MIL-SPEC MRE – Macaroni & Chili – Civilian Meal Ready-to-Eat

MIL-SPEC MRE – Macaroni & Chili – Civilian Meal Ready-to-Eat

Greetings, my lovelies. Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another military ration tasting. So, if you’re new to the series and missed all the other military ration eatings I’ve done in the past, I shall put the playlist down below, which I’ve eaten international rations and US rations. So, today’s ration comes to me from a brother and sister, Miss K and Mr. K. Thank you guys so much for sending me this military ration. Here it is! And if you like these military ration tastings, be sure to subscribe. All right, let’s get started! And it is made by Mil Spec’s — Made in USA: Chili and Macaroni — Menu 4. It’s the same technology as the Meal Ready-to-Eats, or MREs, produced for the American soldiers. The color of the packaging is very similar, but the weight of the plastic’s a little bit different, and so is the texture; it’s not as kind of rubbery. But, still very durable! Here we go! Sundries bag, strawberry jam… oatmeal cookie… crackers… …and here’s the ration! And this looks just like the one that you would find in an MRE. This does not contain a self-heating unit, so we’ll have to heat this up in some boiling water. Ooh! A very dense packet. I’ve got some boiling water here; so I’m gonna just slide this packet into here… and, on the back of here, it says to let it sit in there for about five minutes. So, while that is heating, let’s taste the other things. Both the sugar and salt packets are a little bit different — they look more like civilian packets. Oh, this is non-dairy creamer; instant coffee… there’s a moist towelette, lemon-scented, it says, which is nice. So, this spoon that they include in this pack is different than the US military-grade one, both in its size and color. The official MRE spoons are brown, and they’re a little bit longer, and the type of plastic is a little bit more rigid, and not so flexible. This is like the spoon that you would get at a birthday party, which is fine, totally adequate. And, here are some matches… The gum is also different: the gum is green rather than white… and here’s the tiny bottle of Tabasco…so stinkin’ cute! In my opinion, this is definitely better than the packets, because you can reseal it, and you can keep it, and it’s just so stinkin’ cute! We can just make ourselves a cup of coffee. This is a little bit different, because this a powder, rather than being granules. …And, since this is non-dairy, I’ll add a little bit of that, as well, creamer… It’s got kind of a gray color to it. …And, I’ll add a tiny bit of sugar to it, as well. Cuz why not? Cheers! Mmm! It’s actually pretty good. We’re having some colder weather here in New England, and it’s cloudy and gray outside, so a hot cup of coffee, even if it’s instant, is always welcome. Mmm. And, I usually don’t have my coffee sweetened, so having it with a little bit of sugar is kind of a nice little treat! So, that was some instant coffee, nothing really special there. I’m assuming the strawberry jam goes with the crackers. And I think the crackers could also go with the chili, too. Oh, my gosh, look at that! So, there are two of them… two little perfect squares of cracker…that almost look like circuit boards. Oh! Breaks very cleanly — I like that — very satisfying. So, we get four little kind of saltine crackers. Let’s see how well they break on the perforations, just out of curiosity. Nope, not that great. It…They break, but not as cleanly. Alright, let’s put a little bit of this jam on here. And, it smells just like Smucker’s. Itadakimasu! Mmm~! And, it tastes like a makeshift Pop Tart. The cracker’s a little bit denser than I expected it to be. Because it looks like a saltine, I was expecting that kind of lighter crunch, and it tastes a little bit more like a biscuit. Maybe there’s baking soda in there, I’m not really sure. But, the jam is great! It’s sweet, it tastes like strawberry jam, and surprisingly, very reminiscent of, like, a crunchy Pop Tart. Mhm! Better than I expected, really. My napkin’s sort of appropriate, that was completely coincidental. Ha! That’s funny. So, while we’re waiting for our entree, let’s take a little closer look at the Tabasco. It is super, super tiny. The Tabasco inside does not look as vivid as I know Tabasco to be, but I’m sure it’ll taste fine. So, in comparison, I have a full-size bottle of Tabasco right here, which isn’t very big in its own right, but if we wanna do a side-by-side comparison, look how small baby is compared to his Papa. I love it, I love it! Okay, so I think our entree should be ready. Let’s check it out! So, let’s take this out… Oh, this is a little different! The tear lines are here. Usually they go horizontally. Alright. And, this is not vegetarian, there’s little bits of meat in there, LOTS of meat, actually. And, elbow macaroni… Hm! And, that’s pretty good. It tastes just like canned chili, with the addition of some pasta in there. The pasta, because it is cooked this way, is quite soft and a little bit mushy, but the pasta probably makes it very filling, as well. And, let’s have some on a cracker. Hm. It tastes like a cracker and chili. But, you know what will make this a million times better? This little guy! Alright, let’s douse this guy with some Tabasco. Mhm. Sooo much better! Tangy, smokey, fiery…love it! Does anyone have a hack for refilling these little bottles? They’re so stinkin’ cute, but I imagine it would be tricky, unless I had a really tiny, tiny pipette or something — to refill this. Now, let’s finish up our meal with dessert, and this is an oatmeal chocolate-covered cookie. Wow, it almost looks like it’s plastic! That’s kind of disconcerting, look at that! Look how shiny that is! Okay, it snaps really nicely. Mhm~ The cookie on the inside is a little bit more substantial than a typical biscuit. It’s got a little bit of oatmeal in there, so you’ve got a little bit of (kind of) coarse crumbles, but the chocolate flavor is not very pronounced, it’s pretty light, actually. It kind of tastes more like chocolate frosting. Let’s finish this meal off with some green gum. I don’t know if it has the legendary laxative qualities as the MRE gum is supposedly supposed to have. Ooh! Very hard… Mhm… but it softens up! It’s not like one of those uber minty gums, it’s just minty, but nice and freshening. …And, yeah! Totally appropriate way to finish a meal. All right! So, that was my first Mil Spec MRE. Thank you so much, Mr. K and Miss K, for sending me this civilian ration. I appreciate it, and…yeah! Thank you guys so much for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed that. I hope you guys learned something. Don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe, and I shall see you in my next video! Toodaloo! Take care! Bye~! Son, you’re going to hear a lot of things growing up. They’ll call you stumpy; shorty — don’t listen to them. You” always be a Tabasco….

