My wife’s Seafood Mukbang

Hello. Mr Bull. Mrs. Fire’s powerful request. Let’s try seafood eating room. What does Mukbang mean? It’s not just eating, it’s called eating room. I never eat much If you wait to see me eat all of this, I can’t eat it all. This is polite to drink alcohol before eating. Mrs. Bull did this because she wanted to eat it. we bet I’ve uploaded a video before. Jolly Bee Yum Burger. It’s free 2 minutes to shoot Editing is only 10 minutes. That and this cost almost 100,000 won This video and … Which video gets more views. Confrontation. Is it delicious? Isn’t it a Filipino pepper ? Uh so long ~~ ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Korean peppers are really thick. I don’t have much food myself. I don’t really drink much. But I drink quickly. In the old days, the Tanduay, Emperador .. Eating these videos Mostly 1 hour I don’t have much talent in Mukbang … Looking at the video If the reaction is good, Mrbulbul is going to eat. It’s easy to eat. Just eat it. I can’t eat well. So I don’t really like it It’s annoying. now…… What are we doing ??? Please explain how you made the sauce.
(I must tell you) Today’s highlight 9,900 won From Canada 6,800 won Baby Lobster. Head This is special … the taste is … Not really .. Does this sauce look delicious? This video expects 50,000 views. At least 100,000 video of the Yum burger. Burger video is short .. Then you can edit this video in 2 minutes. Why not ?? I paid 100,000 won, prepared it, cooked it, etc. I’m not making a YouTube video free of charge. It costs a lot of money. I uploaded my video to Philippines in November. I spent 3 million won then I ate it … Go away. I’ll eat. Mrs BulBul’s Mukbang This is really good You should eat like this Dip the sauce like this … Did you want to try this once? En I watched a lot of Mukbang. Kya ~~~ If this hits, buy it .. King Crab You want to eat She asks me what she wants to eat. She’s pushing me You should also do a boodle fight. How much do you think it’ll be if we eat this outside the restaurant? Ah expensive So … you can eat like this. Nephew Did you eat it? What do you think ? delicious. Today, let’s move on to the plan of Mrs. Bullbull I tried a seafood meal that I didn’t like very much. But it’s okay. I don’t drink much. It’s a healthy diet. And no oil. Originally, seafood is healthy.

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