Montenegrin Food Review – Eating local seafood dishes in Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegrin Food Review – Eating local seafood dishes in Kotor, Montenegro

so it is time for our first food video
here from Montenegro and the big question is what do we know about
Montenegrin cuisine because apparently that’s what it’s called yes if you want
to make your food not very much I can’t say I’ve ever had it anywhere else in
the world but we have been doing a bit of research apparently it’s highly
influenced by Turkey Greece Italy and all of its neighbors so that should be
interesting and also it varies depending on the region you’re in so what they eat
along the coast is very different from what they have up in the mountains so
we’re gonna be focusing on seafood today because we’re in kotor we’re right by
the water and yeah this place is called seas i thinka i believe yeah and they
have a massive menu and it’s all seafood and everything sounded so good we
ordered some stuff stuffed squid which should be interesting I’m really excited
about that because I was reading the reviews on TripAdvisor and everyone was
saying stuffed squid yeah so yeah that’s awesome so what I need to see ordered
some tea why don’t you try that I got tea I got two because it’s cold and it’s
rainy out so it’s green tea you had a choice between green and black and
you’re like oh good that’s good it’s keeping me warm also check out the
restaurant we’re like in this little cave yeah
yeah we are super cool it’s all like stone and break and it’s super homey the
kind of dark and I like it all right and somebody is looking a
little different since the last video yeah yeah I probably got my hair got my
gosh I couldn’t remember the last time it was I was in Poland yeah that was in
the summer a few months ago and like the falls almost over company in the winters
yeah this is moving on to like three and a half four months I see a cot I got my
haircut seats I’ve been here today is getting pretty shaggy this time anyways
but raising a pint over here I’ve got that hey I’ve got some of the dark local
draft that’s quite nice my initial thought is that it’s got a bit of a
sweet molasses flavor it’s got a bit of it like a dark bread yeah it does remind
me a bit of Guiness like a lighter Guinness that’s more sweet mmm it’s a
nice beer it should go really good with the seafood that’s coming soon all right
ready for it ready for it all right guys the food is here and it looks amazing
check this out so this is what I ordered this is the stuffed with with shrimp so
I’m just gonna bring one over let’s cut into look at the colors it’s
like golden crispy on the exterior really soft when you cut into it oh wow
look at that it sure is thought I sure as tough to my
it smells so good was it yeah yeah this was when we were looking up this place
this is what was that was recommended over and over again what’s it here I haven’t had a whole lot of squid in my
life but I believe this is where it’s supposed to taste what is done well so
tender oh this squeak can be quite chewy Wow
when I think of squid I think it harkens back to my days and you know South Korea
when I had a lot of squid snacks but so much raw but the dryads with it was
really tough and chewy salty the ones that you’re supposed to take to the
movie theater as your Liam you have to do baseball games different nothing like
you know the filling the shrimp I think it’s like mixed with mashed potatoes
right so yeah this is a really good oh and what also comes with potatoes and
Swiss chard wonderful in she goes yeah can’t me to
try this and we do the same is you I’m gonna cut it in half yeah is stops Jack
Jack squid oh my gosh if you’re not wonderful I’m just so much better than I
thought of but I think we just haven’t heard a lot of squid like we don’t eat
that much seafood but this is amazing just the way it’s done it’s just like I
just cooled it I think it’s coated in quite a bit of oil yeah to perfection on
the outside crispy crispy but then on the inside you get that juiciness and
tenderness there’s a lot of flavors going on this is absolutely delicious
can we try some of them the potato it Swiss chard mash as well what’s nice got those really good yeah
that’s squid though oh yeah I just can’t do it for number three okay I told
myself okay so this right here is the next dish to be ordered and this is
called Duda and it’s basically just fried fish catch of the day catch of the
day and I believe they said this is pink peek or hockey okay I don’t really know
my fish that well it’s so not entirely sure how to pronounce the fish’s name
what do you think should I be using my hands for this or just yeah go for it
stick it man you took a bite out I did thanks good little earlier yeah
no couldn’t wait what do you think I was right I think these have just been like
deep fried pools like this but it’s so easy to pull up peel it off
there you go whole thing came out Wow I should be squirting a lemon all over
there you go that’s the way to do it premium they get free me leader lemon also so soft I think you came with the
whole thing yeah bride let’s contrast between the juiciness of
the first dish and the crispness of this one my turn all right I’m ready to try
to look at you using cutlery sir I made a mess it’s rare that I’m the one that’s
being uh you know having a better table etiquette than you but I’ll take a rare
win for vegans it’s all about the saltiness yeah that’s what it’s all
about yeah it’s just really nice a little bit
more you’re right I do you think you can eat the whole thing I think the bones
