselves. Damir, look, son.
-Is this expensive? Yes.
-It is? Eight dollars. Eight dollars? Well, that’s not that
bad actually. Meow! It is imported from Italia… Italy. -See. There now you do a little bit salt. How much salt? Just a-
-Pinch! Pinch. Baba’s pinch.
-And then try and you’re right. How much is a pinch?
-Well.. You kind of have to go with the flow on
that one folks. Yes. And then a little bit a… What’s that?
-Ground pepper. Ground black pepper, right?
-Yes. Just a little bit.
-And steer… how you say? Stir it. Not “steer”… “stir.”
-Stir it and then wait until to be cooked. Steer is something else, okay?
-Well… And it’s almost getting done. It’s getting
nicely brownish. I can tell you that every time one of my American
friends came, as a little kid or a teenager, to the house and had one of these meat crepes, literally I couldn’t kick them out of the house. I mean, they sat there until they finished
it all off. So I try not to invite friends when Baba is
making meat crepes. Because I already have competition with my
brother. Taste! Put a little bit in your mouth and
taste and know what you need to give. A little bit salt or a little bit pepper. Okay. Obviously that depends on how you like it.
-Yes. Do you want me to stir… steer. Do you
want me to steer some more? Yeah, and just leave it to be cooked.
-Okay, smells good. It’s not gonna be burned because it does
have inside, juice. I use sea salt. You use Morton fine sea salt. It’s from the Mediterranean Sea… salt.
-Yeah. And obviously Yugoslavia, and Croatia is
on the Mediterranean. And so is Montenegro. And now you can have a little spoon, Damir..
and try… Allow me!
-Taste! Just a little bit. What you think we need to put in? I don’t think you need anything. I’ve eaten
this enough to know. Let me see here. I don’t think you need anything, Baba.
-You’re right. Because I’ve eaten this all my life, I can
literally tell you, smell it, before even tasting it, whether
the ingredients are right. And so there’s no way she can put in, like
she can’t cheat and put in ingredients that are sub-par because I’m going to know it. Malo vi?e i to ?e biti kuvana. She just said, “A little more and it’ll
be cooked.” Baba has taught me crepes before and after
she taught me… it was, what, ten years ago? Fifteen?
-Fifteen. Fifteen years ago, once I learned how to
make crepes, I really went crazy. Where I made them every
three or four days to the point where my children got so sick and tired of eating crepes. But I didn’t know how to do this part, so
I would just make the crepes and then put jelly inside it or put walnuts or sugar, or you name it. The thing is that, and we’ll see it soon,
is that I made the crepes, and she taught me how to do it, but the problem was the I could not make them
thin like you can. And I don’t know of anybody else. I know my
aunts can make crepes too, but none of the aunts, that I’m aware of, Baba, can make them as
thin as you can. No. Even theirs are thicker like mine are. Who
can do it? Each of us has specialty. Mine is crepes and… Gibanica. Well, Baba, the soup is your super-dooper specialty. But we are talking about appetizers.
Oh, appetizers. Okay. Okay…
Oh! I need to… I almost got caught napping at the wheel. It’s hot. Is it done? Yeah, it’s done. It’s time to take it off. See when you see bottom of the dish, you don’t have too much juice…
and it’s done. Oh, wow! Okay. Sometimes meat has a lot of juice.
-Yes. And then you put on the side… And then you put like this. See? It doesn’t
have too much. That means I don’t have to do anything, it’s
prepared for- That’s because I bought it at Whole Foods,
Baba. So if you’re going to make crepes, and you’re
serious about it, believe me there’re so many things
you can do with crepes, you might as well invest into a crepe pan. These are what, about 40 bucks? They’re not
cheap. But I gave you. You remember I gave you that kind? I know, but Idon’t know where it is. So we go this thing at Walmart. It’s about 120 bucks.
I assembled it. It was easy at first, but it was a nightmare because I wasn’t paying attention. I was trying to hurry. But we still got it done. But it’s not that
good of a quality. So Baba! We’re going to have to get you another one one of these days. That’s okay. I’m satisfied with anything. She’s been waiting 10 years to get one of these. Why did you not tell me, Baba? For good cook it doesn’t matter.
She can do anything on anything. How many of these?
-Four. Do you want me to that first or do you want me to-
-Yeah. Huh? Break the eggs? I’m gonna break four of them.
-Four. Why do I do this every time? I’m not paying attention. I don’t know. I’ll show you how. Okay. I got it, Baba. No don’t do it there. I do it right here.
-Okay. Okay, this is the fun part how… I’d forgotten how to do this. I have not made crepes… in a long time. I used to make them when I lived in Silicon Valley, because my mom was obviously not there with me. Put inside pinch of salt.