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  1. in my opinion this packet is kind of better than a military mre and that's disappointing because I don't think civilians should get better mre's than military service men and women..

  2. i bought recently an MRE but not to taste it, i bought it to have it for an emergency, no one knows what can happen and its for survival, so instead of saving can foods that only have a duration of 1 year this could last for quite longer ☺

  3. You could refill the tiny Tabasco with a syringe. Possibly one of those you get at the pharmacy to give little kids liquid medicine. BTW, where did you get that fork, the one with the open handle? Jack from the Cooking with Jack channel has them too. People have asked him but he got them as a wedding gift.


  5. "Son there gonna call you a lot of things growing up there going to call us stumpy shorty but dont listen to them you're always going to be a Tabasco

  6. The second I saw the mini-tobasco bottle I knew you would love it and i was not disapointed. You are adorable, like the perfect mom grown in a lab.

  7. My mom actually always carries a bottle of Tabasco in her purse! When I was younger I always remember her taking it out when we were at restaurants 😂😂 it was the best!! To this day she still does it and I love it!!

  8. Emmy I absolutely love your videos, whenever I watch one your infectious positive energy always brings me joy. Keep doing what you're doing! Thank you!

  9. Man, I still remember the taste of this when it was cold! Back in 2005 during hurricane Katrina, my family was stranded in New Orleans for months. All we had were the MREs that the military airdropped to us. It was my family of four, and I was only 5 at the time. That was rough. It’s a bitter taste I can’t quite forget. It’s sorta cool to see it again though. Chili Mac was my favorite one

  10. Emmy, I don't know if anyone has ever told you a story like this, but my boyfriend (Former Infantry Marine) told me that while patrolling the village he was stationed at in Iraq he would keep the MRE brownies in his pockets. He would wait until nighttime to eat it because it would get really warm and soft because of how hot it gets in Iraq. And chili mac is his favorite MRE. Thanks for the video. I hope you liked the story. n.n

