Melbourne’s BEST MARKET TOUR! Street Food, Donuts, Coffee & More! (Queen Victoria Market)

Melbourne’s BEST MARKET TOUR! Street Food, Donuts, Coffee & More! (Queen Victoria Market)

Good morning adventurers. Good morning. From Melbourne. We are finally here So this city is known for a lot of things and one of those is market They have markets all over the city that you can check out and explore Today, we are at the largest market in the city. In fact, this is the largest market in the southern hemisphere The whole southern hemisphere. It is the Queen Victoria Market Queen Victoria Market. also known as the Vic Market Oh yes, the Vic Market. This market was originally opened back in 1878 and what’s unique about it is that there are a lot of original Structures that are still standing so it gives you a really good idea of what a nineteenth-century Market was actually like probably the coolest thing though about this market is that in 2003 it was equipped with solar panels which provide enough power for all of the market’s clients with even some left over. There are apparently over 600 stalls here and I think it’s open most days of the week except for Monday and Wednesday I believe. They have everything here. Fresh fruit and produce and meats and dairy and all kinds of little knick knacks Anything and everything you could desire and lots of food stalls. Yes, which is what we are mostly after today. So we’re gonna learn a little bit more about the market as we traverse through it But we have not had coffee. We have not really eaten a proper breakfast. So that is the first thing on the agenda Yes please. This market really does have everything There’s this area here where they have some shops over here and some vendors. There’s a fruit area back there We’ve seen a bunch of clothing shops all kinds of stuff They also have a coffee stand that we are going to check out right now. I think that’s the first order of business Supposed to be real good. Although I don’t know if you can get a bad cup of coffee in Melbourne, so. So we popped into Market Lane coffee got a little nice iced latte They have all sorts of delicious. You could do just, you know, your iced black coffee or all your traditional ones But it’s still a little warm summer’s hanging on a little bit here. Yeah, this looks beautiful Of course, they have a lovely outdoor seating area, which is perfect it’s not too cold yet and if you get it for here, they give you a real glass I guess when you’re not paper no waste Now we’re trying to cut down on the plastic and paper that we use because You know, you guys know we get a lot of coffee Yeah, we do. But, nice glasses here. This is the second coffee that we’ve had here in Melbourne, let me just say they’ve all been very good We got a cold brew at the place we were working at yesterday, and now the iced latte? Very delicious I think we have scoured the entire market and look at all the food stalls and we have decided on this Sri Lankan street food stall so one of the first we came across but nothing else seems to look as good. Oh my god you guys I’m so excited about this. I got the street combo which is just some rice, some vegetables over here and One meat and I ended up going with the goat meat Gonna get a bite with some of the meat and a whole heap of rice. Oh Yeah Dropped some rice. That’s absolutely delicious you guys the meat is so tender. It just dissolves in your mouth. It’s really savory Well-seasoned. See what these vegetables are all about. So we’ve got some zucchini in there Some sort of squash I think and some carrots. Oh Yeah Oh man It’s like a coconut sauce or something on there lots of flavor and a little bit sweet really nice This whole thing was only how much was it fourteen? Fourteen AUD. Yep, and if you did vegan, it was only twelve Yeah I think probably one of the best deals that we’ve seen for the amount of food that you get Totally worth it I went with I think it’s called the Lamprais dish and has a lot of stuff in here that I don’t know So I’m gonna read it off to you guys So I got rice at the bottom and then there is a meat curry. I also went with the goat I feel like we probably had goat, I realize but I can’t remember Last time we did it but it sounded very interesting. There’s tempered potato in here I’m actually not sure where there’s a Seanie sambal and then eggplant moju served with an egg and a mini pastry I think I got the ultimate taste of Sri Lanka in there. Alright, I’m gonna try to mix some of this Sambal and the eggplant together some of that rice in there. Oh my gosh With a little spicy, a little pickled, a little sweet, a little sour, savory It has all the elements that I love in a dish. This is so good. So mine was a little bit more It was 16. You would have been 14 if we did it vegan, but definitely worth it I mean, this is a crazy amount of food. Look at this. Eric’s definitely gonna have to help me eat it. Now that we’re nice and full we are in the section of the market where you find all the goods and wares And I am on the lookout for a new pair of sunglasses His has gone pretty scratched up recently These ones just are not quite cutting it anymore. So I keep my eyes off of those Thank you. I have decided on these. What do you guys think? I kept it nice and simple But they’re brown usually I just kind of get black ones or Allison picked out those wood frame ones that I used to have but this is my new look Looking good dude. and if you don’t like you’re just gonna have to deal with it I will kill you. Look at me, I am a shark. So I was thinking of picking up a couple of these before I leave what do you think? Appropriate coozies, for sure. Oh yeah, here we go. That’s what I was looking for. Next stop, we are getting doughnuts and I could not be more excited. We will show you them in just a moment Right now, I gotta purchase them. This little bag is filled with five delicious jam donuts The place is called American Doughnut Kitchen, although I don’t know if these are very American donuts They’re more like beignets. Yes. Are the shapes, is it meant to be some kind of shape? I think it’s just a dough ball. That’s a weird shape. It’s hot and filled with fresh jam and then obviously covered in so much sugar And it’s five for six dollars Which is a pretty good