Meater smart meat thermometer | TechHive Review

Meater smart meat thermometer | TechHive Review

this is the meter smart thermometer and
it could change the way you cook so this tiny thing is very impressive
it is a Bluetooth smart meat thermometer it is a food grade stainless steel body
there’s a couple of temperature sensors inside there’s one about a third of the
way up here and that’s the one that measures the internal temperature of the
meat that you’re cooking and there’s one on the end as well and that one is
measuring the ambient temperature of the the oven or the grill or wherever you’re
cooking things the internal sensor can handle up to a hundred degrees Celsius
212 Fahrenheit the sensor on the end here much hotter
to 75 Celsius 527 degrees Fahrenheit you can use this for cooking meat on
barbecues on frying pans and grills in ovens you cannot use it though
underwater in deep fat fryers pressure cookers or in the microwave so how does
it work when it comes in a rather attractive wooden charging case and as
soon as you pull it out of the case it starts sending temperature data to your
phone over Bluetooth the app in the phone has a selection for the type of
meat you’re cooking for the cut of meat you have and also for how well or rare
you would like it done that’s all based on USDA guidelines if you want you can
set up a custom cook if you’re doing something special but usually what you
do is you would stick this into the meat making sure that this temperature sensor
here is about in the thickest part of the meat to ensure that everything cooks
properly select what you’re cooking and how you’d like it done and put it on the
heat temperature data continually flows from these two probes over bluetooth to
your phone and after a couple of minutes your phone is going to be able to figure
out the rate at which the temperature is rising the radio has to go to and
therefore when it’s going to be ready and you get a count down on the phone
telling you when your meats gonna be ready five minutes before it’s ready now
there’s a little extra alarm to warn you that time is getting close and then at
the exact moment that you should take it off the heat the app sounds an alarm and
you can do that it’s not finished once it’s off the heat it can
Tinh used to monitoring for the resting period when temperatures are stabilizing
and then as you sit there looking at it going come on come on come on it finally
tells you that you can cut into your piece of meat and enjoy it and every
time I’ve used this so far the meat has come out perfectly it hasn’t
disappointed yet I did it with a couple of steaks at different times to make
sure that it wasn’t a fluke both came out wonderfully I did it with a chicken
the chicken came out 99% perfect there was one tiny small area that was a
little bit undercooked and later I sort of deduced it was probably
because I had the temperature probe in slightly the wrong place it wasn’t in
the thickest part of the meat so something as you start using this is you
will need to start getting very good about where to put this but if you
position it correctly no problems so far so yeah Bluetooth Low Energy from here
to your phone one of the disadvantages of that means that your phone then has
to be close to where you’re cooking because it’s Bluetooth range if you’re
cooking over a flame you’re probably not gonna go very far anyway but if you have
say a chicken in the oven for an hour you don’t want to be sitting in the
kitchen all of the time monitoring this so if you have another device that has
bluetooth on Wi-Fi you can leave that in the kitchen and then through the app all
of the data from this will be broadcast across your local home network so that
if you have another device your phone or something you can be in another room and
you can monitor so you can have a device to send it on to Wi-Fi just needs to act
as a relay the battery as I said charges up in here there’s a double triple a
battery in the back and the case holds on with a magnet and there’s a couple of
extra magnets here so you can put this on the side of your refrigerator or on
the side of your grill or something like that for when you’re not using it takes
a few hours to charge up about two or three hours to charge up when it is
charged up and you take it off 24 hours of continuous data flowing from here to
your phone before the battery is gone so this is easily going to last you a whole
grilling day if you have a big fourth of July party or something like that it
costs $69 for one of these and that comes with the charge in block
there is a another version that’s about to come out the probes are the same but
you’re gonna get four of these probes and a slightly more complex charging
block that includes that bluetooth to a Wi-Fi bridge function and that’s going
to be a hundred and ninety-nine dollars so that’s the meter wireless smart
thermometer I’m looking forward to using it in the future

5 thoughts on “Meater smart meat thermometer | TechHive Review

  1. Terrible product. I wish I didn't buy it. I have to leave my cell phone outside in a Ziploc bag and connect it with my wife's tablet. It constantly disconnect anyways and I can't use my laptop to connect to my phone to watch the temperature. I read that the charging base was a signal repeater but it's obviously not. $100 down the drain. I won't be recommending this to anyone.

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