100 thoughts on “My Favorite TOP 10 Japanese Street Food in Tokyo

  1. Now you have joined the ranks of married couples, can we have a video of romantic date ideas. Valentines around the corner too!

    Also would love to see a sports one. I would love to see a baseball or sumo in Tokyo but worried I will make a faux pas or get it wrong!

  2. Are all of the places you mention easy to order for people who dont speak japanese? Becaus im scared i wont be able to order anything

  3. Just got home from Tokyo and I forgot to try the Karaage on Asakusa. 😂 🤣 But next time I’ll try it on my next trip :3 , again thanks for the video Paolo, and also a late congrats for you and Maiko 👏👍

  4. Im planning my 4 th trip to Japan And I have bought a couple of your Tokyo jumpers that I will be wearing with pride over there. Love the vids and if it helps anyone else the jumpers are great quality. 😊

  5. Because of your previous videos, I have tried Miyabian Warabi Mochi.. It was a long walk (lol) but man was it so good! I have tried Tenmaya Curry Pan and Asakusa kaarage previously too but man the Warabi Mochi was top notch find..

  6. Oh oh how would you decide which was your favourite 😋 thanks for the recap I had forgotten about a couple of them 😀🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  7. Went to Japan on our own this past November, arriving in Narita. Visited Nikko, Narita and Tokyo. Studied your videos ahead of the trip, came in very useful. Food, Suica card, water purification, and rules to follow in Japan. Although we are of Japanese ancestry, Nisei from Hawaii, many traditions are familiar but we don't know the "rules". Went to Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza, Tsukiji and Asakusa. So much fun!

  8. FYI ComCrepe in Harajuku is closed until Autumn as the building is undergoing renovations. There are other ComCrepe's around Tokyo but none are on the tourist trail 🙁 So sad, I really want that Creme Brulee 🙁 I think another Crepe place on Takeshita Dori is doing Creme Brulee ones but not sure how good it is, I'll find out next month!

  9. Hi Paolo, I've been watching tons of your videos preparing for my trip to Japan in March. They have been so informative and helpful. Any chance you could answer a question for me please? I'm getting the JR Pass to go between Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. Will that also be sufficient to travel around within Tokyo too or do I need another kind of train pass?

  10. Hope to meet you & Maiko,. My family is flying in this April (holy week break here in the Phils), during the Sakura Season there. I just launched a channel focused on real estate development. Any suggestion on what specific real estate topic I can cover? What is so distinctly, uniquely Japanese in home developments or commercial developments for example? Just inquiring—I know you’re in a good position to give advice, having travelled around. Thanks and well wishes!

  11. Please make a video on simple phrases for travelers…
    Phrases like: How much is this?
    I would like one, in a restaurant
    I don't know Japanese…Etc
    Love your videos I will be visiting Japan for a second time this year~
    Hoping to learn a little Japanese before going back 😀

  12. Love your videos! I'm going to Japan this April and planning to go to Tokyo and Kyoto.
    Would love to see a video explaining how their subway system works 😀

  13. Hey, thanks a lot, I’ll definitely try most of them, can’t wait. However, no.1 & 7 are located in Tsukiji market, isn’t it closed down or do they still exists? Thanks

  14. I love Curry pan !!
    There are so many good bakery in Osaka as well!!
    So let me know if you come to Osaka, I will show you around!!

  15. I’ll be in Tokyo, shinjuku from June 5th to the 9th, with my son. We should get together and as this is his first visit and he loves your channel, it would be interesting to see the places we have seen on your channel.

  16. I'm going to Tokyo in November and will be staying right by the Tokyo Dome. Can you do a video that covers stuff to do in that area please (other than go to Tokyo Dome and LaQua since I have tattoos).

  17. Hi Paolo, thank you so much for recommending the pudding, I went there while shopping in Shimokitazawa and it was the best pudding I have ever had in my life, I bought 3!! Your videos have been amazing, thank you for sharing this with us!

