Mexican Tortas Are the Ultimate Sandwich for Meat Lovers | Food Skills

Mexican Tortas Are the Ultimate Sandwich for Meat Lovers | Food Skills

Hi, my name is Luis Jimenez, and I am the
executive chef at La Loncheria in Brooklyn. Tortas are a traditional dish from Mexico. There are different kinds of tortas in Mexico,
depending on the region. But they’re mostly famous in Mexico City. They’re made with bread, beans, protein, sometimes
a little bit of cheese, and that is it. There’s a traditional bread we use called
“telera.” Most of the tortas come from the baguette
you find in boulangeries, but it’s a wider type of bread than the baguette form. You can find torta stands all over Mexico
City, but most of the time it’s made with that style of bread. You can currently find tortas in New York
City, but we’re taking tortas to the next level by using our skills and experience. We have a lamb-belly torta, which is called
“La Niña Popov.” Lamb is a really special meat. It’s tricky sometimes. We took on the challenge of making it really
nice by braising it over night and marinating it for 48 hours prior to cooking. We mix garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, with
black beans, and that’s what we smear on the bottom of the bread. Then we add the roasted lamb belly. We cook the belly in a barbacoa style. I’m a big fan of the barbacoa from the city
of Hidalgo, which is east of Mexico City. We add pickled tomatillos and Oaxaca cheese,
or string cheese, on our torta. Then we serve the sandwich au jus, which is
the lamb stock, or the consommé. People can actually dip the torta into the
jus and make it really nice and juicy. We also have the “Ben Ami,” which is a play
on the banh mi: a traditional Vietnamese sandwich from Southeast Asia. We take a nice piece of brisket, salt it for
48 hours, and then put a double-rub into the brisket and braise it. We get this really nice, pink color around
the brisket and put the adobo sauce on top. We take two slices of the brisket and then
always the same order of ingredients: A smear of mayo on the bread, and then black beans
with avocado leaf on the bottom. The black beans always have to be on the bottom. And then we add the banh mi ingredients, which
are red cabbage, lots of cilantro, and slices of jalapeño. What we really want is to show that tortas
can be made in many different ways. I have a background in French cooking and
Japanese cooking, and I wanted to bring that to La Loncheria. I wanted to combine those experiences with
the traditional way of making tortas, which I grew up eating. I wanted to combine both elements—the traditional
way of making tortas and my experience—into La Loncheria.

100 thoughts on “Mexican Tortas Are the Ultimate Sandwich for Meat Lovers | Food Skills

  1. Me caga toda esa gente que anda diciendo "ésto no es comida mexicana". Piensen un poquito, va en un pinche bolillo y siguen pensando que no es mexicano?????

  2. If you're in Minnesota check out Manny's Tortas! They are SO SO good. Two non-state-fair locations: Midtown Global Market and Mercado Cenral, both on Lake Street. Google will help you find the one closest to you.

  3. Not even remote to the traditional tortas of México City, but this look good, I like the style of both, the food and La Loncheria. I always respect someone that makes things their own way. Saludos a la raza de La Loncheria.

  4. Those do look/sound good but its hard to beat a mission district(frisco) torta…theyre probably 1/3 the price of the ones in this video too!

  5. Really wanted to watch this but not willing to sit through another 30 second beat commercial that’s on every video.

  6. le pone a su restaurante la loncheria
    dice que las tortas son de CDMX

    smh Guanatos gettin no respect. anyway, se ven de huevos sus tortas. bien.

  7. God. A Mexican guy is out here in NY trying to make a name for himself. He's clearly just trying to get out there and is being creative and all these "Mexicans" are in the comments saying this isn't Mexican blah blah blah. Sometimes my people annoy me bro. Most of you probably can't even speak fluent Spanish I bet…just some wannabe folk. Are people not aloud to tweak food to their own recipe anymore? Since when did it have to remain "street food"? Be proud that this man is out here doing his thing in the east coast and repping. Damn. We can have street food were famous for and exist in a restaurant. It's not like he's appropriating, the man is Mexican…

  8. Those have got to be the most salivating sandwiches I've ever seen. I've been playing with the idea of opening my own sandwich shop some day. Here in central Europe, you rarely see stuff like this.

  9. This looks amazing, I love Mexican food. Vegans you’re missing out. Stop hugging those trees and trying to save the polar bears. And eat meat !

  10. I go to this place Tacos Lupita where I live all the time and I always wanted to try a torta but the burritos are so damn good that's all I get Everytime I'm there. I'll have to try a torta sometime!

  11. Great take on the Bahn Mi ! Mexican food makes for the best fusions! My favorites are Mexican/Indian and Mexican/South-East Asian.

  12. I think these guys are over complicating it… just keep it simple traditional-style it’s a street car food they are doing too much

  13. Wtf is this shit! Trying to make this all fancy and what not 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️, get a regular torta! Like a torta de asada o de adobada but lamb and all this shit wtf! You should be ashamed of yourself

  14. I've been cooking for 20 years ..I can easily see every single thing on here looks bomb as f***. The idea of chick pea garbanzo bean black bean paste is genius

  15. Had a next level torta at my usual spot here in DC. Had chorizo in it. Tortas are amazing and people who say they have to only be cheap street food are saying it can’t be an art form like French or Italian cooking when it absolutely can. And I say this as a Mexican American who has eaten his fair share of street tacos and nachos

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