Melt In Your Mouth Glazed Donuts Recipe ( How to make the BEST Yeast Donuts ! ) Homemade Donuts

Melt In Your Mouth Glazed Donuts Recipe ( How to make the BEST Yeast Donuts ! ) Homemade Donuts

hey guys today we’re making these
delicious glazed fluffy donuts I’ve been making donuts for years now and I
finally nailed the most tender melt in your mouth
donut texture and I’m so excited to show you how to achieve that if you love
Donuts you’ll be blown away by how much better freshly made Donuts taste okay so
I’m making the dough by hand today listen if you have a stand mixer use it
this is one of the few times I’m actually going to encourage you to use
your stand mixer because this dough is quite sticky and I will be honest with
you it’s a bit annoying to work with however if you don’t have one I will be
sharing some tips with you as we go along to make your life easier so my
flour I’ve added a good grating of nutmeg which is going to give these
donuts that distinct delicious donut flavor I’ve also added this sugar and
salt and you want to give these ingredients a quick toss and set this
mixture to the side in this measuring cup I have some warm milk to it we’re
going to add one egg the melted butter and yeast give this mixture a good mix
and if you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe and click that
notification bell I post new videos every week you’re going to combine the
wet ingredients with the dry now if you’re using your mixer makes your dough
on high for three minutes if you’re making the dough by hand you can either
mix these ingredients using a spatula or wooden spoon or even a handheld electric
mixer you’ll see this dough is quite sticky and soft this is how you want it
to be do not be tempted to add extra flour at the most you can add an
additional one or two tablespoons of flour but keep in mind this is the
texture you want this dough to beat now because it’s so soft to make your life
easier you’re going to add a half a tablespoon of oil onto your work surface
this will prevent the dough from sticking to your board without having to
add extra flour oil your hands as well and you’re going to start kneading the
dough this will take some time if you’ve seen my previous bread video
did touch on that I’ll leave a link to that video in the description box but
keep in mind this will take anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes the gel will be
elastic and soft and inevitably and eventually it will become sticky at that
point you can use the help of a bench scraper it’s a great tool when making
bread it’s very inexpensive I think I got this one for a dollar so consider
getting one especially if you love making bread like I said this dough will
be soft and elastic usually all enriched dough’s have this um flexible texture
and after 10 minutes of kneading you’re going to transfer the dough into a
lightly greased bowl I like to give my dough somewhat of a shape this isn’t
necessary though and you’re going to cover it well using some plastic wrap or
a damp kitchen towel and this needs to rise for about an hour and a half to two
hours it just needs to double in size okay so fast forward an hour and a half
later at this point you can flower your work area we don’t want the donuts to
stick the dough should have doubled in size and you’ll see it also becomes
easier to work with and it won’t be as tacky flour the top of your dough as
well I like to press it down to pop any air bubbles and you’re going to roll
this out I’d say to about half an inch thickness now with this dough you’ll be
able to get around a dozen donuts because I have this small donut cutter I
was able to get around 15 Donuts you don’t need a donut cutter that okay a
large cookie cutter and the small one is perfectly fine to use or even a glass or
a cup is fine improvised anything that’s wrapped you’re going to place the donuts
onto some parchment paper leaving some space between each donuts and let these
rise again for about 20 to 30 minutes the beauty of this dough is that you can
reroll it it’s a wonderful soft dough so reshape it roll it out again and
continue making your donuts okay so moving on to frying these babies I’m
going to give you a few crucial tips now I like to cut the donuts you know not
the donuts the parchment paper around the donuts it’s just easier to maneuver
them into the oil without you know deflating them or losing their shape now
I find that the best temperature for frying don’t
is actually around 160 degrees Celsius or 320 330 Fahrenheit a lot of recipes
will tell you 360 but for my experience they just become dark and crispy we’re
not making Fried Chicken here okay cooking the donuts at a slightly lower
temperature will assure you that beautiful even browning and a super soft
donuts if you have a thermometer use it if you don’t just make sure your donuts
are bubbling gently you may have to adjust your flame as you’re cooking
these so keep that in mind and you’re going to cook these on both sides until
they’re beautifully golden set these onto a wire rack or some towels and
we’re going to make the delicious glaze for the glaze you’ll need some melted
butter to it we’re going to add the milk and powdered sugar you can add a splash
of vanilla I’m actually using vanilla powdered sugar so I won’t be adding any
today as a pending on how you like your glaze you know thick or thin you’re
going to add more milk or more sugar I personally prefer a thinner plates drop
your donuts one or two at a time into the glaze make sure you coat these
entirely in the glaze they’re going to be I promise you and you’re going to
place these onto a wire rack to drip you know the excess glaze this glaze will
set just like Krispy Kreme donuts these will be better than any donut you will
ever buy I need to immediately show you how soft and tender these are I
guarantee you that when you make these you won’t be able to stop at just what
they’re so good as the glaze starts to set it’ll become this crackling soft
glaze the entire donut will just melt in your mouth

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