100 thoughts on “MIND-BLOWING Street Food Tour in PADANG, Indonesia | SPICY, CHEAP Street Food and NASI Padang!

  1. Jebakan nasi padang ini mah namnya 🤣😉..smuanya bikin ngiler,mau tak makan smua…tpi siap2 aja buat byrnya🤣😋😊

  2. You say Terimakasih! No, I say thank to you bacause you enjoying indonesian foods. Good bless you bro.

  3. In Padang restaurants, they Will serve many food on the plates…u don't have to buy them all….just pay for what you eat

  4. Sounds like Pharrell Williams Happy in instrumental version at 8:38 🙂 – Love your show Trevor – Love from Denmark

  5. Ndk pepes tu do yuang "palai" namo e tu mah . . Lontong tu ndk lontong tu do wkwkw "katupek" namo e tu mah hahah

  6. haha..so funny, bro. it’s not romantic candle. Actually it’s to get rid of the flies and other bugs since indonesia is in tropical zone.

  7. you need to read it as "Padang" not "pedang", because pedang means another word in Indonesia. Pedang means sword

  8. Big love from NTT for our Brother's and Sister's in the Land of Minang, they are really friendly and welcome. #GoodFoodGoodMood

  9. tapi dipadang emang gitu ya, gw setiap makan sate padang pasti satenya dikit lontongnya banyak, padahal enak banget wkwkkw kekenyangan lontong kan jado gimana hehehe

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  11. Me from Malaysia want to go Padang in nov this year..satey minang and others food looks awesome mate..i never ate satey minang before..hopefully my stomach not any problem there..hahaa.. sorry for my bad english.

  12. Western people see candles on the table: “ah it’s romantic

    Indonesians see candles on the table: “oh must be lots of flies over there.”

  13. Hi Trevor, I'm from Bukittinggi (near from Padang). People in padang and all regions of west sumatra call the rice cake that you ate with sate padang "Katupek".
    Pepes is in Bahasa Indonesia. In Minang, we call it "palai".
    Sambal >> Lado.
    Sedap >> Lamak.
    Jengkol >> Jariang
    This video is awesome!
    I think you should try lontong gulai paku with sala bulek, pisang kapik, ampiang dadiah, cindua durian, sate piaman, bika daun, and kalamai

  14. in nasi padang , you dont pay for any curry or sauce that you eat… (but if u eat the meat or vegetable you pay for it)

  15. سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم عددماكان وعددماسيكون وعدد الحركات والسكون.

  16. Im sorry, im really sure, The last place you eat, you was robbed bro, so so expensive.
    Penjual yang seperti itu tidak akan berkah

  17. 2:15 is not cassava leaves but "Kemangi" a tropical basil
    7:10 Jariang is Minangkabau language for Jengkol beans
    basically this is on my street as child in Padang LOL just stone throw from my maternal belated grandparents institution and one of our houses.
    "Lamun Ombak" lunchroom

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