Meat Eater to Raw Vegan to HOW I EAT NOW  ||  Gayatri Yoga

Meat Eater to Raw Vegan to HOW I EAT NOW || Gayatri Yoga

welcome to Gayatri yoga my friends. if we
haven’t met before my name is Kristina and I’m really excited to share my next
piece of story with you . in the last video I shared with you where I’m coming
from and how I became a yoga teacher and in
this video I would like to tell you more about how I got interested in nutrition,
how I began researching all the information about food, the benefits and
all types of diets and my journey with raw vegan food and veganism and how I
eat right now. so going back to the time when I was a kid and a teenager I was
always skinny I was active and it didn’t have any issues with extra weight. I
didn’t care much about what I eat although our diet back in Eastern Europe
is completely different from what people are used to eating here so in general
the diet there is a little bit more on the healthy side and then when I moved
to the capital to study at the University this is when I started to
have issues with extra weight I can’t say that my diet really changed maybe I was
less active than before right now I believe that it’s all because my body
grew up it didn’t have to have that much energy that many calories as I used to
consume before and this is why all the extra calories were packing up on me. and
besides I was eating a little more than I used to eat simple carbs. during the
second year of our university studies my roommate persuaded me to try this
Kremlin diet . it’s basically a low carb diet and it looks like modern keto
you have to count how many grams of carbs you eat and basically you don’t
eat enough you are low in energy your digestive systems
really breaks up & you have constipation. yes you lose weight but you are cutting
of a very important source of the calories and nutrients . when I went for
the first time to the USA for the summer the diet changed and I gained all that
weight back maybe even more , you can see it in the pictures. basically that weight
stayed with me for my next year at the University, maybe on and off during the
exams I lost some weight but then I got the weight back on and then for the next
summer when I went to the USA again I signed up to a gym and I got really
really hooked, I was staying there all my free time between the jobs and I really
enjoyed taking classes and doing machines and running it was a really
really big gym so at the gym I wasn’t really scared or intimidated to do the
machines because at the time when I went there there was nobody at the gym and
also there was a pool and I really liked swimming it was back in Virginia so when I decided to stay in the USA for
longer periods of time I moved to Miami and the weather was even more different
than in Virginia always hot always humid. I was feeling really really bad and I
felt really really heavy . my digestion was really bad my face was breaking out a
lot. again I wasn’t used to drinking enough water because in Belarus it’s not
so hot so you don’t feel that much thirsty. I began having issues with
constipation but I didn’t pay attention to that I just felt that my
stomach is hurting but I wasn’t doing any research or trying to find out
what’s going on. when I was working at a hair salon one day my boss asked me
about my breakouts and I told him I don’t know what’s happening
maybe hormones and he asked me about how I go to the restroom if my digestion is
good. and it stuck with me – yes I’m constipated and all the toxins were
trying to be released through the skin. and this is why I had the breakouts and
I began reading I just started pulling up some search results in Google about
digestion what is causing constipation I didn’t know anything about that, but I
just started doing my research and article after article I like began to
draw a bigger picture in my mind. I believe in the law of attraction so when
you start…. when you put a thought in your mind you begin searching for something
the answers will come in different forms and sometimes we just don’t notice and
reject the answers or we don’t like the form in the way the answers are given to
us so we just push them away and then wait for another opportunity. so just one
day my friend came with the an encyclopedia about health and wellness.