-Pinch. Is that it?
-Yeah. This is a pinch of salt, okay? Baba keeps telling me it’s a pinch of salt… okay? Put inside. But you’re egoing to make salty crepes this time, right? I’ll show you everything. This is measure. The perfect measure.
It’s like 2 cups, a full cup! Well, Baba. We’re going to have an argument on this.
-No! It’s not 2 cups. It’s more than 2 cups.
See, that’s 2 cups. That’s right.
-So it’s not 2 cups. Look. That’s measurement. I’m talking about the measurement. That measurement is like 2 cups, but
I fill it up with flour. Okay, well, it’s two…
-Let me, let me… okay. It’s 2 and 1/2 cups, Baba.
-Okay, let’s do this I mean we gotta show people that are watching this what it is.
-Okay. Here. Let me put it in there.
-No! Put here 2 cups.
Put here. Well, no, Baba I have to use this. I mean, how am I gonna put it in there? Right?
-Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s better. Now, let there be truth, okay? Let’s see what this is. Ah! Baba, I was right. -It’s almost 3 cups. Oh, my. It’s okay. It’s.. ah… it’s 2 cups and 3/4. Once and for all, we’ve settled the-
-Okay. Yeah. And a little bit milk. And how much milk? It’s same, milk. Let’s measure and see. Well, that’s 2 and 3/4, Baba.
-Okay, put in that measure and see. Yeah. Yeah.
-Yeah, 2 and 3/4 so 2 and 3/4- So-
-Hold on. So 2 and 3/4 of milk Yeah. Add little bit milk and steer. Stir. I need to put more milk, Baba.
-Yes. Slowly. you need to make dough without crumbs. Oh, yeah, that’s right. Baba, why are we doing it with this? I used to use a… No. I like this way. It’s old style. This is Old Country stuff.
-Yeah. I didn’t do it this way before.
-Okay. I did it… uhm… and you just do fluffy like this. See you do around.
-Okay. Around… to put all flours down and do like this.
-Yeah, I’ve seen you do that before. I’ve her do it, but never offered to help her. If you do like this and then all crumbs are dissolved. And then you don’t have crumbs. See? Do it! This is work! You taught me the easy way last time. But that is easy. But this is the old fashioned way of doing it.
-That’s right. So if you want some damn good crepes,
just like they have them in Europe. It’s a good exercise for your…
-For your upper body. You can use that mixer if you want it.
-Yeah, well that’s alright. But for me, mixer is sometimes… you need to put those and clean and everything. This is very simple. It’s simple because I’m doing it.
Go ahead. And how much water?
-it’s 1 cup. One cup. 2 and 3/4 of flour,
2 and 3/4 cup of milk, 1 cup of water. We had 4 eggs and we had a tablespoon of olive oil. Oh, what a difference right now.
-No, oil doesn’t go inside. No olive oil! Let me try.
Baba, let’s use the… A little bit, maybe little bit salt. Maybe not. You think a little bit salt? Well, if you want it salty.
-Then you don’t have to put anything. It’s become very light. It’s very easy to
do now. It becomes fluffy. Obviously, if you do this then you can make very thin crepes. It still amazes me when you go to a restaurant
and they charge you like six dollars, seven bucks for crepes.
Three crepes. I’m like seriously? You’re charging me seven dollars for crepes? When it costs literally nothing to make crepes? See? That is pretty good dove.
-Let me see it. Pretty good dough or pretty good dove?
-Dove. Dove?
But how you say that? Oh, excuse me!
-Pretty good batter, folks. I want to play with it all day long. That crepes’ done. This is what you call a Toyota Production System. You actually call this half of a U-shaped cell.
-Now, now… Now, with a spoon… come here. With a spoon what? Just like that, huh?
-You need to make like oily first. Usually first you have to do this to put oil all around. Now I used to be able to flip it,
like a true French chef but Baba’s but But Baba’s never been able to do it.I have knife and flip with the knife. I don’t know if I have the magic to do it again.
It’s been a long time. Well you’ll try it. When you feel like smoke is coming, that means the dish is ready for making crepes. Now one of the problems throughout our life
is that Baba would make them, and as she made them, Danny and I would sneak in when she looked away and we would eat them.
-Yes. Literally.. one time. Well not just once,
I’m trying to be nice, but no… It really happened more than once. And she’d realize We would eat so many, and then she’d realize after 45 minutes of making crepes, literally after 45 straight minutes she’d look back and there was none left. See? It’s ready.
-There it is, okay. Smoke, it’s ready.