steal because as you can see these suckers are pretty big We saw that this truck has actually been selling in the city for since the 50s I believe so what is that like almost 70 years that’s nuts and They also sometimes run out. I think they just sell until they’re gone for the day or until the market closes But sometimes they sell out well before the market closes. I was very nervous I made Eric run over here and the little van is so cool because it has windows all around it You can watch them cooking in there are baking the donuts and dividing it all and everything. See all the inner workings It’s very sweet. Alright, let’s give these donuts a try. oohh, you got the big boy Check them out They are nice and warm. There’s so much sugar. They are really warm. Yeah, they’re making a ton of them fresh back there. I don’t know what kind of jam is in there it’s red strawberry cherry something like that probably. So we got a dusting of sugar on the outside delicious warm donut-ido. It’s so pillowy Cheers. Alright, here we go. Oh man. My jam’s a little off-center The dough is really fluffy and you can see it’s really gooey on the inside right in the middle There’s this gooey layer, but uh, I think it’s cherry filling probably Mine didn’t have so much actually Yeah, so you can see they don’t really put that much filling in there which I think is good and maybe not good if you don’t get any at all but it’s good because I don’t love jam and donuts I just like a little bit of the sweetness. I really just like the dough Oh man, that’s nice. Now we’ve got a whole bag about three more to eat right? Can we do it? We can do it. We can do it. This is a really Instagrammable spot We’re thinking so we tried to get a little shot of Allison kind of right here in this white spot here I think it turned out good I think so. It’s a little different. We usually do all the landscapy things But it’s fun. A little donut shot. It’s kind of retro but we’ll put the image on the screen if it did turn out good But also I just head to the endless adventure username on Instagram you want to follow us up see all our little photo adventures are turning out I think we have officially seen and conquered this market But before we head out, we have a bunch of goodies that we are gonna get I think I’m going to make a delicious meal tonight Thank you. Oh, almost got me. Cheers, thank you. So everyone here is yelling “dollar dollar dollar” because I guess now everything is $1 per kilo, so we’re just getting everything We’re trying to get up to a kilo Half a kilo. We’re gonna have to get a huge sweet potato to get up to a kilo Let’s do this. Sounds good. If you are wanting produce come here later in the day because a dollar for a kilo Look at how much we got. I mean..and we had to really try to fill this up. Yeah, it’s a good deal. We’re in the meat hall now and this is actually the oldest building in the market still standing I think it said it was built in 1869 That’s wild. That’s amazing. Yeah, a lot of meat has been sold in here speaking of we’re gonna get some meat right now We were told that throughout the day people would Do discounts on some of their items and that’s happening right now This guy’s running around saying he got $4 off a kilo of meat Oh, yeah, that’s pretty good there. I see some other guys with big signs up so keep your eyes peeled you might get a steal of a bargain. Is that a word? It has become pure chaos in here everyone is screaming trying to sell their meat But we did manage to get some lamb chops I honestly have zero idea of what they are yelling. So, I don’t know if we got something on sale or not. Alright, now we’re gonna head home. Dinner is underway We ended up getting lamb which I tried to make back in New Zealand a few months ago it it was okay It wasn’t great. But I think tonight it’s gonna be a lot better. We got lamb spice from the market You can’t go wrong with that. We got beautiful Brussels sprouts I am boiling some potatoes which in a bit I will smash and then bake in the oven It’s a good beautiful butter to put on everything All of this, we managed to get from Market Yes, even the beverages we are having while we are drinking or while ‘m cooking but everything should be ready in just a bit Alright. Dinner is served Everything turned out really good the lamb looks awesome Allison’s gonna give it a try see how it compares to her last try so last time I got really thin slices of lamb and I baked them and I think I over baked them cuz I Didn’t know but oh look at that. There’s still a little pink in there. It’s covered in butter and the seasoning I’m really excited for this. I think I’ve outdone myself Whoa, that’s so good Well now I’m excited Man. Lamb. That is my new meat of choice and roasted Brussels sprouts are like my favorite thing and then like I boiled these potatoes and then smashed them and bake them and butter and seasoning. Whoo It’s not the healthiest meal, but boy, is it delicious. Well, we are going to dig into this and we’re watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall, right now. We’ve been watching old comedy movies. I don’t know why but uh It’s been a lof fun though. Cause we watched it when you’re really young you can’t really remember everything, so it’s fun. I’ve realized that most of these movies I’ve seen on TV so they’re edited out But if you watch the original version you get to see a lot more stuff Spoiler alert This one has wieners and boobies in it. Yes. It does a lot more than I realized Today was an absolutely amazing day. We had so much fun at the market. That was great The food was great all of the little shops were so fun to wander through and by the way, If you guys have been to the Vic Market or if you’re from Melbourne If you have any of your favourite stalls in the market, let us know in a comment below So other people who are watching this video are taking a trip to Melbourne can check it out. Let us know tomorrow We will be doing something very fun We are gonna be trying Vegemite for the very first time. I’m gonna be making some very interesting recipes using Vegemite in hopes that We will fall in love with it. Like you all do. We’re gonna try our best. We’re gonna give it a proper shot. Yup

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