[Mukbang] How to eat? cubed snailfish🐟역대급 물컹물컹 물메기(탕+구이)ビクニン 生魚 pescado Eatingsound Ssoyoung

[Mukbang] How to eat? cubed snailfish🐟역대급 물컹물컹 물메기(탕+구이)ビクニン 生魚 pescado Eatingsound Ssoyoung

It opened the mouth!!! It’s opened!! It has a huge mouth! Mom~ where are you~ Please come save me. It feels weird. Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I prepared a very unique fish. Let me pull it out. What is this? Can you guys see this? This fish is called cubed snailfish. It feels very strange. It has a huge mouth. Oh my god.. mommy.. The mouth is opened.. all the way.. The cubed snailfish looks like this. It has a very short bottom jaw and a longer upper jaw. It has a huge mouth anyway. Mom it’s making some sound. I’m scared to death. It has a flat tail. Let me show you guys first. The length is very long. I will pull it out. The size is this big. It has a very long length. And the body is very tough. Can you guys hear the sound? It’s very tough and hard. But the texture of the whole body is very mushy. It’s also making some sound. People in the past, Oh I’m scared. People used to throw it away at the ocean because it was too ugly. It’s ugly like this. But I guess I look uglier. How come!! I’m so scared seriously. Please click “Like” and “Subscribe”. I will start cooking now. Check this out! This is a half dried cubed snailfish. I heard this tastes very special so I prepared it. I will grill it as well. Everything is ready now. This is cubed snailfish soup. This is grilled half dried cubed snailfish. Thank you guys for the food! It just disappears right away after I put it in to my mouth. The eggs. The eggs are yellow. It would be very good for the hangover food. This is the half dried cubed snailfish. People were recommending this fish so I’m trying it. I will put some sauce on it. Spicy sauce It will be delicious! It’s very shinning! I can know why people dry this fish It tastes similar to dried pollack and it has very nutty flavor. This time I will dip it with some sauce. Spinach. The meat in the soup is very soft so I don’t even need to chew anything. As long as you debone allthe fish bones, it’s very easy to eat. Back part has only bones so I only sorted out the meat part. Putting it on the rice. Meat is very big Meat. Wow fish meat texture is very soft. It’s almost done. I highly recommend this soup for hangover food rather than dried pollack soup. It’s just amazing. And this dried cubed snailfish I bought, It has a very chewy texture and it doesn’t smell fishy at all. It’s yummy. I was a bit scared by how it looks in the beginning. But it was a really good meal! Thank you guys! Please click “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons!

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  1. TimeLine (타임라인)

    0:00 HighLight (하이라이트)

    00:39 Cubed Snailfish introduction (물메기 소개)

    02:35 Cooking

    03:09 Mukbang (먹방)

  2. Oke so i need to tell this. I was babysitting last week. And these family had bought CAT’s and they did tell me but i was like whatever. And the night that i had to babysit, i noticed that there were 3 cats. So at first i wasn’t really scared. But after the child fell asleep I just became so scared. I litter ally was dying. Specially for the black cat. So I went to the toilet and called my friend. She told me that cats can be aggressive sometimes. So I was even more scared. So I ran to the chicken and closed the door. My phone was dead so I couldn’t see how late it was and every time that I tried to open the door to get out of the kitchen, I heard the footsteps of the cat so I closed it. I was so scared omggggg. And this girl is here with a huge m**f*** fish. Like omg howwwwwww hahahahhaha

  3. Que pez más raro y esa mujer come más que una vaca que Petra tenía que ser asiática pobre pez n mmes😡😡😡

  4. 쏘영님 영상볼때마다 느끼는건데 징그럽고 무섭다고하면서 먹을때는 얌전하게 잘먹는게 너무 웃겨용ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ😄🤣

  5. Lmao some of the comments be “is nobody gonna mention the fish peeing?” when literally 90% of the comments is about the fish peeing?¿

  6. it’s so wild how someone can be oh so afraid of something but still manage to kill and cook it, then eat it. i would literally lose it. i salute her.

  7. Tbh in every video you always make the thing you're eating suffer before it died like why can't you just make it died properly without suffering
    Others might think its funny but for me it's just like making fun of others life
    Ps.For other who did not agree stop saying that if "you don't like the video just don't watch it"

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