[Mukbang] 민물의 황제 가물치와 메기!👾 튀김+매운탕 The Strongest Fish? Snakehead? Sashimi+Fried 먹방ASMR Ssoyoung

[Mukbang] 민물의 황제 가물치와 메기!👾 튀김+매운탕 The Strongest Fish? Snakehead? Sashimi+Fried 먹방ASMR Ssoyoung

Catfish!! Snakeheaded fish!! Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung! Today I will be trying two kings from freshwater. But snakeheaded fish looks gross.. This fish looks like a snake. I have to show you guys.. It’s very strong! This is the snakeheaded fish. It looks like a snake. The skin part right here looks like snake. It’s gross!! The snakeheaded fish is one of the strongest fish in freshwater. Please stay where you are… Cat.. catfish!!! Catfish!! This one is the catfish. Catfish has mustache like a cat. It looks amazing right? It has a big mouth, right? Catfish, catfish! Catfish, snakeheaded fish! Catfish, snakeheaded fish! Hold on, I will put you in the water. What’s wrong with you guys…? Hold on, please save me! You are ridiculous catfish! You should go back into the water. Snakeheaded fish with snake skin is very strong.. Strong.. very strong one! With this catfish.. and this… snakeheaded fish.. Wow.. it’s incredibly strong! I will try cooking these snakeheaded fish and catfish. Let get back into the water! It’s cold! Go back in! Snakeheaded fish and Catfish. I will start cooking them! Please click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Like’~! Let me start cooking now. It’s all prepared. This one in the front is snakeheaded fish. And this is the fried catfish. And this one is the spicy catfish soup. Also prepared some kimchi. Also prepared some sauce. Lastly, some rice as well. I will enjoy the meal! Let me start with fried catfish. It has so much meat. It’s so yummy. I will try the snakeheaded fish this time. The meats are just pulled out along with its skin texture. With some rice. It has so much meat. Spicy catfish soup. It’s incredible. Isn’t the snakeheaded fish so huge? Snakeheaded fish. Catfish. Green onion kimchi. It’s very easy to debone. Snakeheaded fish matches just perfectly with fire spicy chicken sauce. Putting it on the rice.. Hold on! Catfish meat. Snakeheaded fish meat. Oops, they are sticked. Today I tried the catfish and snakeheaded fish, that are known for stamina food. Now I feel like.. I can feel so much energy in my body. I guess I won’t be able to go to bed early tonight~ Please click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Like’~! I can’t go to sleep~~♡

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  1. 쏘영님 저는 쏘영님 영상 즐겁게 보고있어요ㅎㅎ 그..악플러들 댓글에 하나하나 신경쓰지 않으셔도 되요~~^^
    이런 영상 저는 좋아요ㅎㅎㅎ 늘 유쾌하신모습 보면 저도 행복합니다👍

  2. U are an evil vile woman with a nuisance don’t you realise you’re killing the ocean how are you not 80,000 pounds for the amount you eat

  3. Getting SOOOOO HUNGRY!
    I mean, look at that presentation! AND LOOK AT HER FACE, DAT IS THE FACE OF SOMEONE EATING SOME YUMMY FOOD!!!!!!!!

  4. If Ssoyoung was on a tv show about sea creatures:

    The sea creature expert: This is blah blah blah

    Ssoyoung: cooks fish

    Sea creature expert :O

  5. 아오ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ시끄러진짜
    영상마다 소리를 안지르는게 없고만ㅡㅡ시청자들 의견다무시하고 ㅎ
    이제 외국구독자 위주로 하시려는듯ㅎㅎ

  6. 私はあなたのビデオが大好きです、私はあなたが別のヘビを食べるビデオを愛したいと思います

  7. 바로 먹을려고 꺼내는것도 아니고 영상에 담을려고 자꾸 뺐다 넣었다함ㅋㅋㅊㅋㅋㅋㅋ쟤네가 장난감도 아니고

  8. I really wish that you didn’t put a preview of you eating the fish at the beginning because I like the surprise after you cook them and everything . No hate no shade, Just thought I’d share my opinion.

  9. i think the catfish is more good than the snakehead fish😂
    and did you guys ever know how much slap did catfish slap her? 🤣💕

  10. Every one:ok catfish is pretty good at the restaurant
    Sooyung:sees catfish Becky…..Nani!? Pays 5000¥ eats it I finally killed my enemy

  11. We use to get a catfish out of my grandfather's pond and cook it, it tasted really good the first it I tried it, we would do this once a year

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