  18. Thank you Paolo (and Maiko!) for making these videos! Last summer when visiting Tokyo we went to Circus crepe shop because of your recommendation. We got lucky since that time there was no line and we ended up having a lovely little conversation with the same worker also seen in your video. It was one of the most memorable parts of our trip. Kichijoji in general was a really neat place, thanks for the tip! We always look forward to seeing your videos, keep it up! 🙂

  19. paolo im a fan of ur page and im looking forward to go to japan this april. just wanna ask if do u know places to go and eat an eat all u can seafood in japan speciall prawns and crabs lol

  20. i'm going to stay in Tokyo for 2 weeks for the first time ever, your vidoes have been very helpful and i'm definitely going to try some of these street food, keep up the great work C:

  21. I hope you are feeling okay. You seem a little tired and overworked. I hope everything is okay in your life and you are healthy and well. Don’t be afraid to take a break every now and then! Thank you again for your hard work, I leave for Tokyo on Monday, and I feel super prepared after binge watching your videos.

  22. you didn't have the energy you normally have in your videos 🙁
    but none the less, i love your videos! always so much useful infos! thank you!

  23. I’m yet another subscriber binge watching your videos and excited for my trip to Japan in 2 months. Thanks for the quality content!

  24. Nice to see someone as serious about street food as me. It's how you get to know a place. I have a 10 hour layover at Narita and want to head into Tokyo to eat a variety of food; nothing else, just eat. What is your recommendation for a good easy-to-get-to street food market? I want to hop on the express train at Narita, hop off somewhere where I can spend a few hours, and then get right back on the train again. I'm interested in your opinion as you've been there 15 years and clearly know where to go! I have been watching videos on Ameyano Market, but some folks are saying it's just touristy.

  25. Random comments: #2 mochi looks like espasol! I want to eat everything from all your food videos. But I only have four days for my trip to Tokyo next month so I might die from overeating. 🤤 don’t you miss KFC gravy with fried chicken? Is it really pronounced ‘kreyp’ or ‘krep?’ I have no idea. You look genuinely happy in your videos, thank you for being so positive and congratulations on your wedding!

  26. Sorry to hear people are mean in the comments sometimes- hope it doesn't dissuade you from ever making videos. Your channel is so great and informative and I find myself re-watching your videos quite often because the content is so good! Thank you for everything you do!!!

  27. Went to Harajuku this March and found that com crepe had closed. So sad we didn’t get to try the creme brûlée crepe

  28. I just subscribed a couple of days ago. I am visiting Tokyo for the first time next week. I am so excited but so nervous! I am subscribed to ItsJudysLife and I checked out one of their Tokyo vlogs to see where they go so I can check it out too. It just so happens I clicked on a vlog when Benji went to have drinks with you guys!! I shouted "HEY THAT'S PAOLO!!!!" lol!!

  29. I can't tell you how many times I passed out after seeing you taking a bite !!!!!!
    But I have to keep watching to get as much info as possible for my trip, and your channel is a very good source, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
    But I haven't seeing you talk or recommend any Japanese BBQ places? It's very unique experience for us tourists.
    I am planning to stay in Akihabara and this place was highly recommended by another youtuber:
    Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

    Address: Japan, 〒101-0021 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Sotokanda, 1−15-9 AKビルディング

    (Gyu-Kaku is located on 8th floor of the building opposite electronic town exit, Akihabara station. Once you exit the station you will see the red building with the big SEGA sign (same building with Maiddreamin Cafe).
    It would be highly appreciated from all of us if you can add to that list a few more spots.
    Thank you, again

  30. Oooh i felt for you when you said people are mean in the comments.. Don't worry about it, I find your content quite informative and entertaining. Taking notes for my trip to Japan!

  31. The rice cultivated in Fukusima is being sold through the convenience stores in Japan.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhPl3OYbwgg See from 11:28
    The rice is being cultivated very closed with radioactive pollution soil.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDYQkR0Qzd0 See from 0:41
    The Japanese government will serve the foods which are made with the rice and vegetables cultivated in Fukusima and fishes captured in the sea near Fukusima to athletes.
    It should be withdrawn to make the food safe.

  32. i never been to tokyo,i been to hokkaido 23 years ago and stay there over a month,i cant wait to visit japan again and visit tokyo,i love japanese culture and the people,thank you for videos

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