it’s not this book but it was a similar book and it was in in Russian and from
the first pages it just wrote about modern diet and how much meat we consume
how much fast food and simple carbohydrates we eat that this is the
reason why as so many people are overweight and have digestive problems
heart problems blood pressure problems and so many people are sick. from the
first pages it like gave lots of information about meat about how it
toxifies the body how when the toxins are building up the body cannot remove
them how they’re building up on the walls of your digestive tract and
then even if you eat your veggies and fruits they don’t get absorbed properly
so all of this like began making a clearer picture to me and everything I
didn’t understand I would just type in Google what is this and what is that I
just found more and more books and it said something about natural naturopath
doctors and I didn’t even know what this word means and I was just typing in what
is a naturopathic doctor and it gave me the answer. and I tried to research more
information about certain doctors found some books and more information came to
me about how raw food is more nutritious and how cooking… I mean I knew that
vitamins are destroyed during cooking but I didn’t know much about enzymes and all
this stuff so I was really excited about this topic and it was easy to me to
transition from a regular meat-eater. I was eating lots of meat
and I remember even saying that I can’t live without meat before that. but then I
easily transitioned* to eating no meat and then my husband at the time he
was my boyfriend he just… I didn’t push him and didn’t try to make him get rid
of the meat I just told him about all the drawbacks of eating meat and all the
benefits of eating a raw and more nutritious diet and we switched. we didnt
become raw vegans right away so we first removed meat and then we removed fish
and during our journey we tried eating raw and it was a little bit more of like
a roller coaster. I’m talking about my own experience I know there are people
who are eating raw for many years. but I also see many people who tried raw veganism
for the same reasons as I did go away from it they are switching back off to
vegan or or even a pescatarian diet. so when you are reading all of this
new information it’s really hard to filter out. basically everything we have
on the subject is some forums and bloggers. and what bloggers do they just
copy each other and change their article and post as if it’s true and only truth
that ever exists. and I began treating the subject a little bit more carefully
because I noticed some things in my body that didn’t really excite me. I was
really skinny even though if I worked out it was hard to put on weight. and I
still had my breakouts, maybe even more I’m really sensitive to sugar and lots
of the food that I was consuming was fruits because when you switch to eating
raw you have like salads lettuce some green stuff nuts seeds and mostly fruits
so you are switching to mostly high carb diet it’s high sugar the glucose that is
getting into the blood really really quickly
you are spiking on the energy and this is why many people who switched to
raw veganism, they say “oh this is so good, I have so much energy, I used to be really
sleepy after eating meat” but this is the reason why they get the energy because
they eat mostly sugar. yes it may like sound and feel exciting at the beginning
but then when you eat this type of diet for a very long time if you observe most
of the raw or vegans you will notice they are losing muscle mass if they
don’t consume any types of powders or extra stuff from the bottle you are
losing the muscle mass, you’re getting skinny, you are getting dark circles. and
what I noticed first of all my teeth the enamel got damaged, I guess from the
acids . and when I got a scratch or a cut on my skin it would take forever to heal
as if I didn’t have enough amino acids to build my own cells and it makes sense
if you consider that I probably didn’t eat enough protein. and I decided to
slowly move away from raw vegan food like 100% raw vegan food to add in add
some soups and some healthily cooked stuff like no fried deep fried and maybe
no oil I made soups with no salt.
and it really worked out for me and my boyfriend. at the time I was also
interested in a food combining theory which made even more sense
to me than eating a hundred percent raw. and if you want I will tell you
more about this in another video because it’s gonna make a really long one, about
how you should not combine protein rich foods with carbohydrate-rich foods
because those are digested in different parts of our digestive system and when
we eat a lot of both at the same time it messes up again our digestion and causes
bloating and all the other side effects. so looking at all the raw vegan recipes
that were offered and even offered now and knowing the food combining theory
and how the proteins and carbs are digested in my body the recipes didn’t
make sense to me technically you’re not supposed to eat fruits and nuts
because they are not digested together really really well. they don’t make a good
friends. same with eating meat and rice or fish and rice or pasta or potatoes.
and when I tried making some raw vegan cakes raw vegan treats where you combine
that with dry fruits and maybe leftovers of fresh fruits after squeezing the
juice or the vegetable pulp. it feels really really heavy in your stomach and
it didn’t work out for me well I tried raw soups and honestly it didn’t really
taste delicious to me and my boyfriend didn’t like them too. I don’t know it
doesn’t taste well . maybe like sound types of snacks you can put together
that work well according to the food combining theory
and can taste good. but in general the variety felt kind of limiting to me.
so I moved to eating mostly raw with some cooked food and we felt much better
on that kind of diet . for almost a year like for a year I was vegan I wasn’t
eating any fish and seafood any meat and poultry and any dairy. another thing that
happened to my body I did n’t have I didn’t have menstruation menstrual cycle
for almost a year and because I had lots of stress like happening at that time it
was normal to me that my cycle was extended but basically there was no
administration during almost a whole year like non nine-month period and when
you read stuff on forums and you don’t know your physiology and your Anatomy,
you would believe what the people say… there they would say oh women are not
supposed to have periods you’re not supposed to bleed if you eat healthy and
your body is healthy you shouldn’t be bleeding and this is not
true because when I was when I got hold of anatomy from my friend who went to
nursing school I read everything about the cycle not from a blogger but from a
real Anatomy book and I mean physiologically you are supposed to
bleed yes you me maybe you shouldn’t be bleeding like crazy or shouldn’t last
for a long period of time but I mean there’s like it’s it’s part of your
nature . so when I went to Belarus to visit my family finally after 3 years of
being in the USA I had issues with finding raw food because I went in
the fall and maybe right now there is more options
but at that time you have lots of fresh organic staff during the summer but
during winter there is not much. just fruits not so many veggies no broccoli
or cauliflower or eggplant so I decided to add some soured
diary dairy products like kefir and yogurt and farmer’s cheese. and believe
it or not in a couple of days I got my period . and it was meaningful to me it
showed me that I was missing something in my body and my natural cycle wasn’t
happening. and I’m not the type of person that would choose to not eat certain
foods for whatever reasons and take stuff from the bottles. I tried many
times like protein powders and buying vitamins and I just can’t make myself to
consume that. first of all it doesn’t taste good extremely sweet or has weird
taste and or like those large vitamin pills
you can’t even swallow they feel like throwing up
so it’s not an option for me it felt like my joints are not feeling the same.
