Myanmar Street Food – Mandalay around Zay Cho Market

Myanmar Street Food – Mandalay around Zay Cho Market

[Singing] [Joking] [Joking] Smile Haa, OK [Background] Natural Tamarind Juice This director must be respected by Zinyaw MgMg He seems very interested in your food making process [Joking about serious camera man in-front of him] How much for one ? 500 for each, 2000 for 5 ,Sister. one OK Do you want to bring to forefinger country? that would be cool I can’t leave Thet Mon Myint at home We will take care of her [Joking] We can take care of your chilren [Singing] Yo bro, you are filming seriously I should be in a mood. He is filming also the person Yes, he is filming the actor Like I said,even Director Zinyaw MgMg should respect him Don’t show off your full skill Ah, he is really serious right now Be careful,don’t let your skill and technique leaked hide some skills ,dude I will,sir I won’t show everything ,sir Yeah, hide one or two skills yes, sir Don’t show off everything [Joking] It has to be bought by dollar Remember, don’t show off everything dude I can’t show everything in public,sir Give me a few sugar No, it is gone to foreign country What ? There … He is filming seriously with his CCTV camera You knives are so big. Of course Bro OK Egg rolls How much ? Wait a moment, I will show you How many ? How many in weight ? Papaya salad ? Yes, How much ? 1000 , sister . Can I get for 500 ? Wait I will do it for you [Waitresses shouting for the orders] [Inviting customers] [Buddhist Nuns singing a prayer]

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  1. หมื้อนยุใยมุกดาหารเลยแต่วาพม่าใกล้เชียงราย

  2. Hello I am from Myanmar and I am proud for my country.I live in Mandalay.There are many traditional food that you should try too.The sunset of Mandalay Palace was very unique in its own way.Thanks for filming about Myanmar and making the world to know Myanmar. Thanks^3^

  3. Mâý a quãng ngãi wa tói myanma bán luôn giõi gê,có bán hũ tieu gõ luôn nha

  4. are you burmese ? do you use to contact with Mogok ? do yo have any friend who is living in Mogok ? i like to look for my sister ? i been lost contact for 40 year now , hope you can help me

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  6. WTF ! You tube can translate what they are talking . Oh my god . I'm from Myanmar and I know what they are talking.

  7. The Myanmar people use too many plastic bags. Don't they know it's bad for the environment. Anyway, the roads are filthy and when they cook in the open air with all the ingredients uncovered one could easily be a victim of diarrhea, dysentery, encephalitis or typhoid.

  8. สะอาดกว่าตลาดที่ย่างกุ้งเอาหนังสือพิมพ์ห่อขนมให้เรา..

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  10. womens are still stupid like life of BC century, now aday every one with natural beauty at public, i saw like every women face got some mud, wth*** and said Myanmar 2 largest city? but people looks like… don't know the Eart is one of galexy star among billion of galexy star😂 they need TV and watch hollywood

  11. ပိုက္ဆံသိမ္းသူက လက္အိပ္မစြပ္ဘဲ အသီးရြက္ေတြကိုင္ တာေတာ့မေကါင္းဘူး ။ျကာဇံခ်က္အသုပ္ဆိုက္ေျပပါတယ္။

  12. Interesante vídeo. Pero se ve difícil aprender el idioma… 😢 Me gustaría visitar Myanmar algún día, como soy budista me gustaría visitar los templos y aprender enseñanzas. Saludos.

  13. Wanita2 ini berniaga dengan muka disapu bedak sejuk alias bedak pupur… takut muka kena panas matahari masaalahnya nanti habuk2 dari bedak sejuk tu nanti jatuh masuk dalam makanan pula….

  14. Around the 7min time, why did those women have the tan makeup on their faces? The ones making the noodle vegetables in a bag meal?

  15. Wow is Kinda Like Thai Food, And The People’s, But May I Ask Why Are They Have Look Like Power On their Face?( Sorry! Powder)

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