  11. Chili Mac is one of my favorites! I never had this until I got into the US Army. This was originally cooked in the mess halls with the following ingredients which I watched the old retired Army cooks cooked this Army classic when I was at Basic and Infantry School during KP. The following ingredients were chopped onions or dehydrated one, chopped garlic or dehydrated ones again, ground beef, tomato paste, kidney beans, salt and pepper to taste, green bell peppers, chili powder, and some flour or powdered crackers to thicken it. Chili Mac was served to us out in the field or if we were shooting on the ranges. The MRE version came later in the 1990s and during Iraq. I ate the MRE version during training or before deployment to Iraq. I usually had it with the jalapeno cheese and Tabasco sauce mixed into it and crushed the crackers after it is hot. One of may favorite meals I had in the Army and I cook it to the original Army recipe when I feel like it. I love this when I am road tripping out in the winter in Utah or Northern Arizona. Reminds me of my time in the training areas in Grafenwoer or Hoensfels Germany as a young trooper eating a good hot meal in the snow or cold rain under a poncho with crazy and funny guys of my platoon and squad back then. Chili Mac brings back funny memories and how good it was to eat.

  12. I always love the little clips at the end of the video😂 Tabasco forever! Even though I don’t typically use it😁

  13. I know that I'm late to the game, but if you're looking for a way to refill the miniature Tabasco bottles, I can recommend 2 different options on the same technique. 1) acquire an unused insulin syringe from a diabetic, and use it to refill the small Tabasco bottle. If that isn't an option, then 2) go to a farm supply store in your area; most have a veterinary supply section and get your small syringes & needles from there. There are larger (*MUCH* larger) syringes and needles there that can do double duty if you want to inject meats with brining and/or marinade solutions.

  14. Emmy, thank you so much for keeping me entertained. I never thought watching someone eating rations would bring me such joy. You're absolutely adorable, and your petsonsonality is over the top.

  15. A hack for the Tabasco is pour some out then get a very thing needle with a syringe and just there you go boom a refilled little Tabasco ha!❤️❤️

  16. For refilling that tiny tobasco bottle, you can try using a piping bag filled with a little sauce from its big brother and cut off the smallest hole and refill it

  17. I know its late, but here is a Tobasco hack: use a needle-less syringe like one from the Pharmacy. Should be able to find a small enough one to refill your wee tobasco bottle. Hope it works for you!

  18. at the tabasco tour place in avery island, louisiana has lots of tabasco products such as ice cream, soda, candy, and the small bottles are very easily available there. i really recommend going!

  19. I just stumbled across your channel. Excellent content and it's not exactly difficult to look at you. Cuter than the proverbial button. Thanks

  20. OMG! Nice to meet you Stewart! ROFLMAO! If you have a child's medication syringe or one from your vet, they are easy to fill. The best thing would be a small glass tube bulb droppers in pharmacy dept that would refill these easily! I use them to measure bleach drops for water disinfection.

  21. Hey, to refill those tiny Tabasco bottles, you can go to Walgreens or CVS and ask for a "blunt-tip needle and syringe" and they'll sell you one for like $0.50, and you can wash it with soap and water and use it over and over!

  22. Hey!!! I love your videos, and I'm not far from you. I live in RI sometimes.
    But after being a subscriber to you for such a while, I have a challenge! PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE try and find a homemade recipe for the MRE chili mac. I love it and miss it so much.. in the field people would trade for them!!! Everyone was jealous

  23. "Son you're going to hear a lot of things growing up. They'll call you stumpy; shorty… Don't listen to them. You'll always be a Tabasco"

  24. I absolutely love you and your videos but you are killing me eating the food off the fork with your teeth! That hurts my teeth every time I see it almost to the point that I want to skip over those parts but that's the whole reason I watch the video, to see how the food is, how it taste. lol

  25. Here's the Dollar Tree version. The chili mac is made with canned chili and beef ramen noodles:

    Assured Antibacterial Wet Wipes, 3 ct.
    Diamond Strike-on-Box Matches, 10 ct.
    Domino Granulated Sugar, 1 lb.
    Everyday Table Shakers Salt & Pepper Set
    Frank’s Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce, 5 oz.
    Nestle Coffee Mate Powdered Coffee Creamer, 6 oz.
    Nestle Taster’s Choice House Blend Coffee Packets, 6 ct.
    Nissin Top Ramen Beef-Flavored Oodles of Noodles, 5 ct.
    Original Saltine Crackers, 8 oz.
    Oven Baked Fudge Graham Square Cookies, 13 oz.
    Pampa Strawberry Fruit Spread, 19 oz.
    Southgate Chili with Beans, 15 oz.
    Trident Peppermint Sugar-Free Gum, 20 ct.
    White Plastic Utensils, 48 ct.

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