bones a bit right – oh yeah yeah it’s all so soft like you can even taste the
big riddim I should mention another dish that had been recommended was the fried
sit fried anchovies or fried turkey today so yeah that’s why we went for
this actually Irish originally original header our I was second onions yeah oh
no sardines and anchovies um but then didn’t have surging up some
we decide to go for the local time yeah well this is pretty good do this oh and
you want to show us the salad we got we’ve kind of been neglecting God in
favor of seafood Jack so this is just a basic solid as you can see you’ve got
Tomatoes here – choice of cheese feta Oleta feta and goat cheese is
really big in this in the city I can know because we went me will be good let
me go to the grocery store just has so many different kinds of feta or goat
cheese and other types of that’s very similar but way more prominent than for
example like sliced teams or I don’t see like cheddar much so much much there
elevate see a lot of this what’s really nice all well yeah I’m gonna try the
cheese and a bite of tomato yeah good afternoon all right let’s work on
this and then we’ll be back with dessert because we are getting dessert Oh oh
yeah you know it okay so that was a really good meal we ordered two main
fish dishes one salad tea beer became 232 euros yeah it’s pricey even in
coastal town so be prepared for that but yes truly tasty you’re ready to get
dessert and then we went to order cake and they said they didn’t have any yeah
not today like no so guys we’re on the hunt for dessert we’re gonna show you
something maybe maybe we’ll stop by a bakery or something we’ll see okeydoke
guys we ended up going back home we found a really good bakery and yeah we
can’t really find any places for dessert like it’s slow season and it’s rainy so
yeah it feels like everything’s shut down we could have popped into another
restaurant but we just didn’t have the patience for that yeah okay so we got
some balls here so the white one is called Raffaello you know and this one
is either a bum visa or bum bika I’m not entirely sure you remember better than
me yeah I forgot both so let’s see Raphael I remember you can get
chocolates that look like that I bet it’s good coconut you’re not yeah
coconutty but I wish it were juicier I mean I’ve never had this before so I’m
not entirely sure what it’s supposed to taste like little joy I’m just a little
bit dry some juiciness it would be good just try to coconuts just flying
everywhere try that other one okay all right there we go and I should
mention that these two plus the cake that we’re gonna try down here came to
just over three euros so we definitely saved a little money by going to the
bakery so good is it contrasting is it chocolatey it has a filling almost bit
into it one more bite for science I’ve never had anything like this before I’m
really I’m sorry it’s quite heavy it’s almost like a rock it’s really send it
is it tasty though yeah but I feel like I need a cup of team okay some things
you go with them well it’s good that we got some wine yeah it’s something that
you nibble on slow Liam okay I think I may like the coconut one better can you
go back to that it’ll grow on me once I get a cup of tea
I’ll be able to enjoy that better and I’m not cake yeah we also got cake and
this is basically they said it was tiramisu cake right I called the
cheesecake we were gonna get the cheesecake but we ended up going for
this degree then show us what it’s all about
see and then I’ll show you guys the wine after we got a special we got a special
a special wine that is unique to Montenegro
Montenegrin wine red wine and how’s that cake my favorite no I feel like I’m not
really having a good day with the desserts here um the cream it’s a little
bland it could be sweeter okay that’s just a whole lot of cream and yeah I
think I need some more sugar and it doesn’t have a strong coffee flavor
you’re giving me tiramisu I’m expecting some coffee in there oh there you go
lunch was a bigger hit than his name lunch was way better yeah let me show
you guys the wine let’s do that okay guys so if you’re traveling in
Montenegro and you enjoy your red wines you definitely have to try what’s local
it is rennet yeah and my goodness is it ever good I
had some the other night when we first arrived and yeah it’s very good I like
to call it that it’s like red velvet going down it’s a dry red it’s got a lot
of taste it’s very potent anyways about this wine yeah it’s it’s unique to here
and it refers to the brine it’s grape mm-hmm
that’s right made from let’s start drinking all right let’s see if this is
any good for the Santa Claus so I should be good raise a glass to the local red
wine are you toasting to wine with wine yeah this is good stuff guys oh yeah I
think this is gonna make our dessert so much better yeah it’s it’s so neat to
try some different wines in this region you know
and this is a really good one yeah I have to say it took us a while to find
our footing especially with wine and
bosnia-herzegovina yeah but what once we did it was good
yes and the one here the bottle I picked up it’s a 2013 and it was normally like
I think closer to four years and this one was slightly under three year old so
what a deal and it tastes delicious so highly recommend it so yeah we were
gonna sign up from here that was dessert that was wine overall a really good meal
we sure ate a lot it’s time for a siesta and thanks for watching we’ll see you
guys on the next episode top you

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