and if I work out I don’t… I see my like my muscles are getting sore but nothing
is happening in terms of growth or definition . so like after New Year’s I
just decided that I wanted to add and try adding fish. so currently I eat
everything besides meat and poultry I eat some dairy products like kefir
sometimes cheese but I eat fish and I guess I think it’s called pescatarian diet. lots of veggies and fruits I avoid like I don’t eat fast
food or sodas, I don’t do deep-fried food I feel bad for the fish I feel bad
for the shrimp I feel bad for the cows that we take the milk from. sometimes I’m
like on the edge of removing that from my diet, sometimes I feel like that I
need it. as a mom I had a really hard time deciding how to feed my children. so
to be honest I don’t know a single person who grew up from day one not
consuming or eating any animal products. so it makes it really hard for me to take of these options away from my
children. I mean I grew up and my body , my bones , my muscles basically were built
up using this type of protein and fats and nutrients. and … I don’t know a hundred
percent if I take this away ….take this option away from my children , if their bodies will be healthy . a hundred percent healthy. if they will not
have any issues at thirty or forty or fifty. and considering the changes that
I’ve seen in my body in a short period of time when I was following this diet I I guess I’m not ready to take this
responsibility a hundred percent . not pushing like meat on my kids I’m not
buying and cooking it but if the grandma makes something for them or soup with
some meat I just let it go and if the child wants it and likes it
I let him do it. I let him try it and eat it and enjoy it. the same in
their preschool. so to sum it all up I’m still trying to balance it all out.
some days I don’t eat like all super healthy and nutritious food. if I cook
pasta for kids I will eat some pasta although before I would never eat pasta
it was like ….no I wouldn’t eat that before. but now the life can get a little
bit maybe it’s for a short period of time and I’m not killing myself about it.
I know like I have a vision for what’s the ideal picture and I know how attain
that but right now we are all adjusting towards one another in terms of our
habits. my kids don’t really like eating food per se . my oldest son was a really
really bad eater of like solid foods. he nursed for a long time and like at a
year and half he would mostly nurse and not eat and he developed.. he was anemic
for a long period of time and even now he’s at the lower range of his iron and
hemoglobin level , ferritin levels. so I would really like to hear from you what you
think about this topic, diet in general what type of eating habits
do you have , what type of foods do you normally consume . do you follow a strict
diet or you are following some intuitive diet. please let me know in the comments
below . maybe you’re someone who has been vegan for …. since day one of your life or
maybe you have children that you raised from they want to be in vegan up
to 20 or 30 years and they are 100% healthy or maybe not healthy and have
issues anything else that you want to share about please share in the comments
below personally I came to a conclusion that
it’s not really a healthy for your mindset , your relationship with the
society to be dogmatic about how you eat. I read and hear very like nasty
sometimes or sad things from vegan people who are pro non-harming , harming
other people by their words . so it doesn’t really make sense to me I think
everyone has a choice the only thing you can do is just share information with
others . and maybe help them understand rather than trying to poke them and hurt
them and make them feel like like not belonging. people start to move even more
away from you and you’re not doing any good for saving the animals. if you’re
Pro that . again I will post a link in the description and in the comment under the
video to a form where you can ask me any questions, make suggestions and I’m
reading all of your form submissions. and I’m getting a picture what all of you
are looking to hear from me or to share. most of you are intermediate to advanced
practitioners. I’m really excited to create more intermediate and advanced
flows, as I progress in my own practice, I will share my knowledge with you. so
thank you again for listening to my bragging about my diet about my journey
I would be really happy to read all of your comments share with your friends
subscribe if you’re not subscribed yet until we meet * again namaste .

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