100 thoughts on “Movie Theater Popcorn Taste Test

  1. Cinemark has the best popcorn I have ever tasted. I frequently buy it and bring it home to eat while I watch movies or TV shows. I eat that whole big bucket they have there.

  2. Mmm you’ve never had movie theatre popcorn until you’ve had MJR popcorn in Michigan… (at the one near me you get UNLIMITED REFILLS!)

  3. Where I live the popcorn at the base movie theater taste better because their butter topping tastes and smells like real butter. The movie theater in town the butter tastes artificial.

  4. I always go to Cinemark and while I do find myself eating a lot of popcorn and being addicted to it, sometimes it's kind of burnt. I don't really go to many other theaters.

  5. In San Antonio we have AMC, Cinemark, Regal and fricken City Base Entertainment (local obviously) I prefer regal popcorn

  6. the secret to the amc popcorn is getting the combo special where they put bunch a crunch and mini reeses cups into the popcorn. for this reason alone, it sets amc above the rest (and also the ones by me give away free friday night movies after 7pm – popcorn and soda included!)

  7. My favorite popcorn comes from a local Texas chain called Moviehouse and Eatery. It's one of those fancier places with recliners and assigned seating, except they charge the same for a ticket as at the national chains.

  8. this one movie theater that waitresses walking by seeing what your order is those that been on a tablet and then go get your order it was amazing I don't know what they're doing but they're doing something right

  9. I loved the movie theaters when still more common thing that take me back only listening to new rock bands like the delta parole gives me the epic movie feelings.

  10. This is my dream. I LOVE popcorn. Especially movie theater popcorn. If I could only eat popcorn for the rest of my life, I would.

  11. There are 3 amc theaters near where I live. I’ve been to two and the popcorn in one is really good while the other ones popcorn needed a lot of butter to taste even remotely good.

  12. Movie popcorn taste taysom million years old and hasn't been cooked I like my popcorn warm in fresh whipped butter on top I like home popcorn better

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