-There’s smoke, so… How much.. so you go that way? So that’s how you do it. The first one is always the toughest.
-Yeah. Because I guess it needs to settle down. Now what I like doing is, when I made them I would make one and I would put it on the
plate and I would literally eat it hot without anything on it. And that was one of my things. See then you do with it like that because I use knife. Okay? I always use knife. And then just flip. See she didn’t need to flip it. She actually made it easier. And it’s done. A little bit need to be same- But, Baba, I keep it a little longer because I like it burnt more. I don’t.
-And Baba doesn’t. It doesn’t matter for the crepes. That’s true. It doesn’t matter for the meat crepes.
-Yeah. Let’s see. I will have to show the audience what I do when you do the first one.
-Okay. Yeah. It’s very thin. I will tell you the crepe is very thin. I can see it because, obviously I’ve seen it
so many times over the last 20 or 30 years. Now, second… you just like this. Just a little bit.
-Just enough and you can right away do it. That one’s perfect, see? I know you can put all kinds of stuff.
But there’s nothing like when it’s hot and it’s like smoking, there’s smoke out of it… In fact, I would eat them as I made them so when I was making them for my kids
I would eat the first five or six. And then… By the time they got to the kitchen I already was full. Sometimes, it depends on flour, okay? Some flour is just like uh… What flour is that? That is King Arthur.
-King Arthur? I am going to put a little bit, I’ll show you… A little more milk?
-A little bit. Why is that?
-Because it’s.. the dough… But Damir! See this little bit milk. Put inside. Just… the dough is little bit thin. it’s to make the dough, the batter…
-Damir, it’s 2% milk I don’t like that, okay? But that’s okay. We’re gonna make it. She doesn’t like 2% milk when you’re making crepes,
but it is what it is My daughter bought it. Now we need to kick him out! Because if we’re going to make some of them Baba, where’s the crepes?
-But you ate! No, I didn’t. Okay. I’ll stop eating the crepes because… See what it means the dish is not ready for the crepes. Did you see?
-Yeah. Okay.
-No, it’s ready now. I will take over from here and I promise that since we have to make some meat crepes That I will not eat any more. Oink! Oink! Oink! You need to be quick at flipping. Well I did that pretty good, Baba come one.
-Yeah. Super! We’re gonna try a little less. Okay, yeah. I put too much in. So, if you think crepes are really hard to do,
obviously you’re seeing that it’s not that hard. Look, Damir.
-Wow, look at that. But Damir!
[Dialogue in Serbian] He’s impossible.Impossible! Oink! Oink, Oink… I promise…
-But your promise was broken before! My girlfriend wants some. Oh, my goodness. Well, finally you got a little! He has three but he give you just one. The crepe pan is really hot. What do you have it on? Nine.
-She has it on 9. So, it’s happening now.
it’s time to rock and roll. See? And now you do like this. Done! Don’t burn yourself! No, I’m not. I think we’re going to reverse rolls today. I’m the supervisor. -Yeah, I agree. Because Baba is afraid I’m going to eat all the crepes. Baba, for showboating I’m going to have to do
one later, flip one up in the air. See, Damir. See? It does go by itself. That’s really experience because, my god,
I cook more than… How long, Baba? Let the audience know. At least… 65 years. At least. So Baba is 80 years old. She had me
when she was 60, so I’m 20 years old. No. Just a little sprinkle. I must say that when you’re doing this
you’ve got to roll it, like really quickly. Because you want it even. You want
the crepes to be really even. If you look at how Baba does it, it’s very even. So that’s one reason why she’s able to have them thin. I used to make for Thanksgiving one hundred. One hundred? And how long would it take you? A full hour.
-Wow, but that’s still fast. One hundred crepes in one hour. That’s a machine. Notice how the smoke is coming out?
-It’s done. It’s telling you it’s done. So now you’re averaging what? One every 30 seconds?
-Yeah, you can say that. Because of being on number 9, high. We have neighbor across and we were very good friends. They moved to Iowa. And before they moved in April I asked him, ‘What do you want from me All?” He said, “Please make crepes for me.”
And I- What type? Meat crepes?
-Meat crepes. And I put in the box and he said all the way
from here to Iowa he was eating my crepes. That’s a long way, folks. I think I need to try to do the flip. Do a little showboating. Okay. You try not me.
-The English call it that, showboating. It’s my program now. You’re trying to teach
me how to do it, right? See? Perfect. It wasn’t that perfect, but it’s good. Okay, I tried to make it as even as possible. You need to go around if you
want to flip it. Yeah, I know. Should I try the flip the first time or should I-
-Try! …warm up a little bit?
