– Cha-choo, boo-boop. (bottle-top clunking)
– Boo-boop. This week on My Drunk Kitchen we are going to challenge ourselves. by doing something
we’ve never done before. Upload a video on time. We’re going to be making cheese! Two gallons of whole milk? On no, I don’t have that
much milk, even a little bit. (funky music) Anybody want French toast? – (speaks in French)
To the people of France for everything that’s about
to happen from this point on. (funky music) – (imitating French
accent) Bonjour, ‘allo. It is me, Hannah, here to show you how the French make French toast. Drinking wine, yes very good. (speaks in French) Poetry. My mustache. It is also Christmas, a Paris, so … You know. Step one, is your pitiful American bread. It is not good for French toast, it is filled with nuts and seeds. Know you must take your pitiful
American eggs filled with Omega 3s for some reason. America is so pitiful you
need to say these eggs are all-natural and they come from chickens. Hah, ptoo! I just spit on myself. (egg cracks) Le crack Le crack!
(speaks in French) Oh no, as I look at these eggs
and I think about the shell I just threw away I am
overcome with, une vie. And I must write poetry to cope. (speaks in French) Oui. We must add le, milk? What is milk, what’s milk in French? Milk, lait. (speaks in French) Now into your milk you must add
the cinnamon sugar, grinder, because in America,
everything is so convenient. The cinnamon, sugar, it’s
all together in a grinder, so easy-peasy, so useful for making French toast in particular. It’s very, it’s pretty
good, it’s pretty good. This part is the saddest part,
you have an electric stove. What is this? Ptoo, I spit on this again. (mumbles in French) is hot, wow! Here is a pan for your pain, French puns! (speaks in French) I feel the butter? Now we take your pitiful
American bread, ooh! Now we take this and we
wait for the pan to be hot. Pan, are you hot? You seem hot to me, ah, call me later. Ooh-ahh! Magnifique, just like moi! Ooh, le flip. (speaks in French) But that is not necessarily
that bad, it is like life. You find you might come away a little bit burnt, but who cares! Une pour for you, okay. Don’t be a fool switch your tool. Le voila, a perfect tiny
piece of French toast. It is tiny because that is the French way and you don’t need to add anything to it because it is cut perfectly. That is also the French way, to never ever make any mistakes. I don’t think that’s so, again,
apologies to all of France. Ummm. God damn it I love French toast! Oooh lets cover this and shut up. The best way to have French
toast is add a little butter and some powdered sugar, some fresh fruit. But none of that is here because
originally I was trying– I was trying to make cheese today, and now we have food, that’s French toast. So today’s lesson is … Plan ahead there are some things that are, actually in your control– To do, boo-boop. Hey guys, thanks so much for watching. If you have trouble planning
ahead please click like and leave a comment in the comments below. Also if you enjoyed this
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100 thoughts on “MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Le French Toast

  1. I have had this problem. Not with making cheese, I was making BLT''s and was halfway through cooking the bacon when I realized I had eaten the last tomato for breakfast. Side note, apples make a good substitute.

  2. Hannerrr! I've been on a binge of My Drunk Kitchen for a good fortnight. My last night's drunken escapade resulted in me buying your book! Looking forward to a billion pages of your thoughts. Love you bloozingard.

  3. This is kind of a french stereotype, but honestly, having been an American in France, it's not completely wrong. They're all so superior. To be fair, I agree with their superiority. Still, they could be nicer about it. Love you Hannah. I've been a subscriber for a while.

  4. Omg Hannah , you just made my day ! Don't worry , French people love you ! At least I do ! Bisous de France 🙂

  5. viva le France!! Long live, my heart us out to all who are suffering today. I speak on behalf of Canada when i say that our thoughts are with you <3

  6. Soooo funny
    I'm French and I can tell you that your english accent is pretty similar to the accent of French people trying to speak English 😂😂

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