[Mukbang] Most Delicious KINGCRAB 5KG🦀대왕킹크랩 5KG 먹방 Eatingsound 帝王蟹 ンクレプ Ssoyoung Eatingsound

[Mukbang] Most Delicious KINGCRAB 5KG🦀대왕킹크랩 5KG 먹방 Eatingsound 帝王蟹 ンクレプ Ssoyoung Eatingsound

Isn’t it huge? This is huge. It’s just way too big! You guys should get ready. Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I brought a 5kg King Crab. It’s really big. Let me pull this up. Let me pull this up. This is a king crab. Please don’t leave. I bought this from the market in the early morning today. It was caught yesterday. The front figure looks just amazing. Let me see the tong. This one must be the right handed. Crustacean has a bigger right tong when it’s right handed. And left handed has a bigger left tong. This one is right handed since it has a bigger right tong right? This one is the monster. It’s huge. What happened to you~ why~ Don’t you guys think this would taste amazing? Let me cook it and see! Please click “Subscribe” and “Like”. Check this out~ How come? it’s all ready. I’m so excited! No I’m actually used to with it. Let me pull out a leg. Incredible. This is insane. Wow. It’s yummy. Let me pull it out. I should cut it with a scissor. It’s juicy. It feels amazing! I feel thankful to be alive. I will mix the leftover part with some rice later. I will pull out all the meats first. You should wait there. Don’t move. It has this much meat here. Let me dip some sauce on it. Mustard. I’m so happy. Meat. It’s inside..!! Wow it tastes wonderful. I pulled out all three legs. Look at this! I will eat it now. It’s time to have a coke. Even pouring coke sounds better than the usual. What kind of sauce should I dip this time? I will try some soy sauce. Soy sauce makes the flavor richer. Soy sauce is great. It’s the time to have guts. (Drum roll) Let me open it. Wow there is just so much things inside. I will mix the left over guts and meats with rice to make bibimbap. It’s ready! It’s so clean inside now. I will make bibimbap on here. It smells very nutty! Let me try it! Now I will eat. Incredible. A nutty scent from the sesame oil, Full and light texture from the egg yellow, Soft texture of the crab, and lastly some carbs from the rice! It’s just crazy! Incredible. Today I tried a king crab and a king crab bibimbap. It was really nice meal. I thank you guys! Please click “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons!

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  1. Thanks for watching(💕)

    TimeLine (타임라인)

    0:00 HighLight (하이라이트)

    00:39 Introduction Live KingCrab (살아있는 킹크랩 소개)

    02:01 Mukbang (먹방)

  2. เเสดงว่าปูไม่ค่อยสดสินะคะเนื้อหดเลย

  3. Why are you always killing animals . Do you know what ppl mean by global warming. Eat some vegetables for god sake 🙄

  4. For a second I thought she was going to choke on some of that she literally put so much in her mouth.i just realized that ,that is literally me when I’m eating food you know bruh seafood be good af.

  5. 다 좋은데 과한 리액션때문에 보기가 불편할정도…ㅜ 살아있는거 게 갖다둔거나 장어들이나 새우들 다 본인이 책상에 세팅한걸텐데… 맨날 처음 본다는듯이 무섭다는듯이 너무 오버하면서 놀라해하고 무서워하는게 좀 과해요오..ㅜ

  6. 初めてこの人の動画見たけど、表情豊かすぎて面白い🤣

  7. Once when I went to the beach 🏖 I saw something that looked like a small crab 🦀 I was going to take a picture of it when that it was gone….

    Maybe Ssoyoung ate it

  8. ขอโทษนะคะพี่เขียนภาษาไทยผิดอะคะตรงชื่อคริปอะ

  9. I am scared for your health gurl
    How do you eat a whole king crab in one day?? It would take me at least 3 days to eat the whole thing!

  10. MDS ELA FEZ EU ACHAR O BICHINHO FOFO E DEPOIS MATOU ELA, meudeus isso não se faz………..
    PQ ELA NÃO COME ALGO NORMAL, tipo arroz sei lá

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