-Well just try. Okay. Here’s how I used to do it, folks. Bravo!
-Yeah! Yeah! Yes!
-That’s awkward. It’s been 10 years! Ten years since I flipped one.
-Yeah. This teaches you another point of the episode,
which is really not part of the show, but I will say it. Once you learn how to ride a bike, you don’t forget it.
-You never forget. And so once Baba teaches you how to make this delicious food Well, guess what? you actually can forget it because you can go back to the video and look at the video and then recall how you did it. That’s the power
of using digital technology to do it. And then, I just flip it like that. It’s a beauty!
It is an absolute beauty. Now, in the meat you put one egg. Do we do it now? And mix together … because egg is The egg is going to bond all of the rest of meat together.
-Yes. This is for part where we put the meat
into the crepes and roll it up, right? Right. I can show you and then you can go to… Where’s the- Baba, where’s the crumbs? But you can… We can make and then you can go buy crumbs and make. You don’t have crumbs? Baba, you don’t have crumbs.
-No, we don’t have crumbs. I guess this … wait, Baba.
This is Baba’s Rule Number 2 of cooking. If you’re going to make something, you gotta
make sure you have all the ingredients. That’s right. One spoon is really enough. One, spoon, okay.
-One spoon. And then… You do on the side… on the side. On the side and simple, roll it. Okay, well let me do the next one.
Just like that. Put here. Allow me to be the master chef.
-Nice spoon. Nice spoon. A little bit more I think. Damir, that’s enough. Put like a sausage. Okay, like a sausage.
-That’s right. Okay, now. This side?
-No, no. On the side like this. Let me do it, Baba. I can’t learn it if I don’t do it. Right?
-Right. On the side like this?
-This… and another… And the other side. Well it’s a little sticky now.
Hold on. But that’s okay.
-Like that? Yes, and roll it. This side?
-Yeah. Nice roll it like a sausage. Like a sausage.
-It needs to be tight! It’s tight, Baba. It’s not nice.
-Yeah it is! Not. It needs to be a little wider, I guess. Okay, I needed to push it a little harder.
It needed to be a little wider too. I had it too short.
-That’s right! Okay, we rolled 19 of the meat crepes. So one pound will make about 19, actually Baba tells me it makes
-Twenty. Which means I didn’t do it as well as Baba. I put a little too much meat on the average. A couple too much meat, yeah. Then Baba forgot to have bread crumbs
so she told me to go and get Progresso bread crumbs, plain.
-They are the best. They are the best she says. One of the things I wanted to point out is
that the reason you have to pack them tight is so that the meat doesn’t come out right?
-That’s right. See I learned that from you last time.
-That’s right. So if any of these gets broken up while
we’re frying them, that’s my fault because I didn’t wrap them tight enough. So now what’s the first thing, Baba? You have two dishes. One with bread crumbs. Put it… how much?
-Half. No… I’ll tell you. Don’t put too much because after
you one and another and another, if you put in Egg Beater and crumbs,
it starts to be in clumps, not… So it will be in clumps?
-Yes. Okay.
-We put there. So like that and now what? Now we have Egg Beater. But how much? Egg Beater? But how much of it? It doesn’t matter?
-Egg Beater is like that. And you put half of that. You put 2 like this, Egg Beater
and half milk. Okay, so a little bit- And then you mix it. You mix it. You know mix it.
I know, Baba but but what’s the- How much is this actually? How much quantity is this? How much is this? Two.
-Yeah, two what? You buy read that. That’s in the store! You have 3 in on package. You use how much you want, okay? What was in here? Yeah, you put there. So this was how many of these?
-Two. And then you put milk in that, right? Milk. Like half milk and mix together. Okay, so just to make sure… She used 2 of these. She poured it in here. And then you put half a milk. Yes, and put it in the plate.
-And put it in the plate. Put it in the plate. You put a little bit salt in. A little pinch! Pinch salt.
-Pinch salt! And mix.
-Mix it. This is olive oil again.
-Yes. Her favorite olive oil.
-Yes, for the frying. How much do you put?
-Well, let’s see. Like frying. I don’t put to much. I don’t put like you fry chicken. Okay, so it’s a lot less. So it’s not going to cover it all the way right?
-That’s right. You need to flip both sides. And now you put on the 9. On 9, okay. When oil is read then you put- Do you put this in there and then roll it? You put in the Egg beater, that’s very healthy. And you roll it. Okay.
-And I put it in the plate. In this frying pan I can put 8. Oh, you can put 8. Like that?
-And then. I’ll show you something very specific. Is there a better way of doing it? Yeah. Put on the side too. Put here.
-Okay. The point in the rolling is not to be unrolled. Like this, see? I got it, duh! You gotta go with the grain. It needs to be all the way covered. And the sides too. Yeah.
-Uh.. that one… It’s horrible
-That’s okay, Damir. It is horrible. It is horrible. Thanks, Baba! When you think you don’t have enough crumbs, you just put a little bit, a little bit and do it. Don’t be scared, Damir. Okay? Okay. You know what, Baba? I’m not scared, okay? Usually, usually put like this here.
-A little bit? And when it starts to blow, it means the oil is ready. Really? That’s kind of cool! That’s pretty cool. So you put how many? -I usually put six, seven. This is a fried dish. And I’m not one of
those guys that eats a lot of fried food, But I will tell you, it’s quite delicious. Not now.
-Not now? [Serbian dialogue] It’s quite delicious. And it’s very filling. If you have two of these…
Well, I’ve had more than that. Just two of these will fill you up. One pound of hamburger meat makes 20 on the average so… She would make this whole thing one day, then if she knew that the guests were coming, and then the following day she would just fry it, right? Before they come… one hour.
So now you think… “Like, wow! Superwoman.”
She just made these incredible meat crepes and they’re still extremely fresh. But, Baba,
you can’t really wait more than one day, right? You can make those and put in the freezer. And you won’t know the difference? How long can you put it? A week?
Three days, what? A couple weeks.
-So you want to freeze them like this. And then you want to have them in there for a couple weeks. And then the last stage…
So remember there’s 3 phases, the meat phase, the crepes, and then combining the two into the batter. Notice how all the sides are cooked well and
even the ends? No. Nothing. So I actually did a good job of
rolling the meat within the crepe. The rolling needs to be tight because then
crepes can’t unroll itself. Right. Okay. Now you can put oil.
-So how much? Put, put. Doesn’t matter, I can
use that later. Just put some more. I think now is enough. And then also I did not finish this out
because Baba did not want me to put it on And then also I did not finish this out
because Baba did not want me to put it on top of the other crepes. You never want to put it on top cause she
didn’t want to see it squished. So literally- See? See?
-Okay, eight. That one is not tight. That’s the one I did that was horrible. That’s okay. They are not greasy like when you fry usually. Yeah, that’s one of the things that the
Americans are surprised when they come to Baba’s house and never had this. Is that they see it fried and so they’re assuming that it’s going to be very greasy. But it’s quite the opposite. It really doesn’t feel like fried food. That’s what I think is magical about it, Baba. Yeah.
-You know that? I know. I know. And so that’s why the Americans that come and, first time taste her meat crepes, they’re pleasantly surprised. And that’s why they want to take it all home.
Of course I am the meat crepe guardian. The crepes stay in the house, so you either
eat them here or… you don’t take them home with you. No. Mmmm.. it just… t’s magnificent. So, Baba. I’m gonna tell you how I like to
eat this. I love to have at night a glass of red wine. And then if you have a glass of red wine with
one or two of these, It’s beautiful. It’s just perfect. Baba, how else can you fix this? Cause this
is actually an appetizer in Yugoslavia. But ironically it’s also a meal. So you gotta be careful because if you eat
two or three of these, you’re not going to be able to eat any more because it’s so delicious. You can have that roasted pepper, cut into
slices, put on the side instead of green salad. Okay.
-You want to try it? Well, I’ve had it, Baba. But what else can you put in there? So you can put chicken in there. Yeah. Ground chicken is like less… how
can I say… It’s less fatness? -Less fattening than… okay.
-Than beef. Of course.
-But it depends what kind of beef you have. Well this was 90% lean, I should have bought
95% probably. And.. uh. That’s it?
-Yeah. Well, that’s it. We’re done. You know what? That is salty crepes. These are salty crepes. Salty meat crepes.
And I just want to say that it’s so easy to eat them, but now I truly appreciate the effort and process that Baba has done for me for twenty years. So I can say I’ve probably eaten this how
many times, Baba? God knows! I remember when I came to California, you
were there and you had a company, big company. And I was trying to make that chocolate pecan cake and you didn’t have grinder and then we went to Macy’s to buy grinder and I made that cake. And we
made the crepes- Well what does that have to do with crepes? Well, you know why? Because crepes was like for the dinner Yes.
-And cake was like- for the dessert. There you go. So this is an appetizer and that’s actually
a full meal. Okay? Thank you so much. Until next time.

34 thoughts on “Meat Crepes S1:E3 Chef Baba Cooking Show

  1. My meat crepes are the first things eaten at every holiday or party. Everyone loves them. Watch me teach my son to make them and learn to make them yourself.

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